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The over four thousand years-old practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine is designed to promote and restore mental and physical harmony. For people living a frenetic lifestyle, Traditional Tibetan Medicine is very helpful in reenergizing people’s overworked bodies, which often leads to emotional and physical stress.

According to this ancient healing system, a patient’s constitution is ascertained by way of the three bodily energies, Phlegm, Bile, and Wind – and impacted by the elements of Earth,
Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Diagnosis entails learning the constitution of the patient and how it’s influenced by the elements in order for administration of appropriate treatment.

Ku Nye is the Tibetan term for Traditional Tibetan Massage, which is the primary external treatment of Tibetan Medicine. Based on the kind of constitution of the patient, oils are utilized and infused with different spices and then applied with a number of methods.

For instance, if a person’s constitution is mostly Wind, then aniseed, nutmeg, and warm sesame oil are used and combined with relaxing and gentle methods to stimulate and nourish the energy and eliminate any blockage in the energy channels. Therapy may also involve Do Nye or hot stone massage in which salt rocks, and river stones are purified in Himalayan salt and warmed and utilized as well as aromatic oil, which is applied to the body.

To rejuvenate the face and gently relax the body, seashells combined with warm oils are used. Following the massage, to remove oils from the body, heat the body and alleviate pain, salt compresses may be used. Hor Me, a form of Mongolian moxibustion in which seeds, spices, and herbs are tied into a ball of cloth ball soaked in warm healing oil before it is applied to the body is used to restore and balance the energy of a person.

Me Tza moxibustion will be utilized to painful warm acupoints on the body and promote the flow of energy. Cupping will be used to facilitate harmonious flow of energy and relieve pain.

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If you’re a believer in vancouver acupuncture therapy, most likely you’ve heard about or have even been treated to moxibustion some time ago. However, if you don’t know anything moxibustion, you’re missing out on an extremely effective remedy. Moxibustion is an age-old healing are that’s part and parcel of an Eastern medicinal system known as TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moxibustion works by using heat therapy to reinforce your immune system, eliminate blockages in your body that are causing illness and pain, and stimulate blood circulation throughout your body. There are two commonly used forms of moxibustion: direct moxibustion and indirect moxibustion. Direct moxibustion is when an acupuncturist burns a cone-shaped small amount of moxa directly on the patient’s skin. Indirect moxibustion is the use of cigar-like moxa sticks to deliver non-contact heat therapy on the body of the patient. The latter is much safer than the former as well as a do-it-yourself technique that anyone can do in the comfort of their homes. Expose your body indirectly to the heat of a burning stick for at least five minutes, and you can feel the healing process of your body speeding up resulting in quick relief and treatment of cramps, colds, traumas, sprains, and even of digestive disorders!

Burning Moxa Sticks to Melt Away Pain

Moxa sticks are mugwort herb shaped into cigars. This is an incredible healing agent that has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. Medical studies confirm that moxibustion boosts the flow of blood flow in the body, particularly, the pelvic region which why it is widely used to relieve menstrual cramps and stimulate menstruation.

Based on TCM theory, blocked energy or life force, which is the energy that flows all over your body—foments all kinds of physical and mental conditions. Removing the blockage to chi flow so it flows freely once more is the basis of TCM therapy.

Moxibustion encourages optimal organ function because it eliminates damp and cold and stimulates blood flow within the body. Administering heat therapy based on moxibustion resolves:

o Arthritis pain
o Tendinitis
o Muscle stiffness and pain
o Infertility
o Sprains
o Cancer
o Congestion and Colds
o Ulcers
o Digestive upset
o Migraines and headaches

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a study on moxibustion showed that the therapy turned 75 percent of breech babies into a head-down normal position before birth.

Using a Moxa Stick

When you use a burning moxa stick, it’s important to follow carefully the these steps since you’re literally playing with fire.

Step 1

Burn one tip of the moxa stick with a lighted candle or lighter. The moxa may take some time to burn, and if it does, make sure you’ve correctly ignited the stick by holding the smoldering end two to three centimeters from the back of your hand. A pleasant warmth should be felt.

Step 2

Hold the smoldering end two to three centimeters over the site of treatment. For example, if you’re suffering from an ankle injury, apply the burning end of the stick close to your ankle for five to ten minutes. Slowly move the stick over the sore parts, making sure to avoid direct contact with your skin keeping a close distance as possible with the stick. The tolerance to heat varies per person.

Apply the same technique but spread out in a circular motion if you’re treating a larger area. For example, move the moxa stick in circles slowly across the lungs if you’re treating your lungs for allergies, flu, or congestion.

Use a glass or ceramic dish or simply a towel to catch the ashes or place the moxa stick.

Step 3

Use a glass jar to put out of the fire off what remains of the stick once you’ve saturated your infirmity with heat. Tightly seal the jar to kill the fire completely. You can also use a tinfoil to wrap the burning end of the moxa. Both techniques can help preserve the moxa for future use.

Note: Standard sticks come with a lot of smoke and a particular scent, which may be like that of marijuana. If you have an upper respiratory condition or are sensitive to smoke, you can avail of smokeless moxa sticks to lessen smoke fumes and odor.

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For over three thousand years, the Chinese people have used the age-old knowledge of Feng Shui to bring greater prosperity to their environment and to themselves. In this modern age, we are continuously being bombarded by stress.

Whether you’re taking unwanted calls from salespeople on your home, wading through the tons of spam emails clogging your inbox, or blowing your horn in a gridlock traffic, and that’s not even counting the daily demands put on you by household chores, family or work, you got very little time for some rest and relaxation

It’s no wonder your nerves are all frayed and knotted!

We’re all culpable of doing too much in one day, and the pressure continues to pile up with personal expectations having been dashed to the ground, which just adds to the stress of simply getting through the day.

Fortunately, we have some good news for you.

Release tension, re-energize yourself and restore your energy by using Feng Shui to create a haven out of your home.

Feng shui principles can help generate an environment that draws in and attracts positive energy. Most people do not realize that the physicals spaces they are currently in can affect their health and well-being. Feng Shui helps you identify the problems within your environment. If being educated about Feng Shui appears like one more project in an already hectic life, consider this as a project that will boost your energy, alleviate stress, and lighten your load instead of tiring you out and draining your inner resources.

Making the pursuit of Feng Shui wisdom worth your time.

If your efforts and energy are blocked and if your feng shui is off balance, your environment increases your sense of restriction more and more, which only makes worsens your stress. Excess amounts of stress in your body have repeatedly shown to have adverse effects to your health. The high levels of adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones in your blood put an extra strain on the entire systems of your body. These hormones play a major role in the rise of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease that have grown to epidemic proportions.

Too much stress weakens your immune system and can result in increased risk to illnesses and colds.

Getting adequate rest is one of the keys to alleviating stress and to restoring one’s energy. You get the right amount of quality sleep you need when you apply Feng Shui practices in arranging your bedroom. Feng Shui will guide you in choosing the right room to sleep in and the removal of mirrors and other unwanted items in your bedroom. All these can affect your waking energy and the quality of your sleep.

Stress and anxiety have the ability to exhaust and block your energy. Proper use of Feng Shui techniques can optimize your energy. An environment employing correct principles of Feng Shui can bring about well-being, balance, and harmony in a person. For the Chinese, Feng Shui is a way to create the conditions wherein you can excel in your relationships and in your life.

Because the goal of Feng Shui is to help you attain balance with your surroundings, it can help bring back energy in your body. You’ll learn how to arrange space and place things that can help promote the flow of positive energy or chi. You’ll also learn to fill your living space with good energy and leave negative energy or sha at the door. Feng Shui helps you attain the wonderful feeling of a planned and harmonious environment and home that can help enhance your health and well-being.

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Have you ever experienced a migraine or headache that suddenly vanished moments after someone pressed specific areas on your hand? This healing method has been around for thousands of years and is known as acupressure.

Acupressure and acupuncture in Bellmore are healing techniques that follow the same Chinese medicine principles to stimulate a pressure point in order to bring about healing or to preserve health. However, acupressure has been practiced a lot longer than acupuncture. It makes use of pressure from the hands of a healer or practitioner. Pressure is applied to the acupoints in the body to relieve headaches and pain and to eliminate stress. On the other hand, acupuncture uses needles to stimulate the pressure system of the body in order to increase blood and energy flow throughout the body.

A wonderful new type of acupressure that can be performed without a practitioner’s help is through the use of a small mat called Nayoya Acupuncture mat. The origin of this mat is very similar to that of traditional deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure and acupuncture and is designed to relieve remove physical stress.

The principle behind these healing techniques is chi, a Chinese term for vital energy that circulates in the body of each living thing in the universe. Based on this principle, stress and disease have adverse effects on the body and mood of a person which causes blockage in the flow of chi. By applying pressure on certain acupressure points in the feet, back, and hands, chi flow is released or re-channeled to a certain part of the body, which promotes the healing processes of the body.

Some say acupressure therapy originated in ancient China, a country known for acupuncture and other natural healing solutions.

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For over 2000 years, the Chinese have been practicing an ancient healing technique known as Zuo Yue Zi, which translates to “Sit the month.” This therapy is designed for new mothers to facilitate their recovery by providing them with nutritious, convenient and tasty meals prepared with Chinese herb.

Before the West began to study how food works on the human body, the Chinese have been studying its ingredients for millennia. They grouped the ingredients into four classifications: Hot, Warm, Cool, and Cold. This does not refer to the temperature by which the food was cooked or whether the food is icy cold or piping hot; rather, it pertains to its effect on the human body. By the same token, the condition of a person’s body can be classified into Cool or Hot based on his constitution. The objective of Chinese nutritional therapy is to recompense the state of health of your body with various types of food to bring about harmony. A body that has just experienced postpartum is deemed to be cold and very weak, and so implies eating diet of Warm and Hot ingredients or foods to replenish the heat.

Since a postpartum body, during pregnancy, has been through a lot, it is unwise to introduce naturally hot foods right away. What we want is to slowly introduce a 3-stage process (Mild, Warm, Heat) that will promote the process of recovery. The three important elements of Yue Zi (rice wine, sesame oil, and ginger) should also be included in the meal.

Rice Wine: to enhance metabloism, bolster blood flow and heat up the body.

Ginger: to dispel humidity and get coldness in the body

Sesame Oil: sesame oil is used in Maitland traditional Chinese medicine, to help nourish the kidney and live to help contract the uterus.

A wide variety of Chinese herbs is also used including the bark of Eucommia Ulmoides, huang se, dang gui, dried longan, and Red Dates. All these ingredients used in postpartum condition are designed to help the new mother recover more effectively and faster than consuming the wrong ingredients during pospartum.

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Quite unknown until recently to most of us living in the West, cupping therapy is an alternative healing method long been used in China for over a millennium. Ancient texts reveal that different styles of cupping techniques might actually be more ancient — perhaps as far back as 3000 B.C. Why? Because cupping therapy offers a wide range of health benefits that more often than not, outweigh current Western medicine modalities.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of using alternative techniques like massage therapy, acupuncture vancouver bc or cupping therapy is that these therapies are free of adverse side effects the can be experienced from surgery or pharmaceutical drugs.

There’s actually no negative downside to speak of when using cupping and other alternative practices, since researches reveal they can help strengthen the immune system and accelerate healing time without the help of herbs or drugs. And this is just one sample of what cupping therapy can offer you.

Cupping Therapy Benefits

Much of the proof of cupping therapy’s efficacy comes from its over three millennia of use. Cupping procedures have been widely used to address a gamut of symptoms and disorders, occasionally on their own, or sometimes combined with other alternative methods. In this therapy, it’s common to combine it with essential oils and massage therapy and even with Western medical treatments and acupuncture.

Based on a few scientific studies, what we know about cupping is that it can dilate the capillaries and increase the flow of fluid coming in and out of the tissues. In addition, cupping therapy appears to stimulate relaxation in some individuals, which implies its usefulness for preventing and reducing the negative effects of stress.

While tons of anecdotal proof are available showing cupping to be safe and effective, to date, little research involving humans has been done, which makes it difficult to validate many of its time-tested healing powers. Nonetheless, cupping has worked for millions of people for many years. The following is an enumeration of the five ways cupping can be of use to you:

1. It Improves Digestion

Cupping combined with acupuncture is the best way to relieve IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms and boost digestive function. This is mostly due to its ability to reduce the stress response of a person, which is closely associated with a healthy digestion.

Over the years, cupping therapy has been shown to benefit people suffering from water retention, gastrointestinal disease, appetite loss, diarrhea, and frequent stomach pains. For digestive problems, this therapy is usually administered in the following areas: over the abdomen, around the kidneys, over the bladder, and around the belly button.

2. Cures Colds and Other Respiratory Diseases

Often used to alleviate congestion, expel phlegm, and nourish the lungs, cupping can also help accelerate the body’s healing processes from respiratory diseases such as common cold and flu. It bolsters the immune system by facilitating the movement of lymphatic fluid and blood throughout the body. And this is the reason it’s been affiliated with reductions in asthma, infections, allergies, chronic coughing, and lung diseases.

Curing pulmonary tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases is one of the oldest uses for cupping. It was used long before prescriptions were invented.

3. Upgrades the Health of the Skin

Cupping has been shown to treat skin inflammation, acne, cellulite, and herpes among others. Although medical research hasn’t yet proven it help you lose weight, cupping actually has the power to firm and tone your skin by dilating capillaries and increasing circulation. This is why it the beauty therapy of choice of people in the spotlight and celebrities who want to look naturally young and beautiful. As part of a cellulite or skin-cleansing treatment, before the cups are suctioned and moved around, oil is first applied on the skin. This prevents intense friction to the skin and adds different skin-healing ingredients to the skin.

While cupping is a proven way to increase blood flow and relieve inflammation, certain acne medical studies have shown it to be just as good or even a lot more effective at treating the disease compared to drugs. A meta-analysis of six studies revealed that in the curing of acne, the rate of cure of wet cupping was superior compared to rate of cure following the use of antibiotics (ketoconazole, tetracycline, and tanshinone).

4. Stimulates Relaxation

Since cupping soothes the central nervous system, it is used to help relieve physical ailments and enables people to enter into a more relaxing state. Acupuncture generates these same effects, which you might think is uncomfortable and hurts but actually, helps reduce stress in people and helping prevent the rise of depression and anxiety.

How can cupping be relaxing?

Just by being “taken care of” and laying still during a session of cupping can induce a relaxing effect on the psychological well-being of a person. This is the healing art that’s used to decrease mental illnesses. The person might need to remain still for up to twenty minutes once the cups are applied to the skin and suctioned. Patients who otherwise might lead frenetic lives might be forced to remain silent and still during a cupping procedure. One other reason cupping is deemed to be a soothing therapy, is that it helps reduce pressure in tight muscles, which provides a relieving experience just like being given a deep tissue massage.

5. Helps Reduce Pain

One reason people suffering from muscle and joint pain are turning to alternative treatments is because they’re concerned at the various negative side effects, most of them serious, drugs have. After a review of scores of randomized clinical trials that tested cupping therapy, the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a report explaining how patients suffering from low back pain experienced significant relief of their back problems compared to conventional medical treatments (prescription and OTC painkillers).

Cupping has been proven to loosen deep tissues inside the body, relieve fatigue, rheumatism, migraines, chronic neck and back pains, and tense muscles. Some athletes who tried the therapy reported a natural improvement in their performance and a reduction in joint pains, muscle cramps, muscle stiffness and scar tissue due to injuries.

Cupping affects the soft tissue through application of mild to firm pressure on areas were swelling and pain is felt. As circulation improves in the capillaries and vessels, tissues receive more oxygen and essential nutrients. Practitioners of cupping therapy may use needles, suction, heat, or pressure on or near the treatment site, enabling energy to flow smoothly along the meridians or energy channels of the body that pass through the injury.

Cups are typically applied over the following areas to help relieve pain:

o around the lower back
o by the neck (to relieve migraines, toothaches, or tension headaches)
o over the loins/groin
o over the fleshy area of the shoulder blades

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One of the most underrated and yet powerful therapy that can help heal a person suffering from headaches or migraines is food. For me, it is a bit surprising that there are people who believe they are following a healthy daily diet only to find out that for the most part, what they eat has extremely low nutritional content. Much of the food we eat today actually causes inflammation in the body.
Gabriel Cousens M.D. in his book, “There is a Cure for Diabetes” states that out of the seven stages of illness, inflammation is the fourth. Migraines and headaches are manifestations of inflammation within the head. You have foods that exacerbate the problem and cause inflammation and foods that will make you better. Chinese nutritional therapy is a very sensible and simple treatment that utilizes food as a tool to truly help a person heal.

Foods that can bring about migraines and headaches:

Eggs: If your digestive system is weak or if your stomach does not contain enough hydrochloric acid, consuming eggs can increase the amount of ammonia in your stomach, which can irritate and saturate your CNS or central nervous system. Therefore, you may need to completely refrain from eating eggs.

Dairy: This type of food produces mucus in the body adding pressure to the lymphatic system, and eventually increases pressure on the CNS. Refrain from eating all dairy products.

Meat (chicken, beef, and pork): Dense proteins can increase the production of ammonia in the body when your digestive system is weak and when you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Again too much ammonia in your stomach can irritate and saturate your CNS.

Gluten (rye, wheat, spelt, barley). Gluten increases the histamines in your body and disrupts the function of your immune system, both of which can trigger migraines. Eliminate gluten in your diet.

Salt: Refrain from using table salt. Pick Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt if you need to use salt.
Fermented Foods (kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, ketchup): vinegar-based and fermented food make your body acidic by lowering the pH in your intestinal tract, which then can result in migraines.

Additives (Splenda, Asparatame, MSG): These products are neurotoxins and can easily trigger migraine headaches.

Oils: The oils causing inflammation include canola, cottonseed, corn and palm oil, which when non-organic or heated can be extremely inflammatory. Coconut oil that has been cold pressed and not been heated is the best oil for migraine sufferers.

Chocolate: To the CNS, chocolate can be extremely aggressive and overstimulating. It is actually categorized as a neurotoxin that can activate migraines. Some individuals believe that caffeine and chocolate can actually relieve migraines. They’ve felt that effect because caffeine can activate the adrenals to produce large amounts of adrenalin that flood the body and this acts as a temporary halt of the inflammation helping prevent migraine symptoms. After a while though, the effect of caffeine weakens which can lead to negative consequences.

Alcohol: This substance injures the liver and is extremely dehydrating.

Healing Foods for migraines and headaches:
Foods commonly eaten that promote blood and yin in the body:
Swiss chard
Bok choy
Celery (one of the best)
Romaine lettuce
Collard greens
Goji berries
Mustard greens
All leafy green vegetables

Many of those abovementioned foods are cold by nature, which is good since the body needs to be cooled down when you have migraine or headache. Most fruits and veggies are naturally thermally cold besides flooding the body with essential nutrients, they can help alleviate inflammation in your body as well.

I would recommend for migraine and headache sufferers to undergo a thirty-day detoxification program where you eat nothing but fruits (25 percent) and veggies (75 percent). You may need to adapt to the program if you’ve been eating meat all your life. Since vegetables and fruits contain protein in them, you’ll eventually learn to adjust. The initial seven days may be very difficult than most people but after just a week of eating this alone, you’ll be able to feel your headaches and migraines significantly decreasing in magnitude and frequency.

Chinese nutritional therapy has proven to be a powerful but simple way to guide you on the path to healing from migraines and headaches.

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To function optimally, the body requires proper nourishment. Based on the principles of Chinese nutritional therapy, nourishment of the body is derived from three sources.

1. Shen Chi – this energy stems from nourishing and healthy relationships that’s taken into the Heart where it is then transformed into Chi or life energy.

2. Da Chi – this is the energy that comes from the air we breathe. It is sent to the Lungs, where it is processed and transformed into the Chi that’s also essential for life.

3. Gu Chi – this energy comes from the food and fluids we respectively eat and drink. It is digested in the Abdomen, Spleen, and Pancreas, and converted into the Chi that nourishes all of our cells.

These three energies are sent to the Kidneys and converted into the defensive energy of the body: Wei Chi, (in the form of white blood cells), as well as the nourishing energy that feeds the organs and powers all bodily functions: Ching Chi.

Useful Nutritional Guidelines:

The basic fuel of the body is food, and its quality determines the health and well being of our spirit, mind, and body. When we consume a clean healthy diet, made up mostly of organically grown whole grains, veggies, and fruits, as well not chemically treated good protein in the form of lean meat, beans, chicken, and fish, will provide the best nourishment and not overwork our kidneys and liver, the two body cleansing organs of our body.

1. Refrain from eating sugar, white flour, and other refined carbohydrates. These include soft drinks, pretzels, potato chips, corn chips, white rice, pasta, white bread, sweets, etc.). We are definitely sure that the refined carbohydrate high sugar diets we eat are the major contributors to the frightening rise of auto- immune diseases, diabetes, and chronic diseases that are becoming more and more endemic each day.

2. Drink lots of water, at least 8 to 10 ounces every day.

3. Do not deprive yourself. Relish your food, and delight in the flavors. When you enjoy your foods, your health stands to benefit. Nevertheless, when you eat, do so based on proper principles enumerated in this article and change your diet every now and then.

4. Do not buy products having colors that are added to foods as well as foods that have chemical names you can’t pronounce. Always read the labels. A lot of the chemicals placed into foods nowadays are considered poison.

5. Limit your intake of fruit juices, alcohol, and coffee.

6. For cooking, use extra-virgin olive oil. Some oils tend to oxidize and leave poisonous residues. Stay away from saturated fat, such as animal fats and butter, and use on your salads only cold-pressed oils.

7. Never overeat. Chew your food thoroughly and slowly and consume smaller portions as they can help normalize your blood sugar levels.

Supplementation is needed to support the body in its healing from certain conditions and would be different from person to person.

In the quest to function at an optimal level, even if one is adhering to a strict dietary program, they are still not sure if they are getting all the nutrients they need from foods. The soil no longer has all the minerals and micronutrients that the food which our grandparents ate. Soil depletion caused by too much use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has wreaked damage to the environment. Hence, it is essential that we supplement our diets with minerals and vitamins to guarantee we’re getting a full complement of nourishment.

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To most people living in the West, cupping therapy was relatively unknown until recently. This ancient healing technique has been used in China since around 1000 B.C. although some documents show that certain forms of cupping practices might actually be more ancient — probably dating as far back as 3000 B.C.

Cupping therapy offers a wide range of health benefits that often outweighs current conventional medical treatments.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of trying alternative treatments such as massage therapy, Tarzana acupuncture , or cupping therapy is that these modalities don’t have the unwanted side effects as surgery or pharmaceutical medications does.

Since studies reveal alternative therapies like cupping can help speed up healing time and enhance immune function without the use of herbs or drugs, there’s actually no real downside to using these natural procedures. And this is just one of the many benefits of cupping therapy.

Cupping Therapy – Five Health Benefits

Much of the proof of cupping therapy as a viable medical alternative stems from its more than 3,000 years of use. It has been widely used to resolve a number of symptoms and disorders, sometimes in conjunction with other alternative practices; other times, on its own. Cupping therapy practitioners commonly use it in combination with acupuncture, essential oils, massage therapy, or even as a complementary treatment to Western medical treatments.

Based on a number of scientific studies that have been conducted, cupping therapy helps expand the capillaries and increases the amount of fluid coming in and out of the tissues. In addition, this therapy appears to elicit a relaxation response in some individuals implying it is helpful in reducing stress and all its adverse effects.

While there’s hundreds of anecdotal evidence that prove the safety and effectiveness of cupping, to date, only a handful of clinical studies have been done using humans as test subjects. This makes it difficult to validate many of the time-proven advantages of cupping. Nevertheless, this therapy has helped countless numbers of people throughout millennia, so listed below here are 5 ways in which cupping might be of benefit to you:

1. Strengthens Digestion

Lessening symptoms from disorders such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and strengthening digestion can be achieved through the use of acupuncture and cupping. Mostly, this might be due to the fact that these modalities have shown to lessen the stress response of a patient, which is directly related to a healthy digestive mechanism.

Over the course of time, cupping therapy has been shown to benefit people suffering from water retention, gastrointestinal diseases, loss of appetite, acute gastritis, diarrhea and frequent stomach pains. This therapy is usually administered on the following parts of the body: over the abdomen, around, the kidneys, over the bladder, and around the bellybutton.

2. Helps Cure Colds and other Respiratory Conditions

Frequently utilized to clear away congestion, expelling phlegm and nourishing the lungs, cupping therapy helps speed up healing time from respiratory diseases such as common cold and flu. It helps boost immune function by moving lymphatic fluid and blood throughout the system which is why it has been associated with reductions in asthma, lung infections, allergies and other lung conditions (especially chronic cough).

Curing pulmonary tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases is one of the most ancient uses for cupping and was used long before prescriptions came into fashion.

3. Improves the Health of the Skin

Cupping is mainly used to treat skin inflammation, acne, cellulite, and herpes. Although research hasn’t demonstrated how cupping can help with weight loss, in truth, this therapy firms and tones the skin by expanding capillaries and improving blood flow making it popular among people in the spotlight and celebrities who want to show off their newly toned skin. Usually, oil is first applied on the skin as, part of a cellulite or skin-clearing treatment before beginning a cupping procedure. Heat is thus brought to the area of treatment along with a number skin-healing ingredients based on the kind of oil used.

While cupping helps lower inflammation and improves blood flow within the body, some clinical trials have discovered that it is as effective, and sometimes, even more effective than antibiotics in treating acne. Based on results from a meta-analysis of 6 studies, following use of ketoconazole, tetracycline, and tanshinone prescriptions, the rate of cure of wet cupping for treating acne, was much better than the results from the these three antibiotic drugs.

4. Encourages Relaxation

This might seem counterintuitive, but since it sedates the central nervous system, cupping is known to help relieve physical ailments and enables people to enter a more relaxed state. This effect is also generated by acupuncture, which one might assume is uncomfortable and painful but actually appears to help reduce most of the stress responses of patients and so provide protection against depression and anxiety.

How can cupping cause someone to relax? Just the act of being “taken care of” and laying still during a session of cupping therapy might bring about a positive effect on the psychological well-being of a person, which is why the therapy is often utilized to address mental illnesses. Patients might need to remain still for up to 20 minutes once the cups are applied on the skin and suctioned forcing silence and stillness on patients who otherwise might lead very busy lives. One other reason cupping can be so relaxing is because the cups take away the pressure in tight muscles, generating a relieving feeling just like getting a deep tissue massage.

5. Helps Alleviate Pain

People are looking for a natural and safe way to alleviate muscle and joint pain. This is perhaps the most common reason they turn to alternative therapies like cupping. An article featured in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, showed that after a review of scores of clinical randomized trials that tested cupping therapy in patients with pain of any origin, researchers discovered that cupping reduced pain significantly in people with low back problems compared to conventional medical treatments. The article also demonstrated positive effects in cancer pain treatment compared to painkillers and anticancer medications, and relieved pain related with respiratory conditions.

Cupping is believed to alleviate stiffness and loosen tight muscles associated with chronic fatigue, rheumatism, migraines, and neck and back pains and release tissues deep inside the body. To naturally enhance their performance, some athletes have turned to cupping therapy helping treat their scar tissue caused by injuries, and alleviate joint muscle pains, cramps, and stiffness.

Cupping heals soft tissue soreness by applying pressure to pain pressure points and regions of swelling. Tissues receive important oxygen and nutrients as blood circulation increases within capillaries and vessels. Practitioners make use of needles, suctioning, heat, and pressure over or below the site of treatment enabling energy to flow along the meridians or “energy channels” that pass through the treatment site.

Cups are usually applied over the following body parts to help lower pain:

• Around the lower back
• By the neck (for reducing migraines, toothaches, or tension headaches)
• Over the loins/groin
• Over the fleshy part of the shoulder blades