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Being a scientifically validated procedure for dozens of health conditions including sexual health problems, acupuncture is a Chinese medical technique used for thousands of years old and whose use is often combined with Chinese herbal formulas to address sexual functioning concerns. With the use of filiform needles inserted into certain points of the skin, a man or a woman’s overall sexual health can be greatly improved. This includes sex drive (libido) and sexual performance enhancement. Besides that, acupuncture also tackles underlying problems that may aggravate sexual health issues like hormonal imbalances, weight fluctuation, drug interactions, psychological challenges, menopause, and many more.

A powerful tool for addressing the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of a person, acupuncture has very few side effects and has low risks with results that can be seen in a relatively short amount of time although this comes with a caveat in which results are based on how serious the imbalances are in your body.


This alternative type of acupuncture technique adopts a less invasive approach via the utilization of the same diagnostic tools and points but without the use of needles. Pressure on the acupoints is done through massage. The technique is often done using your elbows, knuckles, fingers, and even vibrators; they all aid in boosting blood flow. Patients can actually avail of acupressure in-between acupuncture sessions to maintain stimulation in-between treatments.

Using vibrators on acupressure points

You can use a small massager or vibrator to improve the level of stimulation of your acupressure procedure. Using a small vibrator enables you to have more pinpoint accuracy in stimulating an affected acupoint that needs to be stimulated.

Sexual performance issues and acupuncture

In providing balance to the body, acupuncture resolves any interruptions to the flow of vital energy in the body, which the Chinese refer to as Qi or Chi. The acupuncturist targets the kidney and heart organ systems when treating low libido and poor sexual performance as they are the most affected organ systems when it comes to sexual dysfunction. Also addressed are the other possible factors that cause imbalances in the body.

Chinese medicine diagnostic tools are used by the acupuncturist as well as questioning the patient about his/her symptom to identify the imbalances in the body. A diagnostic examination of the tongue and pulse is the most common way an acupuncturist examines a patient. The acupuncturist examines 25 pulse states through nine positions which are more than the conventional pulse examination that nurses and doctors perform on patients. Information is provided when these pulse positions are examined. Information such as the overall health of the patient and the functioning capacity of the body organs can be gleaned from this type of pulse examination. When the tongue is examined, the acupuncturist checks on the cracks, coating, moisture, shape, and color of the tongue to ascertain the organ functioning and overall health of the patient.

Besides acupressure and acupuncture, others Chinese medicine techniques such as electro-acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbs, and moxibustion among others can be used to treat sexual dysfunction. Geared to improve blood circulation the sexual organs, these treatments also help balance hormones levels, and lower stress. Some of the benefits of these treatments include the ability to experience satisfying orgasms, better lubrication (for women), sex drive boost, endurance, better ejaculation (for men), and longer erections (for men).

Beyond sex drive enhancement

Besides increasing sex drive, acupuncture can address other kinds of sexual issues including:

-STD outbreaks
-Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
-Female sexual dysfunction
-Female sexual arousal disorder
-Poor sperm mobility
-Sexual aversion disorder
-Premature ejaculation
-Prostate problems
-Male and female menopause
-Erectile Dysfunction

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There are two types of sore throat: chronic and acute. Acute sore throat is usually caused by wind heat. This condition leads to symptoms such as a rapid floating pulse, yellow phlegm from coughing, and fever.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners often use a Yin Chiao Jie Du Pian herbal formula to treat a sore throat diagnosis. Once symptoms arise, the sooner this remedy is taken by the patient, the more effective and rapid the treatment works to resolve the condition. For a type of severe throat, the practitioner can add Chuan Hsin Lian Antiphlogistic Pills. If symptoms still persist or get worse, the patient then needs to see a doctor to determine if the sore throat is caused by a strep infection.

Sore throats that are acute often get resolved with acupuncture and Chinese herbs after a day or two. Needle points used by acupuncturists to treat acute sore throat include the LI (Large Intestine) 4 and LI 11 found on the arm and hand. For severe sore throat, the Lu (Lung) 10 point can be needled with extreme effectiveness. However, needling this point can be a little bit painful so if the patient is more than willing to experience a little discomfort to resolve his severe sore throat condition, this is the point that needs to be treated.

For chronic sore throat, the underlying problem is usually a deficiency of yin since when the yin is not adequately cooled, it can cause chronic inflammation. Other indications of yin deficiency include insomnia, irritability, night sweats, dry mouth, red tongue with no or minimal coating, and a rapid, thin pulse. The goal of the treatment for chronic sore throat is to use Rehmannia Teapills to clear the heat and tonify yin. The duration of the treatment might take a few months in order for it to have a long lasting effect.

Dr. Yelena Pakula is a licensed acupuncture doctor and the medical director of Vita-Health Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Pembroke Pines, FL.