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In the United States, the healthcare industry is undergoing an important transition as a substantial segment of the population is slowly but surely turning to forward-thinking and proactive wellness solutions. This is hugely due to the internet. This shift is a 180-degree turn from the use of Western medicine and has occurred due (among other things) to the fundamental reliance of Western Medicine on solutions that merely provide temporal relief from health conditions and on modalities that oftentimes do more harm than good. This paradigm shift is increasing by the day and can be gleaned in the changing options offered by insurance providers. These insurance providers are now starting to offer their clients choices in alternative therapies, which a few years’ back was something unheard of.

Preventative Medicine – Can Acupuncture Be One?

For over 2 decades, the growing popularity of acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine in Walla Walla has remained unabated. Acupuncture, in particular, is now viewed as a very practical solution for supporting and promoting wellbeing and health.

A lot of individuals are seeking medical options beyond the limits of Western medicine. They are now becoming aware that the prevention of illness and the maintenance of health necessitate a holistic and forward-thinking approach. Acupuncture perfectly fits these requirements as it has proven to help preserve health and has the power to overcome suffering, pain and sickness.

Alternative Medicine Research

There are ongoing studies to measure the validity of the claims being made about the potency of some alternative treatments in addressing certain types of illnesses. There are many tests that have actually been performed and being performed and a lot of them support the claim that alternative medicine can be used either as a substitute or a complement to Western medicine.

In a study performed at the Medical Center of the University of Maryland Medical Center, acupuncture was shown to relieve pain and was proven that this was not merely the result of a placebo effect. An article published by the Harvard Medical School revealed that acupuncture provided obvious benefits to human health and had considerable lower adverse effects when compared to Western drugs.

In an article entitled “Why Do I Need Acupuncture,” a comparison was made that was applicable to the notion that acupuncture can be a capable form of preventative medicine. This is the analogy of automobiles using gasoline need to get an oil change after running for a certain number of miles. When this oil change is done, the engine’s integrity is preserved preventing the rise of mechanical problems. Fresh oil is needed by the engine to help it run smoothly. When the oil breaks down, friction can develop, resulting in really bad auto breakdowns, and sometimes, deadly accidents.

This analogy can be used on the human body which can be compared to the engine of a car having certain functions that from time to time need maintenance. Inside the body, a very important energy known as Chi flows. When this energy flow stagnates or is blocked, health problems can occur. When Chi moves normally and without any obstacles to block its path, good health prevails and the spirit, body and mind are harmonious and tranquil. Getting acupuncture on a regular or semi-regular basis provides the body important support it needs to function well. Acupuncture can resolve health problems that need to be resolved immediately before they become more serious health issues.

Therefore, the answer to the question can acupuncture be a form of preventative medicine, is YES, it most definitely can. As to whether it can be utilized as a form of complementary or adjunct medicine to conventional medicine, yes it most definitely can, as well. Both Western and Eastern Medicine can be used together to treat certain illnesses. Western medicine can be used as an immediate solution to the symptoms of a certain condition while Eastern Medicine has the ability to address the root problem of the condition as well as neutralize the adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Both therapies have their own advantages and disadvantages and their own strengths and weaknesses. To opt for one and discard the other will deny you the chance of getting the maximum benefits of your treatment.