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Here are some steps that can help in reducing low back pain.

  1. Massage – Massage is a very big part of lessening low back pain.  It helps your back relax those taut and tensed up or even damaged muscles in the back that is causing the low back pain.   This therapy also helps improve blood circulation to the back and help heal any injuries or muscle damage there.  Avoiding this step will not help you since your muscles will continue to be tense and tight which more often than not is the cause of your low back pain.
  2. Low back stretches – These exercises need to be done the right way.  If you are performing low back stretches, do it in a way that it does not cause pain.  If you are in pain doing these, they will only worsen your back condition.  Therefore, avoid routines that give you pain and try to stretch safely and effectively.  Consulting a health expert maybe needed to help you stretch your back the right way.
  3. Use a low back brace – The main reason why we need this is to maintain a straight and properly aligned back.  A back brace assists the spinal joints to stay in a healthy position when moving or sitting.  One other and equally important reason to wear a back brace is to prevent excessive force to affect your spine and preserve its health and structural integrity.
  4. Apply hot packs on the back for at least 30 minutes a day.  The hot packs should remain hot or warm for a considerable amount of time since hot packs often lose their warmth or heat after 15 minutes.  To successfully lessen inflammation and pain, a hot pack that can maintain its heat or warmth for at least 45 minutes should be used.  One excellent suggestion is to use a lavender hot pack that has the capacity to maintain the heat and warmth for long periods of time.
  5. Acupuncture Bellmore treatment – The type of acupuncture best suited for low back pain is moxibustion acupuncture since moxibustion acts quickly to relieve the pain.  Both moxibustion and acupuncture are ancient Chinese treatments that have been used for thousands of years as ways to treat painful conditions such as low back pain.   These two procedures are part of what is called traditional Chinese medicine which has helped countless numbers of people over millennia safely and effectively.  Both treatments like the other aforementioned procedures help in loosening up the tight muscles that cause the low back pain and help improve blood flow to the affected areas as well.  Acupuncture and moxibustion are two very effective treatments that will help you solve your low back problem safely and effectively.
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The ways and means of treatments you can choose from are varied ranging from conventional treatments to alternative remedies.  Many people are starting to see the horrible side effects caused by prescription drugs and are getting to learn more by researching natural alternative therapies for their condition.  Many more people each day are being convinced of the many benefits of alternative medicine.  Most of these modalities are ancient and some even can be traced back to the beginnings of man itself.  The prolific ancient Chinese thousands of years before the rise of Western Europe have developed traditional Chinese medicine and the Native Americans of North America have created their own type of healing system that relies on the natural properties of Mother Earth itself.

All over the world there are many types of natural healing often utilized by the indigenous people of those lands.  They all endeavor the same result – that of the maintenance, and restoration of health as well as prevention of diseases and illnesses.  Most of these modalities espouse a healthy highly nutritious diet, mild regular exercise, living a stress free or less stressful life and availing of natural treatments and herbal remedies to treat disease and illness.  There are specific natural healing methods that zoom in to specific conditions like acupuncture to name one.  Some types of natural therapies follow a more holistic philosophy and focus on improving all aspect of the individual.

All natural therapies that are not part of mainstream medicine are collectively called alternative medicine.  Alternative medicine can refer to osteopathy, meditation acupuncture aromatherapy and herbal remedies to mention just a few.  Alternative medicine is always seen in the context of being a natural “alternative” to conventional prescription medications which the biggest issue of their use is their harmful side effects to the body.   Alternative therapy offers complete natural healing remedies almost always originating from Mother Nature and hence does not contain any type of toxins which prescription medications have that cause serious side effects.  A few of these natural modalities are listed below:

  1. Homeopathy – A healing art that involves the use of diluted variants that cause the illness, allowing the patient to build some sort of immunity to that illness.
  2. Naturopathy – This natural remedy uses the body itself to heal itself by focusing on energizing and strengthening the healing and defense functions of the body through various approaches which include mild exercise, colon cleaning and diet among others.
  3. Acupuncture Miami – This 5000 year old uniquely Chinese therapy uses a procedure involving the use of long but incredibly thin acupuncture needles to that are inserted into the skin at certain areas in the body known to have energy vessels passing along them.  The needles remove any blockages that have developed in the energy vessels removing the pain and illnesses these blockages have caused.


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Sciatica according to some is known as “phantom pain.”  This condition can be as mild as a dull ache to sharp stabbing pain usually felt at the buttocks and radiating down to the leg, foot and toes.  What are the causes of sciatica and what treatments are available to address this painful problem?

Because of its relatively large size, the sciatic nerve is often affected by many factors.  It can be the result of infection, constriction of the spinal canal, spinal tumors, fractures, herniation or trapped nerve.  Manifestations of sciatica are numbness and tingling in the gluteus area, toes, calf and thigh and pain.

Sciatica usually accompanies lower back pain but more often than not it is the cause of the back pain.  A lot of people with sciatica often experience the pain when they are lying in bed or sitting down.  Even if the pain is most painful at the buttocks and legs, the area of treatment is often the lower back.  What treatments can best help address sciatic pain?  The answer will depend on the root cause and undergoing MRIs or x-rays in the back are needed in order to know the cause of the problem. These procedures will help you determine what course of action to take.

Back surgery can be recommended but only as a treatment of last resort.  The results of back surgery are permanent and oftentimes this procedure only worsens your condition.  Once your condition gets worse a series of more back surgeries maybe required to rectify the errors of the previous surgeries.  Back surgery may be best if it is the last thing you would consider considering its great risks.

Hot or cold packs on the lower back can provide some relief.  One can consider FAR belts which give off heat that can go through the skin and deep tissue.  If your sciatica is not a chronic problem then NSAIDs and painkillers (analgesics) can help you with the pain.  These drugs are not highly recommended to be used for long term use due to their negative side effects.  Some doctors may prescribe epidural steroid injections in lieu of these painkilling medications.   They are not 100% effective all the time but they can relieve pain for some time to a few months.

Acupuncture New York particularly electro acupuncture can also be quite good in helping manage sciatic pain. These alternative treatments do often blunt the pain as you try to improve your back muscles to make it more flexible and supple.  Regular exercises that can strengthen the back and improve the back’s range of motion and acupuncture therapy are very helpful aids in treating or managing your painful sciatic condition as well as improving your overall health condition.

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The bulk of prescriptions pharmacists get daily are for addressing body pain including advanced pain relief, neck pain relief or back pain relief.  This defines chronic pain as a very major bane to modern society.

Here are some of the modalities used to address chronic pain today:

  1. Massage – The number of adherents for massage therapy or sometimes called physiotherapy are growing by the day.  These people are convinced (and some have actually benefited from it) that massage therapy is truly a potent therapy for relieving neck and back pain.  Some people immediately after work go to a massage clinic and get a massage that relaxes them and lulls them to sleep.  After this rest they become reenergized.   Massage offices are now ubiquitous in many commercial areas including shopping malls hotels airports health centers and spas.
  2. Capsaicin – This type of therapy is not as popular as massage.  Capsaicin is the substance that gives chili peppers their zing.  They now are created in cream form and used on the sore back of the neck or back.  The effect of this treatment is that is neutralizes the effect of a neuro-chemical called substance P, which causes pain to be amplified.  Capsaicin like liniment helps to relieve the pain in the neck and back.
  3. Alexander Technique – The Alexander technique is all about good posture as it bases its assumption of neck or back pain to be the result of years of poor posture.  If good posture is constantly applied, the pain in the neck and back will eventually go away permanently.  Studies have actually proven that bad posture like slouching can develop to shoulder and neck stress which lead to the shrinking of the muscles and thus limited mobility.
  4. Acupuncture Orlando – Acupuncture is a very popular treatment that originated thousands of years ago in China.  It has been used exactly for painful body conditions including neck and back pain.  This modality was introduced in the US in the 1970’s for the treatment of pain.  It is a very powerful pain reliever and sometimes used in surgeries that requires the patient to be conscious while under operation.  The underlying theory of acupuncture is that the reason for pain lies in energy that does not move or slowly moves around the body due to blockages that have developed in the energy vessels called meridians.  Needles are then applied to remove the blockage(s) to allow blood and energy to travel once again freely.  Millions of people today have benefited from acupuncture and it is quite effective that many medical doctors have trained in this healing art to become practicing acupuncturists themselves.  For chronic pain patients, regular sessions of acupuncture are needed to help manage their pain much better.