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Long used to treat addictions in Western countries, acupuncture is an Oriental healing procedure that has been utilized in hospitals along with conventional Western modes of treatment such as methadone for heroin addictions. Acupuncture is also utilized by several addiction clinics to resolve the underlying causes and symptoms of addiction. This extremely effective form of Chinese medicine has worked for thousands of years for the treatment of dozens of diseases and illnesses although it has only been used to battle the effects of addiction in the West relatively recently. Acupuncture has worked consistently to address several types of addictions, from nicotine to heroin, and from overeating to cocaine.

Proof of Acupuncture’s Success

Acupuncture has been clinically proven to be effective in treating addictions. In 1974, the Lincoln Clinic, which is the first acupuncture detoxification clinic in the United States, opened in New York City. The initial treatments given to addicts in this clinic involved a combination therapy of methadone and acupuncture. Because acupuncture treatments worked much better than methadone, methadone was eventually dropped from the treatment protocol. The clinic’s director, Dr. Michael Smith, stated that acupuncture has a rate of success that is significantly more superior to that of other conventional treatment programs
Acupuncture Treatment for Addiction in Miami – How and Why it Works

Ear Acupuncture (Auriculotherapy)

Treating addiction with acupuncture involves the needling of acupuncture points (acupoints) on the ear. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has an entire branch dedicated to addressing the body and health issues that treats only the ear. Auriculotherapy or auricular acupuncture is a type of acupuncture that focuses treatment exclusively on the ear. This form of acupuncture was discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician who discovered that specific acupoints on the skin surface of the body corresponded to a specific acupoint on the ear. Auriculotherapy, by far, has been the most potent therapy for addictions. One added advantage of using this treatment is that it does not require the removal of clothing for it to be applied and so guarantees a patient’s privacy. These days, several standard auriculotherapy addiction protocols have been created and their facility of use allows them to be easily taught to both acupuncturists and doctors.

Western Conventional Medicine

According to Western medicine, acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating many forms of addiction can be ascribed to the fact that studies have revealed acupuncture has the ability to increase the levels of endorphins in the nervous system. Known as the body’s natural analgesics (painkillers), endorphins function in a similar way to heroin and other opiates that have a powerful painkilling effect. Studies reveal that suppressing the powerful withdrawal symptoms for drug addicts requires raising the levels of endorphin in the nervous system. The amount of endorphins in the nervous system will also determine the level of desire a person has vis-à-vis eating. This is one reason why acupuncture is also a popular and effective treatment for losing weight by assisting people to suppress their appetites.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In the treatment of addictions, Chinese medicine has its own way of explaining how to come about resolving this issue. Known as a holistic type of treatment, Chinese medicine believes that every part of the body works synergistically and is a unified system. The focal point of the this type of medicine is the principle of yin and yang, two opposing but complementary forms of energy that needs to be in balance in order for a person to experience good health. Yang is known as the energy representing “fire” while yin represents “water.” Yin is substance, yang is function. Yang devours and yin provides. A deficiency in Yin is the type of imbalance addicts suffer in their body most of the time. When there is an abundance of Yang in the body, the person will experience symptoms such as excess of frenetic energy, restlessness, and hyperactivity. These are symptoms that compel addicts to ceaselessly seek out drugs. The emotional symptoms of Yang abundance include anger, agitation, and anxiety, among others.

These aspects of yang (fire) dominate the body due to deficiency in yin (water), which is unable to tame or balance the fire. The addict is forced to use drugs because of the abundance of yang. This, in turn, worsens the yin deficiency even more. Narcotics are yang-oriented substances that propagate this cycle. Because of their restlessness and anxiety, addicts turn to drugs to feel a lot better, but their use only adds more yang into the body, furthering the depletion of yin.

In treating addiction, auriculotherapy is performed to nourish the yin. In each ear, acupuncturists will usually needle one to five acupoints. For 30 to 45 minutes the needles are left in the ear. The treatment oftentimes makes the patient relaxed and calmed. He/she can be seated or lie down during the procedure. The treatment gives the patient a sense of well being, an experience that is not felt by an anxious patient suffering from addiction. In between treatment sessions, ear seeds are used as an adjunct treatment to prolong the benefits of the therapy. These ear seeds can be vaccaria seeds and other natural seeds or tiny metal balls stuck to the acupuncture points of the ear. To stimulate the acupoints, patients are instructed to press on them to neutralize withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Ear acupoints in the treatment of addiction include the liver, kidney, and lung. These are the organs systems responsible for eliminating toxins in the body and they are very important in the treatment of addiction.

The number of acupuncture treatments for addiction will be based on the substance being used. Addiction to “hard drugs” usually implies daily treatments until the patient becomes clean. This is followed by treatment two times a week until the patient is able to control the cravings on his/her own and has no temptation to use more substances. Daily treatments are given to alcoholics during the initial stages of treatment, which lessens in frequency as the symptoms gradually dissipate.

Nicotine is considered a mild addictive substance and so nicotine addicts do not require the intensive treatments that “hard drug” addicts need to undergo. Treatments often do not require daily treatments and results such as a lessening of the cravings are often noticed after a single or a couple of treatments. The length of the therapy is significantly less for smokers than hard drug addicts. It usually lasts for two to three weeks. Most patients are cured after a two to three week period of four to five sessions each week. There are patents who are able to lessen the number of cigarettes they smoke each day. To better control withdrawal symptoms and cravings in between treatments, ear seeds are placed on the patient’s ears and applied when the need for it arises.

The Desire to Quit

No matter what form a treatment you undergo, it may not be that successful if you lack a serious desire to quit. A sick person cannot be expected to get well if he/she does not first acknowledge his/her problem and the desire to make that change. As with any type of treatment, acupuncture will only work if the patient involves himself/herself to the treatment and if he/she has the desire to get well. Getting better is always a joint undertaking and a good result is always dependent on the patient’s desire to make it so.

As a standalone treatment for complex issues as addiction, acupuncture cannot be effective. Addiction is more than a physiological problem. It also has profound psychological implications that need to be tackled for cure to be attained. In concert with other modalities such as counseling and support group therapy, acupuncture can address the psychological aspects of addiction. The rate of relapses is quite high for addicts and so these treatments are not only given to help detoxify the addict but they also will be needed afterwards to support the addict on the arduous and long road to recovery and cure.

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Arthritis, joint pain, and especially chronic lower back pain are three of the biggest reasons why patients seek out acupuncture treatments. For a lot of individuals, Chinese or Oriental Medicine and acupuncture has been an integral component of their treatment plan for pain.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective of Pain

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) joint and/or musculoskeletal pain is attributed to a TCM health terminology known as bi syndrome. Bi, in Chinese medicine parlance means obstruction. The aspect of this syndrome will result in the manifestations of symptoms like hot, fixed, stabbing, or achy pain. Several people respond very well to exercise or movement while some may experience relief with rest. A lot of joint and musculoskeletal disorders are sorted into a sub-classification of bi syndrome. A precise diagnosis of the kind of bi the patient experience implies a plan of treatment involving herbal therapy and acupuncture to alleviate and clear the blood and qi obstruction in the areas where pain is felt.

Back Pain and Acupuncture in Pembroke Pines

One of the objectives of acupuncture treatment for back pain is to deactivate and remove inflammation and localized constriction (known as trigger points) in the affected regions of the body. The pattern of pain the patient experiences will determine the acupoints the acupuncturist places his/her acupuncture needles.

The use of Chinese herbs along with acupuncture therapy augments the overall effectiveness of the treatment in two ways:

1. The first way is by working to reduce stagnation, local congestion, and inflammation, the alleviation of pain is achieved.

2. After energy and blood stagnation is resolved, the muscular structure, discs, and tendons in the affected areas are nourished and restored to a more subtle and mobile state.

Practitioners of TCM such as acupuncturists and herbalists believe that certain muscles will manifest pain patterns in parts of the body that are not necessarily affected by inflammation or constriction. A qualified acupuncturist knows how to deactivate trigger points and is knowledgeable in determining the pain patterns. Thin and small acupuncture needles are then placed distal and near the areas of pain. This manner of pain therapy enables the acupuncturist to stimulate the affected meridians while at the same time influence the underlying power currents to treat the root cause of back pain.

Acupuncture Has Been Verified as a Valid Treatment for Back Pain

The Archives of Internal Medicine published a recent study that demonstrated acupuncture’s ability to alleviate back pain in a much better manner than conventional therapies. The study involved 640 subjects all suffering from back pain that were divided into three groups. One group was treated with acupuncture, while another group received a placebo version of acupuncture in which the skin was not pierced, but nevertheless, stimulated. The last group was not given any type of acupuncture treatment but instead was allowed to continue whatever traditional treatment program they were receiving (which was mainly physical therapy or drug therapy).

The study lasted for seven weeks. The two groups who received acupuncture treatments showed a much better improvement of their back pain (including the placebo group) compared to the group that continued its traditional treatment regimen.

The success of placebo acupuncture raised more questions about the true workings of acupuncture and why this type of treatment is so effective in triggering recovery. The results of the study showed a 60% average success rate for those who treated with acupuncture (placebo and non-placebo) and about 38% to the group who received traditional therapies.

Why Acupuncture is A Recommended Treatment Program for Low Back Pain

Around 85% of the population of the United States will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Each year, back pain costs the US economy around US $40 billion. People who have been in chronic back pain for several years know only too well how exhausting and debilitating this condition can be. Happily, they can always turn to good and safe treatments to alleviate their condition. Acupuncture is quite a cost-effective treatment for back pain sufferers looking for a solution for their pain.

Being a long-time healer of chronic pain, I’ve personally treated a lot of patients suffering from back pain using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. There will always by skeptics about the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating body pain although they are dwindling in numbers each passing day due to the growing evidence of this treatment’s incredible ability to alleviate pain which keeps patients pain-free, happy, and healthy.

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Considered as lymph nodes and found on each side at the throat’s back, the tonsils are body organs whose function is to filter out dangerous pathogens that can infect the body. However, from to time, the tonsils are overrun by viral or bacterial organisms causing the tonsils to become inflamed and infected along with a number of flu-like symptoms. This condition is known as tonsillitis and it often affects children.

Symptoms and Signs

-In certain cases, specks of whitish discharge on the tonsils
-Tenderness and/or soreness in the glands of the throat and jaw
-Chills and fevers
-Pain when swallowing
-Sore throat

Western Modes of Treatment

Your doctor distinguishes tonsillitis from strep throat and the flu and other similar-appearing illnesses through a throat culture test. The conventional plan of treatment for tonsillitis includes medications (analgesics like paracetamol or aspirin and/or antibiotics), and rest. In order to ward off re-infection, you need to keep on taking your antibiotics until all of them have been taken.

If your tonsillitis is especially severe or when you experience symptoms thrice or more times a year, your doctor may suggest a surgery (tonsillectomy) to take out your diseased tonsils. Several years, ago, a tonsillectomy was the most common way of curing tonsillitis. Today, doctors only recommend this procedure when all modes of medical treatment have been used up without success. Interestingly, one is not guaranteed a life free of sore throats with the extraction of his/her tonsils. A bacteria-infected tonsil may infect people who have had tonsillectomies.

Alternative and Complementary Treatments


To lessen the sore throat and swelling related to tonsillitis, acupuncture can be an effective therapy to help cure symptoms. The acupuncturist will focus his/her treatment on acupoints Large Intestine 4 and 11 (LI 4&11), Bladder 10 and 12 (Bl 10 and 12), and Lung 1 (Lu 1) along with auricular acupoints associated with the tonsils and pharynx.

In lieu of anesthesia during tonsillectomy, acupuncture can be utilized instead. For use as anesthetic, acupuncture needles will be inserted in the pericardium, large intestine and triple warmer meridians.

Instead of acupuncture, acupressure can be utilized for needle-weary patients suffering from throat pain and pain associated with tonsillitis who want to experience the same benefits of acupuncture. The acupressurist can target the acupoints Stomach 9 and 36, Lu 11, and LI 4 and 11. Administering acupressure on Governing Vessel 13 and Conception Vessel 17 points is required.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Over the counter herbal remedies such as Superior Sore Throat Powder and Laryngitis Pills can be used to address tonsillitis.


Homeopathic treatment can be helpful in treating tonsillitis. However, one needs to take into account the stage of the condition and the symptoms of the child in order to select the proper homeopathic remedy. Be sure to get treatment from a homeopathic professional and not try to treat the disorder yourself.

Western Herbal Therapy

Red sage, sage, and cleavers infusions can neutralize the soreness and inflammation related to tonsillitis.

Galina Semyonova is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist in New York City. She has studied extensively in the fields of biofeedback therapy, SCENAR therapy, Chinese herbal treatments and Chinese and Western nutrition.

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For hyperthyroidism and many diseases and conditions, acupuncture is definitely one of the oldest, most reliable and most effective treatments in the world. This alternative healing procedure is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been used with great effectiveness in China and other parts of Asia for thousands of years.

Based on surveys, an overwhelming number of people are seeking for natural and alternative treatments for hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease. Due to their unsatisfying outcomes, more and more people are turning away from prescription medications and pills to cure their disease. Doctors would even recommend total thyroidectomy or RAI for their patient’s thyroid conditions; the fact is those options should be only used when ALL other options have failed.

It is then not a surprise that the Pharmaceutical industry is second only to the military-industrial complex in terms of raking in the most profits here in the United States. Sadly, a lot of doctors are far more interested in profits rather than their patients’ health since it is known that they have been getting around 4% from every medication they prescribe. Yes, there are still really good physicians out there who really care about the welfare of their patients but you have to be really lucky now to find one these days.

Certain alternative and natural therapies truly work for hyperthyroid and Graves’ Disease patients and in certain instances have even produced better results than conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

However, it should be stressed in no uncertain terms that if you have been prescribed with medication by your doctor for your Graves’ disease, you should NEVER stop taking them under any circumstances. If you do, you may experience a very dangerous condition known as a thyroid storm.

For speedier outcomes, the alternative modalities that will be talked about in this article can be utilized along with your ongoing medications.

Acupuncture is one of these alternative modes of treatment for hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease.

Acupuncture Treatment for Hyperthyroidism in Vancouver

An increasingly popular form of treatment for hyperthyroid conditions acupuncture has been endorsed by the World Health Organization and other health organizations all over the world as a viable form of treatment for thyroid problems.

How does Acupuncture Work?

Having its origins in China as far back as 4,000 years ago, acupuncture is based on the principle that when the flow of chi or qi, (vital energy) in the body is obstructed health issues result. The traditional form of this treatment uses filiform needles inserted at strategic locations on the body in order to restore health and balance to the body.

To see if acupuncture was indeed useful for treating thyroid conditions, a study was conducted involving individuals suffering from hyperthyroidism who were treated with acupuncture. The study showed that the people who were given acupuncture that targeted the kidney area exhibited lowered symptoms.

It is quite sensible to use acupuncture for the treatment of hyperthyroidism since this conditions is often brought about by a malfunctioning immune system and the effects of hyperthyroid drugs are not as effective. What’s more they come with adverse side effects. Kidney and qi stimulation can help normalize the flow of energy, strengthen the blood, and boost the immune system.

Hyperthyroid symptoms are effectively treated with acupuncture even if the hyperthyroid itself is not addressed in the treatment. Acupuncture is known to increase energy, lower blood pressure, relieve stress; all factors that help the patient feel very relaxed. These benefits are extremely helpful for a person suffering from hyperthyroidism or even hypothyroidism.

Acupuncture can also aid in the lowering of blood pressure, and the treatment of hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations and menstrual conditions that may be experienced along with hyperthyroidism.

Acupuncture is now being used by eight million plus Americans to resolve a host of conditions. Since 1996, the US Food and Drug Administration have approved the use of acupuncture needles. These needles are quire thin and small. They are made of metal and when inserted do not generate pain.

If you want really good acupuncture treatment results for your hyperthyroid conditions, then you need to consult with a qualified, licensed, and skilled acupuncturist. You need to know if your state requires an acupuncture license for practicing acupuncturists. You should ask your acupuncturist what kind of medical training he/she had. It is recommended to not heed medical advice from a person who received inadequate training in the treatment of the condition you want resolved.

When you first visit your acupuncturist, the practitioner more often than not will ask you about your lifestyle, question you about your medical and family history and the reasons you are seeking treatment. During this consultation, you need to talk about what kind of treatment you need, how many treatments is required, the cost of the treatment, and how long the treatment will take.

Individuals suffering from hyperthyroidism can find some kind of benefit from acupuncture more so if they visit their acupuncturist right after their diagnosis or go for treatment to address the root cause of the problem and the symptoms. Acupuncturists will not give you a guarantee that your body will cease overproducing thyroid hormones. They at least can help lessen your stress, make you feel relaxed and calm, and be able treat your symptoms.

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Studies dealing with acupuncture treatment of tinnitus in Bellingham reveal that a distinctive pattern exists for people who have gotten well from the treatment: tinnitus patients who possess symmetric hearing thresholds and those whose ringing sound is strongly lateralized to one ear and. Because the asymmetry of the ringing noise and the symmetry of hearing, these sufferers are not likely to have a solely auditory origin of their tinnitus. These people are suspected to a have special type of condition that has a relationship with the jaw, neck, and upper back muscles or have somatically induced tinnitus.

One study of note published in certain acupuncture journals talked about a 60 year old male with left ear tinnitus. In hearing threshold tests, there was less than a 10dB difference between each ear. The patient stated that he felt a dramatic improvement of his condition after the initial acupuncture treatment with the benefits lasting several months. Another study dealt with a female 45 years of age suffering from a chronic form of right sided tinnitus. She had not loss of hearing. After just one treatment, she got completely cured of her condition.

Apart from these two cases, there is another albeit less dramatic case. This study involved a group of patients all suffering from a chronic case of unilateral tinnitus. The patients were divided into two groups. The tinnitus in about a quarter of the patients was intermittent. The control group showed improvements that were markedly less than the group who received acupuncture treatment.

However, most doctors and acupuncturists agree that a plan of treatment using both Western and Eastern forms of treatment is the best way of addressing chronic tinnitus.

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Can acupuncture contribute to the betterment of people suffering from cancer? Certainly! Cancer is not one condition but more than 300 various forms of malignancies. Each form of cancer has its very own clinical behavior, pathophysiology, and histology. Since each type of cancer is unique in itself, so too are the forms of treatment used to manage each type of cancer. We have several kinds of radiation therapies, and different forms of high-energy particle beam generators, hormonal agents, and chemotherapies that correspond to the specific type of cancer they are designed to treat. Also included in this list of treatments are mind-body holistic therapies, nutritional support, and different kinds of surgical procedures.

The best way to cure a cancer is to diagnose and treat it in its early stages. An early diagnosis and early surgery is the most effective treatment for most types of cancer. Exceptions to this rule can include childhood leukemia and other hematologic malignancies as well as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and germinal cancers, which are addressed with a single or combination of therapies that may include stem cell transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Some of the former are the most commonly curable cancers that may or may not be treated with surgery.

If a cancer is diagnosed at a later stage of development, or if it crops back after surgery or if the surgery is unsuccessful, treatment then will be palliative in nature since the cure for it is all but lost (with rare exceptions). Palliative surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy can be considered as palliative therapies.

Acupuncture can benefit cancer patients as it can serve as an alternative to anesthesia in postsurgical recovery and pain management or as a complementary therapy in accelerating and assisting recovery from the after effects of various extremely toxic therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Acupuncture is a very useful modality for the alleviation of the side effects of medications, for the minimal use of these medications, for the quicker resolution of tissue swelling, hematoma and postsurgical swelling, and of course, for the effective for control of pain.

Electro-acupuncture, a type of acupuncture that uses acupuncture needles attached to wires connected to an electrical generating gadget that discharges mild pulses of electricity transmitted to the wires and needles to boost the potency of the treatment, combined with moxibustion (a Chinese medicine modality that uses and burns a moxa herb on the surface of the affected part of the body to bring about healing), all help in the betterment of a cancer patient’s condition. These two forms of Chinese medicine techniques, combined with nutritional therapy, are now widely used in several cancer institutions.

The most unpleasant cancer symptoms of vomiting and nausea are side effects experienced by cancer undergoing chemotherapy and other forms of cancer therapies. These so-called therapies are even much feared by a lot of patients than even the disease itself. A lot of oncologists have seen patients throw up just at the thought of going to their next upcoming treatment. A few years ago, a controlled study performed at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine showed that acupuncture combined with moxibustion significantly reduced vomiting and nausea side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy when they were given before and after these therapies. These two Chinese medicines procedure are quite simple and easy to execute and are often done in an outpatient basis. Their efficacy is evidenced in their ability to minimize the side effects of cancer therapies as well as the use of said therapies that are very expensive and very toxic.

It is common knowledge that acupuncture is a powerful treatment for physical pain. What is rarely known is that it is also helpful in relieving cancer-related pain and in its ability to reduce cancer medication use which results in the attendant side effects of severe constipation, nausea, behavioral changes, disturbed mentation, and confusion.

Acupuncturists can select a number of various acupuncture techniques including body acupuncture, ear acupuncture, osteo-puncture and percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, to name a few to help treat some of the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of cancer therapies. According to traditional Chinese medicine, any chronic disease process exhausts the levels of energy level in a person. This exhaustion can be improved by a tonification process that increases energy into the body. For successful pain management, this is seen as necessary. It also helps lower the malaise related to cancer and any type of chronic disease as well as boost the patient’s well-being.

The immune response of cancer patients can be vastly improved with nutritional therapy. Along with acupuncture, nutritional therapy can neutralize the suppression of white blood and immune cell that chemotherapy tends to cause making the patient stronger and much better able to repel complications and infections.

Acupuncture increases the energy level of the patient. It also restores homeostasis by bringing back balance to energy and clearing out any energy blockages in the energetic channels. Regular acupuncture procedures that direct healing energy to diseased organ systems such as the kidney, pancreas, and liver can be performed to boost the energy level of the patient.

The level of effectiveness of acupuncture treatment in Portland is often based on a number of clinical factors such as the parts of the body affected, the progress of the disease, and the manifested symptoms. In whatever stage of cancer the patient is in and the kind of medications and therapies he/she is using/undergoing, acupuncture can still be a useful tool in helping the patient improve his/her condition.