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Acupuncture Maitland is considered a holistic treatment and a part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been practiced in Asia for at least 3000 years.  Being holistic nature, acupuncture treats conditions of the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual side of the individual.  It treats the symptoms of the disease, the root of the disease and prevents disease recurrence.

The Chinese call the energy that brings life to the individual Qi or chi.  Chi is the underlying concept of TCM.  The latter devote its time and knowledge into treating the negative factors that influence chi flow and energy in the body.  Chi is the prime factor that determines one’s physical and emotional well being.  When the balance of this energy is disrupted, disease then sets in.  Chi flows through a network of pathways called meridians.  The meridians can be accessed through sites in the skin called acupuncture points or acupoints located all over the body.  When an imbalance occurs, this means that chi has stagnated in one of the meridians due to a blockage there.  Acupuncturists resort to acupuncture to remove the blockage and restore the energy balance of the body.  To restore the balance, needles are introduced at certain acupoints.  The body then begins to recover and heals itself with a little help from acupuncture.

Besides treating them, the acupuncturist also recommends his/her patients to actively involve themselves in their own healing by lifestyle recommendations designed to enhance their well-being.

Acupuncture very efficiently treats various kinds of illnesses and their symptoms.  Some conditions which acupuncture ably cures are sciatica and many types of back pains, morning sickness, post child delivery illness, hemorrhoids, constipation, neuralgia, headaches, tinnitus, asthma neck, and joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis, stress caused illnesses, depression and anxiety to mention just some.

The better part of the pre treatment procedure is querying the patient regarding his/her health problems and lifestyle.  Afterwards, the pulse is checked, tongue analyzed and sometimes urine samples are collected for the acupuncturist to smell and observe.  These procedures will help the acupuncturist ably formulate a diagnosis.  When diagnosis is made, selected acupoints are then treated with hair thin needles.  The application of the needles is relatively painless; the only sensation to be felt at that time is a slight sensation when the needles are placed into the skin.  This feeling merely lasts a few seconds and shows that the needles are rightly placed to influence chi flow.

The needles are allowed to stay in place for 20 minutes or more.  The treatment then becomes a pleasant experience as the effect of the treatment begins to take effect.  Many patients feel relaxed, calm or euphoric and some even feel revitalized.  After a few days after treatment, changes in the health of the person becomes noticeable as the energy flow starts to normalize gradually restoring the patient back to health.

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In modern Western societies, matter and spirit are seen as detached from each other or as separate distinct aspects of a human being.  Spirit is not considered part of the body and vice versa.  Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine do not see both body and spirit as detached from each other but as one each affecting the other especially regarding health.  Health conditions such as PMS, low back pain or allergies will have some sort of association on an emotional, energetic or mental level.

One’s memories and experiences such as trauma, shock or accumulated stress can affect the energy level of the body and can be seen in symptoms such as fear, anger, grief, worry, anxiety or depression, which can weaken the body especially its immune system.

For over 3000 years, acupuncture Davis has been answering the Chinese health needs.  TCM believes there are a dozen or so energy channels called meridians in the body.  These meridians connect to the surface of the body through acupuncture points or acupoints all over the body.  Acupoints are where the needles are inserted when they are trying to heal a disease.  Illness results when meridians develop blockages and energy cannot pass through.

By inserting certain acupoints with needles, acupuncture seeks to remove these blockages that cause energy imbalances in the body.  The acupoint connects to a specific meridian, which in turn connects to a major organ in the body.  The acupoint is not necessarily located to the organ’s location and thus, for addressing an energy imbalance in the kidney, the acupoints in the ear may be treated with acupuncture as the ear has meridians that connect to the kidney.  The blockage in the meridian can be likened to debris accumulated in a stream blocking the normal flow of water; one side of the stream is filled with water, the other side lack water flow.  When the debris is removed, so shall the normal flow of water be realized once more.

The energy flowing in one’s body is what gives health, strength and growth to the body and the normal unimpeded flow of this energy called Qi or chi in Chinese is what makes for an optimally healthy and fully functioning body and mind.  Acupuncture is used exactly to clear away blockages in the meridians.

Sometimes acupuncture is needed not only to treat physical illnesses but the emotional or spiritual ones as well.  Unexplainable pain that can not be treated with acupuncture can sometimes be caused by an underlying emotional or psychological problem.  A patient suffering from headache may have the cause be a remembering of a traumatic experience.  A patient who may be suffering from emotional stress or pressure, may have physical pain such as a headache brought about by the stress.  Acupuncture can also be a treatment to heal the mind or even the spirit.

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Acupuncture Miami treatment is probably the world’s most popular form of alternative medicine and it takes a direct experience of its potency to know why it is so.  The most common experience people who have had acupuncture are feelings of renewed energy, elation and calm and most importantly utter relief of pain.

Similar to conventional clinical procedures, initial consultation with an acupuncturist would entail a review and query regarding the patient’s medical history.  The acupuncturist looks at the patient’s history and then asks the patient the reason for his/her coming and what ailments does he/she feel.  Problems with sleep, back or neck pain, migraines, arthritis or chronic headaches are the usual complaints heard by the acupuncturist.  A physical examination, which involves analyzing the tongue, feeling the pulse in both hands and observing and smelling the urine of the patient among others, is done.  These procedures will enable the acupuncturist to come up with an accurate diagnosis and decide on whether acupuncture is the best treatment approach for the illness.  Once the acupuncturist determines acupuncture can effectively treat the patient, a technique as well as acupuncture points are selected.

The ancient Chinese through the practice of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, believed that an energy or life force flows through all creatures.  This life force is called Qi or chi in Chinese.  A healer familiar with TCM can control this flow of energy within the body enabling chi to flow to parts of the body that have been undernourished with blood and chi.  This is done with acupuncture needles inserted at acupuncture points or acupoints that are connected to energy pathways called meridians, which in turn connects to major organs in the body.  Chi flows through the meridians, which sometimes develop obstacles caused by stress and other negative factors.  The needles remove the obstacle or divert chi to other pathways to once again flow freely throughout the body.  This allows the body to heal itself and recover from the energy deficiency.

Unlike prescribed or non-prescribed painkillers, acupuncture ventures to heal the source of the ailment, not merely mitigating the pain or the symptoms of the ailment.  The benefit one gets from acupuncture then is one of vitality, a pain-free life, satisfactory and adequate sleep and just a plain overall feeling of wellness.  Millions, probably billions of people have experienced acupuncture and since it has been a treatment used for thousands of years then it must be a very effective treatment for many types of illnesses and disorders.  For those suffering from chronic pain who have tried all types of treatment other than acupuncture, this treatment might be the answer to your prolonged suffering.  It is much safer and much more effective than painkillers and not habit forming.

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Chiropractic adjustment is the application of mild pressure to the bone to loosen it from its improper position. This adjustment helps restore bones to their correct position and make the spinal and neural systems function optimally. The chiropractor’s responsibility is to adjust the spine so that any abnormal movement of the vertebrae is rectified and vertebral subluxation reduced.  Subluxation is a wrong positioning of a vertebra or vertebrae causing a misalignment.  The misalignment causes pressure and irritation of the spine, which disrupts neural signals from the brain to the muscles, tissues and various parts of the body. The bad transmission of nerve signals are the result of sickness and ailments in the neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) system of the body.

The chiropractor’s job is to find subluxations and manually treat them effectively and in the least painful fashion.  Chiropractic adjustment is also called specific manipulation or spinal adjustment.  This type of adjustment is the most commonly used technique in chiropractic therapy and it effectively minimizes the pinching or irritability of the nerves by treating the subluxations.  Chiropractic adjustment has twenty or more varieties. These varieties have their own unique way of adjusting the spine back into its correct position. They all aim to preserve the integrity of the vertebral system by reducing or eliminating any harmful effects or problems in the NMS system.  It is important for the chiropractor to know the condition of the spine and the patient’s age before he carries on chiropractic adjustment.

The chiropractor Lorain usually does physical and diagnostic examination on the patient.  The chiropractor uses x-ray or thermo graphic test on the patient and studies the subluxations in the spine.  With thermo graphic testing, temperature patterns on the skin will reveal any signs of any nerve dysfunction and with these; he can make an assessment and diagnosis of the problem.  The chiropractor upon diagnosis should know what areas to manipulate and/or massage and what areas to be left alone.  Importantly, he also can decide whether chiropractic treatment is in the patient’s best interest or whether it might even do further harm to the patient.  Some diagnostic tools also used by chiropractors are motion palpation, spinal palpation, neurological examination and orthopedic examination.

Chiropractic adjustment benefits the patient in a number of ways.  The patient’s threshold for pain is raised higher, muscle tension is reduced, muscles are relaxed, blood pressure is normalized and regulated, blood flow is enhanced, melatonin secretion is increased and endorphins are released.  The effectiveness of chiropractic adjustment depends on the knowledge of the chiropractor on what technique is best suited per patient and in the chiropractor’s skill in manipulation.  Oftentimes, it is the technique used which can effectively cure the patient or may make the condition even worse.


Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.