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Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, especially Chinese herbal medicine, is within the niche of natural eczema therapy. TCM is actually the most preferred of choice of treatment these days for eczema, a skin condition that is debilitating and one that leads to a number of symptoms. Western medicine has yet to discover comprehensive modalities to treat this condition. This has forced a lot of eczema sufferers to resort to natural treatment options that are free of side effects related to the use of steroidal ointments and potent medication utilized in Western treatments for eczema.

Eczema Treatment Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches

Usually referred to by TCM practitioners as a condition of dampness and toxin accumulation in the body, eczema causes dampness sores. The dampness connected to eczema refers to a sluggish metabolism of the body and a slowdown of the movement of bodily fluids, resulting in a weakened immunity.

Since the body is 70% composed of water, the above observation is important and makes us aware that bodily fluid and water metabolism is critical to our general health. TCM practitioners also see that eczema is caused by excess heat in the body. This is seen in the body temperature of a person over a specific period of time and associated symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, episodes of sudden palpitations and other abnormal body temperature conditions. One of the biggest contributors to eczema is dryness. Practitioners think that dryness comes about due to a weakened metabolism in the body that sets off the symptoms of eczema.

Avoiding Allergens is Important in Preventing the Rise of Eczema

The stimulation of eczema can start by a serious allergic reaction in a person. The allergic response may be triggered by an environmental agent or a food item. Eczema sufferers searching for natural alternative treatment are strongly required to avoid making contact with their allergens. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the need to avoid lifestyle choices that tend to compromise the immune system of the body which heightens the body’s susceptibility to allergic reactions.

Good lifestyle choices to prevent the rise of eczema include the avoidance of irritating foods such as certain types of seafood, some types of grains, alcohol, gluten-rich foods, fried foods, spicy foods, and specific kinds of dietary combinations. The drinking of milk along with specific foods such as certain types of fishes, for example, is not recommended. Practitioners also recommend limiting the total intake of protein in a single meal. They advise patients limit and self-control of scratching the skin to avoid starting an allergic response. If you have eczema, you need to avoid the use of strong soaps and your skin being exposed to direct sunlight.

Diets that Can Help Relieve Eczema Symptoms

Eczema cannot be directly cured by eating certain foods although TCM practitioners advise patients to eat specific types of foods on a regular basis to make sure that the overall immunity of the skin is strengthened and the symptoms associated with eczema is resolved.

Included in the several recipes in this niche include are:

-Coix seed
-Mung beans
-Adzuki beans
-Wax gourd peel
-Round-grained rice
-Chinese white olive
-Lily and mulberry soups

Herbs for a Natural Treatment of Eczema

At the heart of TCM to relieve the symptoms of eczema is Chinese herbal medicine. The herbs most commonly-prescribed include:

– Tree Peony Bar (Cortex moutan): Used to detoxify the blood and boost blood and qi circulation.

– Field Mint (Herba menthae): An herb that helps in relieving common eczema symptoms such as itchy skin and rashes.

– Phellodendron bark (Cortex phellodendri): This herb is used to help metabolize the filtration of toxins and to normalize the inner heat of the body.

– Cang Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis): Required to dry out the overabundance of dampness.

– Honeysuckle Flower (Flos lonicerae): This herb is used to clear toxins and regulate body heat.

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Hypoglycemia is a blood condition in which the body has too little blood glucose. This causes the body to respond to a high-carbohydrate diet by boosting its secretion of insulin. Excessive insulin in the bloodstream results in low blood sugar causing a “sugar crash.” Imagine the amount of sugar and carbs in all its forms, you consume in a day. You may be one of those people who, every time he/she experiences tiredness, go for more caffeine or carbs. The fact is, most Americans, have been on a constant hypoglycemic fluctuations for years.

Most Americans are suffering from blood sugar imbalances. They tend to consume more refined carbs and sugar in just a single week than people consumed in one year a couple of hundred years ago. This is one huge underlying factor for a majority of modern diseases in this century.

Doctors report that one of the most common complaints they get from patients is fatigue. This fact is backed by acupuncturists who regularly see patients who are severely fatigued. A lot of acupuncturists often see that these patients suffer from hypoglycemia symptoms: strong caffeine or sugar cravings to get them through the day; headaches; depression; insomnia; anxiety; energy fluctuations the whole day usually with extreme lows in the afternoon, concentration difficulties, and feeling shaky or irritable between meals.

People who are at high risk of insulin resistance and its severe effects (possible type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome) are usually those who do not exercise; constantly experience severe stress; consume lots of carbs and sugar, and frequently skips meals.

TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine stresses the value of healthy nutrition as the basis of health. Practitioners of TCM believe that the spleen draws nutrients from the drink and food you take in and converts them into the material basis for Blood and qi. They also think that each organ system has a unique flavor related to it. The organ is tonified with a tiny amount of this flavor, but if eaten in excess, this unique flavor will devitalize the function of that organ. With regards to the spleen, the sweet flavor is associated with it. The spleen can be tonified by the sweet flavor of root vegetables, apple or brown rice. One the other hand, the sweetness associated with refined of carbohydrates and sugar is extremely concentrated. These two products will undermine the function of the spleen, weakening the health of the whole system.

The head of the Merritt Wellness Center, Marlene Merritt, says that blood sugar imbalances can be seen in this way: a person has a specific amount of insulin-glucose activity in his/her cells in a lifetime. If the person uses it all up during the initial thirty or forty years of his/her life by consuming a lot refined sugar and carbohydrates, then the damage has been done. In order to prevent the rise of severe health problems as one gets older the need to eliminate or at least lessen the consumption of refined carbs or sugar to the point where one doesn’t crave them anymore is imperative. This causes the cells to start turning off the sugar reaction. For certain individuals, that will be below 72 grams of carbohydrates / day.

Steps to take to regulate blood sugar and exit your constant hypoglycemic flux:

1. Know the total carbohydrate count of typical foods by going online to www.calorieking.com. Also, when you buy foods, always read the labels!
2. Go for regular acupuncture treatment. Your acupuncturist will treat acupoints to fortify the stomach and spleen meridians. The practitioner will also use ear (auricular) acupuncture to aid with addictive activities. Bu shong yi tsi tan and other similar Chinese herbal formulas can strengthen the function of the spleen. Gymmema is an herb TCM practitioners can use to help suppress sugar cravings.
3. One of the most effective ways to boost blood glucose metabolism and lessen insulin resistance is exercise. This exercise need not even be consistent—just a half-hour of exercise four or five times a week will do. You can also hike, swim, or just walk for 30 minutes four to five times a week as your exercise.
4. Stick to a daily regular diet. Every two or three hours, consume something that is fat or protein based—before you become hungry. Don’t skip breakfast or any other meal. Stay away from refined sugar and carbs, and white foods (such as white rice). Eat organic foods and healthy fats as much as possible. For fats, you can derived them from coconut oils, sesame, flaxseeds, olive oil, seeds and nuts, dairy, butter, eggs, avocado, fish, and poultry. Consume a large amount of fresh veggies to balance the protein and fats.

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word acupuncture? You may imagine, if you are like a lot of people, a very painful way of treating illness in which a poor soul is stuck with needles in various parts of his body and face. With this kind of thinking, it is really a wonder why there are still people who go for this treatment at all. As a result, many of them deny themselves of a treatment that can potentially give them a much better quality of life and health. In fact, they view acupuncture not with awe and respect but with aversion, trepidation, and fear. However, the fact of the matter is that this multi-millennial treatment has treated countless numbers of people throughout history and is practically painless. When performed in the right manner, acupuncture has given happiness and hope for many people suffering from pain, fatigue, migraines, and headache.

Concepts Associated with Acupuncture

Meridians – These are the energetic pathways where vital energy travels. Since they are invisible, they are believed to be located near the skin which makes them accessible to stimulation with needles.

Blockage- A blockage is believed to form along a meridian which results in medical problems and pain.

Acupuncture – Into strategic points in the body tiny small needles are inserted during an acupuncture procedure. The needles energize these points to clear out blockage that, in turn, leads to the treatment of symptoms and the removal of pain.

Energy- According the Chinese medicine practitioners, vital energy known as Chi or Qi is the body’s bioelectrical energy that flows through meridians.

At this point, you may be finding these concepts and explanations as pseudo science and archaic. But the truth is numerous studies have been done that suggest otherwise. How does acupuncture really work? This question has still not been scientifically explained although there are a few theories that try to explain this mystery. One such theory is that acupuncture does what it does by stimulating the production and release of neurotransmitters in the brain, modulating spinal cord function and altering microscopic tissue.

Risk and Side Effects of Acupuncture in Louisville

For certain reasons there are some medical treatments that have never been understood. Still, this does not prevent them from being used to treat certain conditions. For many years, people used penicillin and aspirin not knowing how they worked but used them nonetheless because they worked. This simply proves that sometimes results matter more than knowing how these results came about. Obviously, it is important to know how the method works for safety reasons.

There are not many alternative and conventional medical treatments that have no side effects. Medications can result in side effects such as allergic reactions, and surgery can lead to complications on the operating table and/or infections later on. With acupuncture, however, common risks and adverse effects include infection, which is very rare, light bleeding, bruising, and dizziness.

To avoid these risks and side effects, you need to seek the services of a licensed acupuncturist. In several states, professional and government associations thoroughly monitor acupuncture practices to protect patients.

What to Expect in an Acupuncture Procedure

When you first come in for treatment, your acupuncturist will first pore over your detailed medical history and carefully inspect your present condition. Acupoints to be treated which are pre-determined during the diagnostic phase of your treatment will be inserted with needles generate a healing effect. In a lot of instances, the patient will be required to undergo 30 to 90 minutes of acupuncture for about 10 to 20 treatments. Each session will entail the insertion of needles into pre-selected acupoints. Patients report a feeling of dullness or a sensation akin to an ant bite but no pain felt on the site where the needle is inserted

Each patient reacts in a different way to acupuncture. Some may feel so energized while others may feel being tired and want to take a nap. A lot of patients may experience immediate relief from the ailment and the symptoms while for some, relief may come only after several rounds of treatment.

Your fear of needles goes away once you have experienced an acupuncture procedure. This is because you’ll be enjoying the relief of your symptoms and the other benefits acupuncture gives you. This very old medical technique is your best course of action for a lot of illnesses although for certain conditions, it may be better to combine acupuncture with your current medical treatment.

Acupuncture, a form of treatment that used be reserved solely for the Chinese, is now a very popular treatment all over the world that has helped countless numbers of people throughout history.

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Myth – Acupuncture is Not Needed Today Anymore

Fact – The internet is one of the biggest reasons why acupuncture now enjoys an unprecedented worldwide popularity. When used, this treatment makes the use of painkillers cortisone, and surgery unnecessary. Studies reveal that around 61% of patients treated with acupuncture showed significant improvement after being paralyzed because of a stroke.

Myth – Acupuncture is not officially recognized in the United States nor is it widely used. Only in third world countries nations is it widely used.

Fact -More than 30 states in the US register or officially recognize the practice of acupuncturists thus giving lie to this myth.

Myth – Acupuncture is best performed by an MD (physician).

Fact -The truth is physicians need less training in acupuncture than traditional non-doctor practitioners. Doctors only require 200 training hours in order to be a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Clinical training for required physicians is just around 80 hours out of the 200 hours. Contrast this to several years of training licensed acupuncturists need to undergo.

Myth – For sedation, the four-needle technique is used on every patient in acupuncture

Fact – This technique is used only in extreme and very rare situations. It is usually used not more than twice in a year. The patient’s energy flow sometimes gets stuck; this is only the time when the four-needle technique is utilized as a last resort.

Myth – Acupuncture is not recommended by allopathic doctors (Western physicians whose treatment are counteractive methods for disease and injury) nor do they believe this treatment works.

Two and a half decades ago, this statement might have been true. Now, there are around 3,000 physicians who are practicing acupuncturists.

Myth: Only Asians or Chinese can practice acupuncture because it originated in China.

Not true. The ability to practice and learn anything is not dependent on your race or creed. You might be interested to know that in the US, most acupuncturists are not Asian.

Myth – Acupuncture is solely used for pain alleviation

Yes acupuncture is used to relieve pain and no, it is not used only for that. It was believed that acupuncture only served that purpose since several studies showed that it had the ability to relieve pain. This treatment has been utilized for various kinds of ailments.

Myth – Transmittable diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS can be transferred from person to person through acupuncture needles.

People are usually given their own set of needles. It is a standard practice in the US to use disposable single needles in order to prevent the spread of infection and transmission of diseases during an acupuncture procedure.

Myth: Acupuncture is painful and dangerous also

Acupuncture treatment does not cause pain. The insertion of the needle may generate a tiny prick on the patient. Occasionally, the person may not even feel the needle at all. There may be some bruising at the insertion site although this very rarely occurs. The insertion does not result in tissue damage as the acupuncture needles are extremely thin. The needles are also solid and have a rounded point. There is absolutely not danger at all in using acupuncture needles.

Kine Fischler is a licensed acupuncture physician and the clinical director of Willow Tree Wellness in Portland, OR.

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Thankfully, for people suffering from depression, acupuncture treatment for depression can provide an effective and clear remedy to their needs.

However, for most of us going through the daily ups and downs of life, or moments of depression that may last a few days to several weeks long, we can’t be sure whether we are just in a “funk” or bad mood or are ‘officially’ depressed.

Knowing if we are truly depressed and not merely suffering from a momentary down period or mood swing can be easily ascertained once we have identified what the symptoms of true depression are.

Listed below are some of the serious but typical symptoms that reveal evidence of real depression, which can be effectively treated by acupuncture treatment.

– Constant thoughts of killing, suicide, or death
– Poor decision-making abilities, inability to stay focused, poor concentration
– Guilty feelings, lingering usually in the back of your mind
– Easily irritated, annoyed or angered by things or people that normally wouldn’t bother you
– Inability to sit still, nervous twitches
– Inability to stay asleep for long, inability to fall asleep, poignant dreams or nightmares, sleep disturbances
– Lack of energy to perform daily tasks, constant tiredness, fatigue
– Loss of interest in activities that used to be fun for you
– Eating less often or overeating, changes in weight
– Daily experiences of feeling ‘down,’ feelings of sadness.

All these symptoms have been known to appear in people all over the world. They all may suffer from moderate to extreme depression. More often not, acupuncture treatment for depression in Cleveland is also a treatment for anxiety since these two conditions usually come hand in hand. The fact is, most Western modes of treatment for depression often fail miserably.

A lot of us are all too aware of people feeling depressed, and start going to a therapist for one, two, then four, then ten years. After so many years of therapy and after spending a considerable amount of money, they still feel depressed. Seems like a waste of time and money.

Most of us also are aware that the other Western medical solution for depression that doctors seem all-to-fond of recommending to their patients is prescription drugs which is also is a miserable failure. The worse part of choosing prescription drugs is that almost all of them tend to even increase the suicidal tendencies of those who take them.

So, if therapy and prescription medications aren’t really that effective in treating depression, then, what is?

If you are reading this, you may be one who is considering acupuncture for treating depression and its symptoms
Yes, acupuncture can definitely treat depression. If you hate being depressed and feel so helpless in escaping it, you may be glad to know that acupuncture can treat and even cure your depression along with its unwanted symptoms, from losing focus on your goals, lack of sleeping, to lack of energy.

The imbalance of energy that leads to and caused by depression can be fully resolved with acupuncture treatment. The core underlying cause of this emotional condition which is an imbalance in one or more of the meridians or an energy disturbance in your body is also addressed.

Along with acupuncture, you can also avail yourself of other Chinese medicine modalities like reiki, massage and other energy-healing type of therapies. Acupuncture treatment for depression is a treatment you should seriously consider trying.

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At last, Chinese acupuncture is starting to get into the radar of dieters who are into natural forms of treatment for losing weight. Acupuncture taps into the many invisible energy meridians of the body. This treatment is an ancient medical practice that heals a host of ailments, and now, more and more Western doctors are embracing it to quell vomiting, nausea, postsurgical pain, and chronic pain as well as weight loss, addictions, and high blood pressure. The superficial insertion of fine needles into the skin along important points on the body leads to the restoration of the flow of energy along the rivers of vital energy or can restore balance to the flow of energy along meridians of Qi (pronounced chee).

Several factors can cause weight increase in a person. The most common reasons are lack of exercise, poor nutrition, overeating, slow metabolism, and hormonal imbalances. Acupuncture for the treatment of weight gain in Pembroke Pines entails a multi-pronged approach.

Listing Down the Benefits

The reason for utilizing acupuncture to lose weight in Chinese medicine is the belief that weight increase is brought about by disrupted flow of Qi, to and from the stabilizing region of the brain, known as the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is responsible for the body’s functional balance and maintaining homeostasis. It helps the body run like a finely tuned instrument. This area of the brain is the dispatch center of the boy that activates neurochemicals and hormones and helps regulate hunger, thirst, circadian rhythm, and body temperature.

One of the most important aspects of acupuncture treatment for losing weight is its ability to influence hormones associated with obesity. Studies quantifying acupuncture’s effectiveness in weight loss discovered the treatment increased hormones that control meal initiation known as ghrelin, while at the same time decreasing the hormones that control metabolism and fat storage, leptin.

The principle that guides acupuncture treatment can power up any other weight control plan by optimizing the way nutrients are used, regulating obesity-associated hormones, improving digestion, boosting metabolism, quelling cravings, and suppressing appetite. This treatment likewise strengthens the organ that manufactures several important chemicals essential for the proper function of digestion, processing of nutrients and the breakdown of fats, the liver. The tone of the stomach’s smooth muscles is also increased with acupuncture to make people aware that they are full.

Acupuncture Features

To determine the Qi for controlling weight effectively, acupuncturists focus on four acupoints on the ear – the endocrine point, stomach point, Shenmen point, and the hunger point. A few sterilized, metallic, tiny needles are stuck into the invisible meridians to lessen the “heat” that has accumulated along these channels and to activate the centers that help release certain hormones and neurochemicals.

Occasionally, there are treatments in which the needles are covered with tape in order to let them stay in place for a few days. Later, during the next treatment sessions or at home, the needles are removed by the acupuncturist. There also acupuncturists who will stick ear seeds on their patients’ ears. These seeds are periodically massaged to help deal with difficult-to-control cravings.

Important tips To Remember When Considering Acupuncture Treatment for Losing Weight

1. Don’t confuse treatments — Ear stapling follow the principles that acupuncture is based on. Nevertheless, it is an inexact technique that utilizes surgical staples that passes into ear cartilage, which is known to cause infection.
2. Faithfully stick to a comprehensive weight-loss program – Acupuncture treatment works best when it is used in combination with a comprehensive weight-loss plan, that includes exercise and healthy food selections.
3. Complete a full course of treatment – Normally a full course acupuncture treatment plan for losing weight is best attained with 10 treatments administered over a few weeks.
4. Last, but certainly not least, select a qualified acupuncturist – In order to practice their profession, acupuncturists are required to pass the state board exam in most states of the Union. This is to guarantee their patients that they finished the required training and education standards to practice. Medical doctors and other medical professional can also become licensed acupuncturists.