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Uterine Fibroids are benign tumor outgrowths in the uterus.  These tumors usually begin arising around the age of 30 to 40 in a woman and they develop just below the myometrium of the uterus although some outgrowths have known to develop between the uterine muscles.  Uterine fibroid growth can start with one abnormal cell that continually reproduces abnormal cells until it becomes one abnormal mass. The fibroids are pale in color and are rubbery and firm.  They may grow as one nodule or in clusters with varying sizes.  Uterine fibroids (UFs) are not rare and in fact, affect around one fourth to one half of the women in the United States.

UF typically do not manifest any painful symptoms; however, if they do, women experience urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, spotting between periods and heavy bleeding during menstruation among others.  Other symptoms of UF are low back pain and pain during sex.  Women with UF usually experience infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy complications.  Some UF pains are the result of a degenerating fibroid affecting an adjacent tissue.  UF rarely leads to cancer although some cases that led to cancer have been reported from time to time.

Diagnostic and pelvic examinations are needed to identify and diagnose UF although it is known as an idiopathic disease.  Scientists believe that genetic or hormonal defects can result in UF.  Records have shown that women who gave birth to at least one child are less likely to develop UF.  Diet can affect the formation of UF.  It is known that trans-fatty acids, sugar, alcohol, dairy and meat and caffeine can increase the likelihood of UF. Vitamin D has helped greatly in limiting abnormal fibroid formation.

UF is only treated when symptoms manifest especially when miscarriage, pain or hemorrhage is involved.  One way of removing UF is by a process called uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).  This procedure and surgery in the form of hysterectomy are very invasive procedures.  A staggering 300,000 women undergo hysterectomy each year mostly to get rid of UF.  Other less invasive procedures are diet, specific exercises or by hormone therapy.  The common hormone therapies are gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Gnrh), progestins, progestin-releasing intrauterine device (IUD), antiprogestins, androgens, selective estrogen receptor modulators (Serms), luteinizing hormone releasing factor and oral contraceptives

Acupuncture Bellingham, an ancient oriental medical tradition of using filiform needles inserted into specific parts in the body to remove pain and treat various kinds of maladies is now seen as an effective way to manage back and menstrual pain for women with UF in a non-invasive and safe way.  Further research is ongoing to explore more of the potentials of acupuncture in treating UF and its symptoms although many more women are opting for this treatment known for its ability to remove body pain without the need for drugs or surgery.

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The origins of acupuncture Miami can be traced back 2500 years ago in the Nei Ching, a canon of medicine that deals with the study and use of diet, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies as a type of health remedy.  Mentioned also in the Nei Ching is the use of sharp and reed thin needles gently manipulated into the body at specific skin points.  This procedure changes the energy flow into patterns that are healthy for the person.

Acupuncture is universally accepted as a viable alternative treatment for a host of health conditions.  Some of the medical disorders the World Health Organization recognize acupuncture is effective in treating are:

1. Gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory conditions and allergies.
2. Eye disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, gynecological problems.
3. Alcoholism, drug dependence, childhood maladies, throat and nose and problems.
4. Arthritis, minor back injuries, headaches and migraine.

Acupuncture can also be effective in the treatment of infertility although its efficacy will not be as potent if the woman is advanced in age or if the cause of the infertility is structural in nature.  When the woman is already in menopause, even in vitro fertilization treatment success maybe difficult to achieve.  For younger women, stress affects the ovulation of women and too much stress can make it difficult for them to have regular ovulation.

What acupuncture effectively does is to take away stress to help improve the blood circulation in the uterus which greatly increase the chance for successful embryo implantation for reproductive assisted procedures. Acupuncture is so popular and so effective that over 40,000 doctors and other healthcare professionals utilize acupuncture daily in their practice to assist infertile women who desire to bear children to achieve pregnancy.

Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to produce and release endorphins; chemicals in the body that allow people to relax and feel calm.  When the woman is calm and relaxed the stress level is greatly reduced, pain is relieved and the body feels generally good.  This state of mind is vital for in vitro fertilization procedures since this treatment is extremely stressful and invasive in nature making the chance of success of this procedure without acupuncture very low.

As a stand alone treatment for infertility here are the most common benefits infertile women get from acupuncture therapy:

1. Acupuncture normalizes and regulates monthly ovulation
2. It effectively lowers or removes stress, depression and anxiety
3. Improves blood circulation to the uterus

Listed below are some infertility problems that acupuncture is capable of treating:

1. Unexplained infertility, specific problems in the thyroid, thin uterine lining.
2. Stress, frequent miscarriages and premature ovarian failure.
3. Cysts in the ovary, menstrual irregularities and immunology conditions.
4. Endocrine dysfunction, cervical mucus problems and amenorrhea.
5. Endometriosis, autoimmune conditions, advanced maternal aging.

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There are certain types of infertility where acupuncture New York treatment can be effective.  Knowing what kinds of infertility where acupuncture therapy works and not work is a step in appreciating its use for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Acupuncture is used in preparation for IVF procedures.  As a stand alone procedure, it takes several treatment sessions before acupuncture becomes effective in treating a specific fertility problem. Herbal medicine is often combined with acupuncture to better the chances to conceive.  Herbs are given out by licensed and experienced herbologists.  This is important to note because there are specific herbs that might neutralize or counter the medications a patient is currently taking.

During pregnancy, certain meridians should not be stimulated by acupuncture.  Certain points in the stomach, gallbladder, large intestine, bladder and spleen as well as all meridians located in the lower abdomen are areas where no stimulation should be done.  Once pregnant, herbals that are used should be reevaluated as all of these factors may, at the least, complicate the pregnancy or worse, can lead to miscarriage or forced abortion.

Reasons exist as to why women who desire to get pregnant choose acupuncture and IVF.  Acupuncture with IVF, artificial insemination or egg-donor transplantation have had very high rate of success. During pregnancy, acupuncture in combo with herbal medicine in the first few months of pregnancy has shown to minimize the risk of miscarriage.  As a stand alone treatment, acupuncture is used to treat infertility caused by body dysfunctions such as spasmed tubes, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and others. It has been reported to be effective in treating unexplained infertility and male infertility.  Other functional problems that lead to infertility are elevated follicle stimulating hormone levels, anovulation, irregular menstruation, poor sperm motility, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and endometriosis among others.  All of these can be addressed properly with acupuncture combined with herbal therapy.

There are acupuncturists who specialize in fertility problems and many of them also coordinate with reproductive assisted clinics in the treatment of infertility.  If you are interested in seeing this kind of acupuncture specialist, make sure to select a licensed and highly experienced one to avoid unnecessary problems or complications.  You can ask your doctor for any recommendations.

Acupuncture has elevated the efficacy of these artificial programs because it works in a multidimensional level.  The effect of stress in the mind and body can weaken the body system and cause dysfunctions.  Stress can result in tightened muscles and poor blood flow.  With acupuncture, stress gives way to a relaxed body and calm mind.  When the body is relaxed, the muscles likewise relax and blood flow can increase throughout the body.  The important systems for reproduction, the endocrine and the reproductive system are all nourished with the improved blood flow and they begin to function normally again.

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Acupuncture Orlando is very good for the healing of severe body pains, which drugs such as antibiotics or painkillers fail to effectively address. Whether one suffers from severe migraine/headache, joint pains, arthritis or back pain acupuncture offers such a wonderful remedy for one’s extreme painful conditions.
Acupuncture is about the insertion of needles into the skin at points called acupuncture points to allow vital energy, which the Chinese call chi to flow unhindered once again.   This ancient Chinese belief states that chi travels along invisible networks of energy vessels called meridians and when chi gets tied up in certain parts of the body, instead of flowing freely throughout the body, that will lead to pain and distress. Acupuncture needles are then introduced to remove factors that impede chi flow and allow energy to flow normally once more throughout the body relieving any pain and distress along the way.
One particular type of pain whose symptoms acupuncture can effectively neutralize is arthritis.  Arthritis literally means inflammation of the joints but the condition also applies to inflammation of the tendons and ligaments as well.  Arthritis can manifest in severity from mild joint stiffness to extreme painful and incapacitating disability.  It greets you from your sleep with severe pain.  Arthritis can be categorized as gout, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis all of which are characterized with severe pain.
Acupuncture for the treatment of arthritic ankle or knee can be cured in just three to four sessions. A few (4) to several (10) needles are inserted in the skin and left there for 30 to 40 minutes.  Specific acupuncture points are selected that would allow the pain and inflammation to be treated.
Another great use for acupuncture is for the treatment of headaches, sinus and migraines.  Sinuses and migraines are more painful types of headaches typified by the pulsation, pounding or throbbing of nerves in the head.  Migraine is characterized with pain localized in one part of the head while sinus pain affects parts near the nose the eyes and the temples.
Acupuncture is more potent for the relief of migraine and sinus symptoms than pain medications. Acupuncturists sometimes use approaches like auricular (ear) acupuncture, electro-acupuncture or manual acupuncture to treat sinus or migraine conditions.
Another painful condition this time felt in the hand and wrist is carpal tunnel syndrome.  The symptoms of this problem are numbness, tingling and severe pain in the hands and/or fingers, which travels up to the elbow.  One effective technique used by acupuncturists for this condition is scalp needling. Scalp needling involves needles being inserted at different areas in the scalp and on the face and hands and the use of staples, small metal balls and magnets attached to the earlobes and face to quicken and optimize the treatment