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According to a study performed by New York Eye and Ear Infirmary researchers, acupuncture works just as well as, or even better, than Western conventional therapies in treating lazy eye,

The medical term for lazy eye is amblyopia. This disorder usually affects one eye and is distinguished by poor vision in the affected eye. The most common reason for childhood vision problems, lazy eye can be easily corrected with contact lenses or glasses if they are used by the child before the age of 7. The condition becomes more and more difficult to correct after that age; by then, other treatments that intentionally make the strong eye weaker in order to force improvement in the weak eye are used. One such treatment commonly used is the wearing of a patch over the strong eye. Another technique is to use eye drops to blur the vision in the strong eye.

A recent Chinese study involved 88 children with ages 7 to 12 who all suffered from lazy eye and either had to wear an eye patch over their strong eye for a couple of hours each day or had to be administered with acupuncture for five times a week. All children had to wear new eyeglasses and were given orders to perform near-vision activities for one hour each day.

Six months and one week later, 70% percent of the children in both groups showed improvements by two lines on an eye chart. This means an improvement in eyesight from 20/40 – 20/25. With respect to recovery, acupuncture proved much more effective than wearing an eye patch as gleaned in the results: in the acupuncture group 42% showed improvements compared to only 17% in the group who had to wear an eye patch.

Acupuncture holds certain advantages over Western standard treatment. One reason is that the former offers limited hardship on the patient compared to the latter. One example of this is Western medicine’s use of vision-blurring drops on the strong eye of the child which can make homework difficult; moreover the wearing of an eye patch can result in severe social stigma for those children.

One negative aspect about acupuncture treatment though is that the child needs to undergo five weekly sessions of the treatment which means greater time commitment from parents. One other issue is that in the United States, there are just a few acupuncturists who are trained to resolve lazy eye. But when a child with lazy eye has been treated with acupuncture in Cleveland, the child is guaranteed of total cure without suffering the consequences associated with Western conventional treatments.

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If you are planning to go for acupuncture treatment for the first time, the number one thing to consider is that you find a good practitioner to work with. Finding someone who really knows what he/she is doing is a guarantee of a successful treatment.

It is important to find out about the licensing information from the person you are eyeing for acupuncture treatment. The practitioner should have completed a specialized training in order to get a license to practice. To make sure he/she is trained to complete acupuncture in an effective manner, you need to ask the practitioner about this qualification.

Another important thing to consider is the direct experience of the practitioner. Of course, you want to work with a person who has experience with the issue you have. If what you need is a resolution for infertility or to lose weight, you need to ask the practitioner about his/her experience in this field of acupuncture treatment.

Some acupuncturists may have first-hand experience with a condition you are experiencing. You may be able to find this out by going online and visiting the acupuncturist’s website. You may have a greater chance of treatment or even cure when you decide to choose an acupuncturist who has previously treated a problem similar to yours.

To make it easier to visit the acupuncturist, when needed, it is wise to find a practitioner who has a clinic close to where you work, or live. In certain instances, you will likely need appointments on a weekly basis. It is very much easier to get to your appointments and receive the full experience of the treatment when you find a good acupuncturist near your area.

Your acupuncturist in Fremont can provide you with references if you are interested in knowing what other patients are saying about their past treatments and about the practitioner. An acupuncturist’s website can give you an idea of what treatments he/she offers; some websites show the names of the patients the acupuncturist previously treated. This can give you valuable insight on how the treatment can also benefit you.

There are various resources online that you can use to find out what transpire during each treatment if you do not know what to expect from your first appointment. This can help you learn the most common myths and facts about acupuncture and familiarize you with its process.

You can have the best options for your treatment when you find the right acupuncture clinic. If you suffer from chronic pain, finding the right acupuncturist can be a great way to find solutions for it. It is fascinating to know that that more and more people are using acupuncture as a way to increase well being and treatment for their health problems.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hypertension is a type of heart disease consisting of a series of symptoms characterized by an increase of blood pressure in the arteries. Hypertension often strike adults whose systolic pressure is above 140 mmHg and/or diastolic pressure is more than 90 mmHg.

The Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Treatment of Hypertension

In traditional Chinese medicine, hypertension is similar to vertigo and dizziness. Hypertension is often believed to be the result of various factors such as stress, diet, constitutional deficiencies, and emotional factors that lead to imbalance in kidney, spleen, liver, and yin and yang. In time, this disease can cause the failure of yin to control yang, frequent weakening of kidney, phlegm disturbing the upper, or hyperactivity of phlegm.

How does TCM usually treat hypertension?

It’s important to distinguish hypertension that is the result of deficiency from the one caused by an excess. Usually, TCM addresses hypertension through herbs, auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), and body acupuncture, but what kinds of herbs are used, and what acupoints and acupuncture technique is used will be based on the cause. Treatment approach for hypertension due to deficiency is to replenish blood and qi, while nourishing the kidney and liver. For underlying excess, the aim of treatment is to resolve phlegm, eliminate fire, and stop wind by calming the liver.

Case Study

Mr. Jones, 65 years old, has been diagnosed with hypertension for 12 years. He complained to his acupuncturist about having poor sleep, irritability, restlessness, a bitter taste in his mouth, red eyes, headaches, and dizziness. His practitioner has prescribed certain Chinese herbal remedies and received acupuncture treatment two times a week for four weeks.

The acupuncturist needled the following acupoints: HT7, LR 3, ST 40, SP 10, LI 4, and GB 20. The prescription herbal formula was a modified Longdan Hsiegan Tang formula. Four weeks after the treatment, his blood pressure stabilized and all his symptoms disappeared.

TCM Tips for Hypertension Patients

Besides acupuncture and Chinese herbs, some TCM practitioners will also recommend qigong exercises to aid the body in replenishing qi and blood, clearing fire, calming the liver and restoring balance to yin and yang. From the viewpoint of TCM, hypertensive patients would benefit better by eating less spicy and greasy foods, and eating more vegetables and fruits. Patients are also advised to avoid seafood which according to TCM is cold in nature and stimulating. Eating cold foods only increases phlegm and dampness in the body, which can worsen vertigo and dizziness. Fish is a much better alternative to crab and shrimp.

Herbal Foot Soak

Hypertension symptoms including insomnia, limb numbness, headache, tinnitus, and vertigo can be relieved with herbal foot soak. In preparing a foot-soak treatment, cut the Gouteng herb (stems from the Gambir vine) into small pieces and wrap in a cloth with a little Borneol (Bingpian) and soak them in warm water. The feet is soaked in the herbal preparation two times a day before going to bed and after getting up from bed, continue with the treatment for 10 days for 30minutes to 45 minutes each time. An herbal prescription is required for these herbs.

Customized Herbal Prescriptions

As every person is unique, high blood pressure sufferers should consult with a licensed herbalist and acupuncturist who can recommend a plan of treatment that can addresses the specific needs of the patient. Your TCM will take a full medical history and do a tongue and pulse and diagnosis to determine the best herbal prescription and acupuncture plan.

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Today, humanity is able to do a spiritual type of acupuncture called Esoteric Acupuncture (EA) is because it has already attained a high level of consciousness. This is according to its founder, Mikio Sankey. He explained that Esoteric Acupuncture addresses the energy fields above the physical body and the physical body itself, which aids the efforts of individuals whose goal is to maintain health and attain higher consciousness.

People who are looking for a treatment that furnishes more than just figuring out physical illnesses more than likely will be more aware of the third dimension as long as EA treatments is combined with the consumption of natural foods. Unnatural foods and chemicals tend to adversely affect the access of the light bodies during EA therapy; therefore, for the overall treatment to work, eating non-irradiated, non-GMO, and organic foods is essential. Patients who are searching for a way of life and health plan that does not rely on drugs will find EA a perfect alternative treatment.

Both EA and traditional acupuncture can balance an individual’s etheric and physical bodies, which greatly boosts overall health. The acupuncture and the energy channels or meridians are housed in the etheric body and can be sensed after a physical equivalent, such as arm, has been removed. Due to the focus on diseased states and the academic style in which it is taught, traditional acupuncture is considered in the realm of the “left brain,” while due to the use of intuition a practitioner uses in knowing what treatment plan to use, the patient’s and practitioner’s simultaneous visualization, and the style of the insertion of the needles, EA is considered a “right brain” technique. In traditional acupuncture, assuming each acupoint is in the exact same spot on all people, a precise identification and location of an acupoint is required ; in, EA, however, acupoints that are not necessarily be in the same location are taken into consideration.

Sankey refers to as spin fields as amazing energy. These spin fields happen at the site of the needle insertion due to the intent of the practitioner and the order of needle placement. The needles are arranged in such a way that it generates specific geometric shapes that is superimposed on the patient’s energy field. Certain energies re then pulled into the patient, resulting in a shift of his/her consciousness/awareness. A calm mind is of course, required 9in order for the patient to fully be aware of what has occurred, but once having occurred, no matter how small, a shift will wait until it is eventually noticed.

Through the spin fields the patient can attain a consciousness totally different from the one the patient has had throughout his/her life, that is, if he/she has formally laid the ground work. If, not, EA may be able to help the patient move forward to a change in lifestyle essential for laying the ground work. Regardless, what can occur are steps toward higher consciousness and a better awareness of health.

The philosophy behind EA and the EA itself can be self- performed or performed by anyone only if the needles are used to stimulate the acupoints. A few recommended alternatives to needles include natural oils, crystals, and visualization. EA can be considered as a self-healing procedure when you develop the ability to treat yourself more so when you’re able to visualize how a practitioner performs it.

EA’s gift for higher consciousness and health is the alignment of the heart and head through the finer aspects of the self. Through awareness, we can begin to realize how we are all interconnected to everything and to one another. Persons are less likely to be drawn to harmful practices and foods when they’re in the finer fields of consciousness, as they’ll no longer be tethered to such things. EA can also be a way to tune in to and understand the shifts of energy happening on Earth right now. Esoteric Acupuncture can also bonus you with an accompaniment of higher consciousness and health, in general as well as a discovery of your real desire and true cause in life.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.

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Motion style acupuncture treatment (MSAT) is a relatively unknown and novel form of acupuncture in the West. It has been used in Korea for the treatment of pain in the musculoskeletal regions that limit movement, especially lower back pain.

In MSAT, slender acupuncture needles are stuck into proper acupoints that require assisted motion of the affected area. Past studies have already proven the success of acupuncture for lower back pain. But comparing acupuncture’s ability to improve mobility and address acute lower back pain had not been compared to non-chiropractic western modes of treatment

The Korean trial

In 2011 Korean researchers conducted a controlled, randomized, clinical trial dealing with motion style acupuncture treatment for acute low back pain with severe disability in Austin.

The trial was done to see whether acupuncture can satisfactorily resolve acute lower back pain without any side effect. Acupuncture is considered by many as a much better and less costly way for helping back pain patients to work with better functionality.

The trial subjects were chosen from both the Bucheon Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine in Bucheon, Korea and Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine in Seoul, Korea. The patients, whose ages ranged from to 20 – 60, were suffering from severe lower back pain for less than a month.

Patients who were allergic to NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) as well as those suffering from long-term vertebral or neurological damage were not included in the study. Also excluded were patients currently taking corticosteroid medications, pregnant women, and cancer patients.

These exclusions were both meant to lessen the potential for unclear or mixed test outcomes and to protect the patients who were vulnerable to possible hazards.

This double-blind randomized study obviously was blind to the researchers who performed the test for ROM (range of motion) and pain for all the subjects each time after therapy, although it could not be blind to the acupuncturists or patients.

The control group was treated with NSAID. The drug used was diclofenac, a painkiller (analgesic) and anti-inflammatory. It was injected intramuscularly and is often used for musculoskeletal or joint inflammation and pain and other inflammatory and painful conditions.

Diclofenac injections have typical side effects that include sleepiness, dizziness, gastrointestinal discomfort, vision problems, and headaches, clearly undesirable side effects, if you desire better functionality.

Acupuncture treatment rarely has any side effects. What was being put to task in this trial was the effectiveness of MSAT over NSAID injections.

Those who were treated with MSAT were assisted standing on both sides by wrapping their arms around the shoulders of the clinician while another clinician stuck needles based on the standards espoused by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

While the needles remained stuck in their body, the MSAT-treated patients were aided in walking. The aid was gradually reduced until the patient could walk without assistance without great pain as the pain slowly ebbed. The procedure showed with immediate results and typically took 20 minutes.

Measuring ROM and pain levels half an hour after treatments was fair since a diclofenac injection usually takes 20 minutes for complete plasma saturation. Again, those evaluating the effects were blind to what type of treatment each patient was given.

Results of the trial

The PGIC (patient global impression of change) was the questionnaire method used to both measure changes in the level of ROM and pain. The PGIC was originally used for psychiatric purposes although these days, it is also used for other medical testing. This questionnaire has seven levels basically ranging to much worse from very improved.

The first evaluation conducted before treatment was baseline. Then the evaluation timing was half an hour after treatment, and follow-up evaluation after two, four, and twenty four weeks after treatments.

The patients treated with acupuncture showed a 32.95% greater decrease in Oswestry Disability Index score and a 3.12-point decrease in pain based on the 10-point rating scale, compared to the subjects treated with diclofenac injection.

The researchers concluded that the outcomes indicate that there are immediate positive effects with MSAT treatment for lower back pain such as the functional recovery of acute lower back pain sufferers with severe disability and an immediate relief of their pain.

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We are just beginning to understand the effects of GMO on hormones. As evidence mounts, there can be no doubt that GMO foods do have a huge negative impact on our easily-disrupted hormone balance. GMO corn, especially the ones that are Round up-ready, is a proven cause of hormonal imbalances. Is it really a surprise at all that GMO-corn-fed rats show abnormally high levels of estrogen when we already know that plastics and environmental pollution can lead to higher estrogen levels? One study proved that rats more than doubled their estrogen levels when they were fed with GMO.

Estrogen dominance is a condition in which there has been too much accumulation of the hormone estrogen in the body. When you have estrogen dominance, it can lead to serious symptoms and even death. Some of its symptoms include irritability, PMS, chest discomfort or oppression, weight gain, and heart attack.

In our present time, estrogen dominance now affects men. An online search will show a lot of articles related to estrogen dominance that are meant for women, since traditionally, women were the only ones who experienced this condition. Nowadays, all of us are exposed to mystery chemicals, GMO foods, pollution, and plastics (BPA) that cause our hormones to go haywire and result in unprecedented high levels of estrogens within our bodies. Too much estrogen in the body can mean body discomfort, pain, and chronic and severe stress.

Hormones can also be contagious. Based on my experience, men can carry and/or pick up estrogen and other hormones during close contact with other women and men.

Although your hormone levels can be checked by a hormone specialist who can run certain tests on you, those tests can be unreliable because hormone imbalances may not always be systemic and your hormones can congregate in specific parts of your body, as well. You also have hormones that are specific to the time of day. These hormones are difficult to test in a lab. And more often than not, hormone tests can be quite expensive costing several hundred dollars and unlikely to be covered by insurance.

The solution to estrogen dominance may be simple: just add progesterone in your body. Working the opposite of estrogen, progesterone can balance out excess estrogen. But too little progesterone can be just as bad as too much; your doctor, therefore, should give you prescription strength progesterone that’s just right for the needs of your body. You can also try estrogen supplements that can be bought OTC (over-the-counter) to see if they help. After applying progesterone cream, you feel a quick reduction in symptoms means you are on the right path to resolving estrogen dominance.

Adding progesterone to balance estrogen dominance is not a long term solution but it’s excellent as a short term treatment. Just remember external factors and not hormones are the cause of hormonal imbalances. I believe that pollution is the biggest cause of estrogen dominance. Studies have shown that pollution plays a role in the breeding habits and sexual orientation of fishes and birds. The long term solution to estrogen dominance is to clean up your air, water, and food supplies.

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