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Pain is a small (many say big!) voice telling you that you presently have a big problem to worry about.  Fortunately, many kinds of highly effective treatments for pain are available.  Pain can result from injury, disease and stress among many other factors and it can feel slight, mild, severe or excruciating.

The real challenge to pain management and pain itself is determining the best treatment plan for you.  There are various ways to treat pain in the same manner as there are many ways to cause pain.  Many treatment plans are available but few of them are really safe and effective.  A physician looking into his patient’s painful condition must know what treatment plan is best for his patient, how long has his patient been suffering from this condition and what is the root cause of this condition.

Pain is broken down into two types, acute or chronic pain.

Acute Injuries including fractured hand, strained back or sprained ankle happen oftentimes during an activity.  This type of pain often lasts for more than a month.  The symptoms and signs of acute pain can include break of a bone or visible dislocation, extreme limb weakness, inability to move a joint in a full range of motion, extreme tenderness in an upper limb, inability to place weight on a lower limb, swelling or sudden or severe pain during an activity.

Chronic Injuries often is caused by the abuse or overuse of a part of the body while exercising or indulging in sporting activities.  The pain lasts for 6 weeks and oftentimes much, much longer. Here are signs of a chronic injury:   swelling, dull ache during resting period or pain when performing an activity.

Once the duration, type and source of the pain is known, the doctor then can design a treatment plan.  For alternative therapies, the more popular ones such as acupuncture and trigger points are used.

Acupuncture Marlton is a medicinal Chinese procedure that has been around for thousands of years primarily used to treat pain.  It is all about inserting hair thin needles in strategic sites on the body.  No drugs are used in this treatment, only needles.  Western medical science does not know how acupuncture really works but it does work and has worked on so many people throughout thousands of years.  It is now known to affect the central and it autonomic nervous system and improve the function of the circulatory system as well.  Acupuncture effectively treats many kinds of pain including many types of inflammatory pains, costochondritis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, shingles, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, neuritis, headaches and facial pain among many others.

Trigger Points often address acute pain caused by joint irritation, pulled, knotted or knotted muscles, sports injuries and falls – these types of pain are highly likely still in their inflammatory phase.

Heather Shultz is a licensed acupuncturist in Marlton, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

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There are many possibilities for joint pain.  It can result from injuries that affect bursae, tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints.  The injuries can also hurt the bones, ligaments and cartilage near the joint.  Another factor that can cause arthritis is tumor.

Physicians often prescribe drugs to relive joint pain.  Some of the more commonly prescribed ones are ibuprofen, naproxen, antipyretic, analgesic, aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, NSAID and acetaminophen among others.  Listed below are the typical conditions where these drugs are useful:

  1. tendinitis
  2. sprain
  3. fracture
  4. cartilage tear
  5.  aseptic necrosis
  6. bursitis
  7. arthritis

Besides prescription medications, other standard therapies dispensed by doctors can be orthopedic bracing, dietary supplements, physical therapy and lifestyle alterations.  Another option, joint replacement surgery can be very costly, does not 100% guarantee that the joint pain will be permanently healed and the recuperation period is quite long and difficult.

Most people who have unsuccessfully sought treatment and relief from pharmaceutical drugs and other conventional therapies have turned to natural alternative therapies for treatment of their joint pain.  Many of them have found a better and highly successful answer to their pain.  What’s more, these alternative treatments are safer and cheaper than their conventional counterparts.

Natural alternative treatments can come in the form of meditation acupuncture massage and herbal medications that are effective in relieving joint pain. Diet therapy is also a good way to help manage joint pain.

Acupuncture is one of the best alternative joint pain treatments around.  It is quite effective in healing not only joint pain but almost all kinds of body pain and even emotional pain as well.   Acupuncture’s value as a beneficial treatment from health conditions is somewhat proven through its very popular status around the world even after more than 3,000 years of its existence.  Acupuncture today thanks to modern technological advancements has branched out into many specialized forms of treatment particularly in Western society.  Acupuncture can treat joint pain and does this by the use of needles that causes the production and release of natural pain killers called endorphins in the body.  Acupuncture also increases blood flow to the body and this helps provide pain relief to the affected areas of the body.  Acupuncture also helps strengthen the immune system enabling the body to become more resilient to diseases and injuries that can cause joint pain.

Chinese and Indian herbal drugs also provide relief from arthritis pain.  Herbs commonly used for this condition are peperomia Indian ginseng and ginger.

These are just some of the alternative natural treatments available.  The therapies’ effectiveness has different results on different people and one treatment that is successful on some people may not be as effective on others.  Try to do some online research about the different kinds of alternative treatments to know which treatment is best for you.

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Natural treatments for arthritis pain are generally safe and so effective particularly when it comes to long term relief from arthritis inflammation and chronic pain.  Prescription drugs do give short term relief from arthritis pain but in exchange for this transient relief, the patient must suffer from horrible side effects brought about by these drugs, which often are more serious than the symptoms brought about by arthritis pain.

Below are some of the healthy natural remedies that are helpful in treating arthritis pain.

  1.  Acupuncture NYC – the healing art of acupuncture is more than two thousand years old.  It is still widely used around the world to treat many kinds of painful conditions and a host of other health problems.  It is used quite successfully in the treatment of arthritis pain.  Acupuncture uses needles inserted at points in the body called acupuncture points to stimulate these points and create beneficial effects such as release of natural painkillers called endorphins and improve blood circulation to help treat the painful condition of arthritis.  Some people who got acupuncture treatment have reported pain relief and a feeling of comfort and relaxation during the treatment session.  Patients who are willing to undergo acupuncture should accept the treatment wholeheartedly since having a positive mind about this treatment gives  optimal beneficial effects on the patient. If music relaxes you during the treatment session, ask your acupuncturist if he can play sweet soothing music or burn some sweet smelling incense during the course of the treatment.
  2. Another way to battle arthritis pain is to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet.  Doing this guarantees you a strong immune system that shields you from injuries and other factors that can cause arthritis.
  3. In keeping with a healthy diet, make it a point not to drink coffee or alcohol or eat and drink anything high in processed sugar and saturated fats.  Eating and drinking these kinds of products will only lead to inflammation in your body that may induce symptoms of arthritis.
  4. Keep lean and fit.  Excess weight adds tension and strain to the bones, muscles and joints which can lead to arthritis.  Acupuncture can help curb your appetite due to the endorphins the treatment produces which help in neutralizing food cravings.
  5. Eat foods packed with Vitamin D and for protection of your bones.  It also helps if these vitamins are taken in supplements.
  6. Eat foods high in omega 3 fatty acids which are good for acquiring healthy joints.  Deepwater fish such as mackerel and salmon are perfect foods in getting omega 3 fatty acids.
  7. Using of herbal formulas are also excellent ways to prevent arthritis flare ups.  If it is not possible to stop taking them altogether, limit your use of over the counter drugs to preserve the health of your liver and kidneys.
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Chronic pain can be acquired in so many ways.  Some of it may come from aging, illness or injury. Chronic pain often affects, if not the whole body, at least many parts of the body; however more often than not it is the back that is usually affected.  Chronic back pain needs to be taken care promptly because if left untreated it can be a cause for more intolerable pain in other parts of the body.  Your emotional and mental well being may just be affected by chronic back pain and it may lead to depression and other emotional problems.  Happily, there are quite a few ways to treat this type of pain.  A patient may do some trial and error experiments on themselves to discover what the best chronic back pain treatment is for them.

Consult your doctor first before trying out different types of chronic pain treatments.  The doctor needs to know what type of pain you are suffering in and where the pain originates. This is the first step to help effectively treat chronic pain.

For an overwhelming number of people, prescription medications are their first choice in battling chronic back pain. The drug market offers a wide spectrum of pain killing medications, some are over the counter drugs and some are prescription drugs.  Over the counter drugs include ibuprofen and acetaminophen.  They are relatively effective when back pain arises.  The other kind of drugs, prescription drugs include among others muscle relaxants, corticosteroids and antidepressants.  These drugs all have transient terms and need to be taken over and over again daily until forever.  These drugs all have serious side effects that range in severity.  Many patients know this and are trying out other options that are safer and more effective and if possible, natural.

After an injury a person should rest.  Rest is essential as it allows a person to quickly recover from the injury.  People usually rest one to two days from a minor injury.  After rest, a little exercise is vital to tone back those injured muscles and enable them to regain flexibility and strength.  Exercise also helps improve the other body systems apart from the muscular system.  This includes the cardiovascular, circulatory and immune system among others.  Exercise is also a way to relieve body and emotional pain.

For treatments that are more natural, herbal treatments along with Bellevue acupuncture can provide substantial relief from your chronic pain.  Both modalities have been used for over thousands of years in China and the Far East particularly in the treatment of painful conditions.  Acupuncture was in fact introduced in the United States as a treatment for pain.  This treatment is quite effective for chronic pain that has been unsuccessfully treated by other conventional and non-conventional methods.  We can say acupuncture can be a treatment of last resort for some chronic pain sufferers.

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Hardly anyone desires to look overweight; except of course, weight builders whose goal is to bulk up for bodybuilding competitions.  However, being overweight for the ordinary person often means having too much fat in the body and if not taken away might lead to serious health issues.  Happily really good weight programs have arisen that are truly safe and effective to shed off that excess weight.

Two types of alternative therapies are really good programs for helping you lose weight.  These programs are all-natural and never emphasize or recommend on the use of any pharmaceutical medications.  These two are acupuncture Bellmore and acupressure. These two modalities both originated from Asia and they are about stimulating meridians points situated in certain parts of the body to elicit a beneficial effect on the health of the person.

Acupressure and acupuncture both important components of traditional Chinese medicine, follow the same principle; the only way they differ is that the former manually presses the meridian points while the latter uses filiform needles to stimulate the meridians.  These methods are truly old that they are said to have been used for over 3000 years. This is an impressive fact and a proof of the true efficacy of these two procedures.  To affirm this, the World Health Organization has officially recognized acupuncture and acupressure as bona fide treatments for more than 40 health conditions including excessive weight and obesity.

Acupuncture and acupressure have no known serious side effects.  One beneficial weight loss effect these two therapies do is that they help reduce food cravings of the individual.  If the person lessens his/her food intake, fewer calories therefore are taken in which means that fewer calories are likewise needed to be burned.   Most people get into weight trouble because of constant eating and because of a big appetite.  The basic principle of weight gain and weight loss is that people gain weight because they put in more calories than they take out.

The acupuncturist of acupressure practitioner treats excess weight or obesity by either putting in needles or manually treating the major organs that are affected by imbalances which led to excess weight.  Acupressure assists in lessening the appetite especially when it is done just right before a meal.  The person will then eat in lesser amounts than before.

Since these treatments are alternatives to the conventional types, it is best to consult first with your doctor to see what your physician will say regarding these treatments.  Many physicians now are well informed about acupuncture and acupressure and have given them positive analyses. Many physicians are even practicing acupuncturists and are treating some of their patients with acupuncture. This is the best recommendation a health professional can give to acupuncture.

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Many workers in the U.S. suffer from high strung tension in most aspects of their lives.  However, nothing is as more stress filled as the workplace where today uncertainty about the future is in the minds of almost all working Americans. Government statistics have shown about one in four workers have experienced so much emotional tension that they have completely broken down because of it.  Corporations have downsized almost half a million workers during the last 8 months alone and for those who have lost their jobs, the fear and uncertainty of the future have added to their already overflowing miseries.  Even for those who are still employed, stress can come in the form of worrying that the next person out of work might be him/her.  Below are some advices to better handle stress and achieve positive and productive relationships:

1. Give – All people experience stress although some may have more than others.  You can always find a person worse off than you.  To kill two birds in one stone, one can help the more disadvantaged and feel a sense of lightness doing so.  Helping other people out for just a few hours of your time helps contribute in both your emotional and spiritual health and those whom you have helped.  It is not only those whom you’ve helped who will thank you, you yourself will be thankful for the opportunity you have given yourself to be able to help others.  This greatly contributes in the removal of tension in your life and a betterment of your relationships.

2. Stop arguing via text messages or emails – Technology was not meant to worsen a person’s life but to better it.  If there is any ongoing hostility between you and another person try to talk it out by phone if you think a face-to-face meeting may not be a good idea.  Allow yourself a certain time limit to move on if you think that there is no common ground you both can stand on.

3. Create a list of pros and cons of the relationship and the problem – Doing this can put things in their proper perspective.  This list may help realize your shortcomings and pluses to the relationship and you can work on the shortcomings to make the relationship better.  Regarding work, you can appreciate it knowing that at least you still have a job even if it’s not your dream job.  If you think that the stress the relationship or the job gives you is too much, then you can decide to change your life for the betterment of your health.

4. Try acupuncture to help relieve stress – Acupuncture  Bellmore  works by allowing endorphins to flood the blood stream.  People who have tried acupuncture treatment performed by a licensed and experienced acupuncturist come back for more because of its relaxing and soothing effect.  This treatment is a great way to help you live a normal healthy and stress-free life.