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A woman’s pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, each three months long (about 14 weeks each per trimester). It’s observed during each trimester that certain common symptoms occur among pregnant clients that can be relieved or resolved with CST or Craniosacral Therapy.

Let’s discuss the first, second, and third months of pregnancy or the first trimester of pregnancy.

After conception, the initial few weeks are the periods when the embryonic period takes place in which the systems and organs of the developing baby are formed. The embryo or undeveloped baby is smaller than your little toe at the first eight weeks, although at this time all the internal organs have already developed with some even functioning. Because these early weeks are so important in the development of the baby, some women come in for Craniosacral Therapy to prepare for conception.

Obviously, there are would-be mothers who may wonder if craniosacral treatments are safe to use when they are pregnant?

Yes, CST is safe as well as very helpful in their body’s adaptation to the changes through the entire 40-week process of pregnancy, and she needs to have her body functioning at its optimum to support and fully nourish her developing baby.

One other concern pregnant women ask is whether CST precipitates premature labor.

When done by a qualified craniosacral therapist in an appropriate and correct manner, craniosacral therapy never works against what your body needs to do. However, in the initial 12 weeks, if there is something wrong with the pregnancy, miscarriages do happen and this may occur because the body needs to terminate the fetus. CST merely assists the body in what it naturally needs to do.

In the early weeks, one typical complaint of pregnant women is nausea, which, can be activated by an increased sensitivity to certain foods and odors. Craniosacral therapy can address this symptom and when treated in the early stages of pregnancy, it enables you to forge a very close attachment with your growing baby, allows you to adapt to changes in your growing body, most importantly, and helps you to relax. Since a Craniosacral therapist only administers very gentle touches, this is the most appropriate treatment you can avail of during the first weeks of pregnancy.

Tiredness is another symptom that can be felt by the newly pregnant mother. When Mel was 10 weeks pregnant, she decided to come for CST. She worked full time and had a two-year-old toddler. During her therapies, she entered a deep state of relaxation and even slept occasionally via a number of relaxation-inducing touches. She felt better later and was able to adopt to her hectic timetable. At almost 40 weeks, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, she named Sam.

Fourth, fifth, and six months of pregnancy (The Second Trimester).

For most of my clients at this time, the nausea and fatigue of the first trimester have disappeared. The next trimester will be the period for increasing their health and well-being. Acid reflux or heartburn is the condition my clients commonly experience at this stage. This happens because the developing baby is putting growing pressure on the woman’s abdomen.

Stella was expecting her third child when she entered my clinic suffering from reflux. She reported that during her past two pregnancies, she also had digestion issues and had read from an online article that Craniosacral therapy is one natural and safe way to relieve heartburn. I gently placed my hands on her lower ribs during our first session and within minutes, she could sense the tension surrounding her diaphragm loosen. Later, she told me the pressure on her esophagus had loosened, and she felt she had now more space for the baby. This easing off pressure helped decrease the acid flow from her abdomen to her throat. Besides CST, I recommended that she stay away from rich foods, eat smaller portion meals and wear loose clothing that will lessen the chance of reflux all the more.

If the expectant mom is taking on more tasks than she can handle and/or is suffering from anxiety, this can bring about tension headaches. Many of my clients complaining of tension headaches also had backache problems and when their backaches had been addressed, they find that their headaches have likewise been resolved. With CST, the client can tune in with the message sent by her body. She may realize the real cause of her tension headache is just a lack of rest and anxieties about labor. CST gives you the insight to know what the problems in your body are and the means to acquire the answers to those problems.

Seventh, eighth and ninth month of pregnancy (The Third Trimester).

In the third trimester, the client often experiences shortness of breath problems, and their fatigue can once again appear. At this stage, her body will show signs of slowing down because of tiredness. Some of my clients seem to experience a stuffy nose in their late pregnancy. This occurs because hormones in their body (which are preparing the vagina for birth by lubricating it) can also affect the sinuses and nostrils. A gentle session of CST can help release their nasal and facial bones that specifically relieve these problems.

With the problem of congestion, some clients find that along with Craniosacral treatments, diet can also weaken the congestion. This type of sinusitis will eventually disappear once the baby is born.

In the final weeks of pregnancy, the most common condition problem I see in my pregnant clients is back pain, which can be felt at any phase of the pregnancy but more often than not occurs in the final trimester. CST is a perfect treatment for backache and just a few sessions along with swimming, yoga, stretching exercises can lead to fewer aches and pains and a better-quality sleep.

Some expectant moms see me just before their due date. At this late phase, one can still enjoy the benefits of CST as it prepares the body for labor even more. Sometimes, when the labor seems to take longer than usual, a session or two will provide the client with renewed energy.

Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.

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Negative chi energy is toxic to your health. This toxicity can be precisely measured. So where are the toxic sections in your home?

First, we need to look at the wet areas. Your laundry and bathroom are susceptible to small undiscovered water leaks and molds, which can become a breeding ground for a variety of harmful microorganisms that can make your house and you ill. This certainly is bad or negative Feng Shui. To see if your wall spaces and walls have leaks, you can have these areas moisture tested. If leaks are found, you can make an insurance claim and have the issue fixed.

Health issues such as chronic fatigue, asthma and allergies can be traced back to such mold and water problems. When these issues are dealt with, spectacular results often occur.

Rooms that that are not well-ventilated are often plagued with toxic agents. These agents include deodorants, detergents, cleaners, and shampoos conditioners. Spraying aerosols in enclosed areas can be bad for your health as well as the concentrated chlorine from your shower that you might inhale from the hot water vapor in your shower.

The last is easy to repair. Simply add a shower filter which eliminates the chlorine. A shower lasting 10 ten minutes is like drinking four gallons of chlorinated water due to the chlorine concentration in the vapor.

Next on the toxic list is your kitchen. You may not be aware but if a child drinks a laundry detergent, washing up liquid or dishwasher liquid, he will die! We inhale toxins when we open the dishwasher and even have these chemicals on our clothes. Replace those toxic products with products that use non toxic chemicals for your laundry, bathroom and kitchen needs that cost no less and work just as well.

The laundry, bathroom and kitchen areas are usually a magnet for negative energy. You can purchase safe non-toxic products in your nearest health food supermarket or on the internet. This is not Feng Shui in the strictest sense, it’s just common sense.

In this day and age, one cannot reasonably talk about energy inside the home without addressing certain health issues. A syndrome called “Sick building” is a well recorded field of study. One government building my friend used to work in was eventually closed after reports of very high cases absenteeism due to sickness and frequent complaints from the staff.

In Australia, after being identified as a cancer cluster, one of the broadcasting studios of the ABC government television was closed down. A lot of women working in that studio developed breast cancer, which was unusually higher than the averages of any workplace.

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There is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative.

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An extremely draining condition that can cause people to live a torturous life, tinnitus is a problem that involves perceived ringing sounds in the ear of person. This condition is especially common in the work environment of Western societies – repetitive mechanical noises in factories, personal music machines, background machines, loud concerts and other typical cultural leisure pursuits, tend to bring about hearing problems.

Some cases of tinnitus are so severe that patients can become suicidal. Their doctors offered them little hope of recovery since, more often than not, they have no real treatment to offer. Fortunately, though, some of these people have experienced relief and even complete cure of their tinnitus by practicing regular Cranio-sacral therapy as well as relaxation exercises.

For tinnitus sufferers, alternative medicine can offer you hope, even if your doctors don’t think so!

Physicians believe that when a person identified with tinnitus has no choice but to live with the noise, they obviously have not seen what other therapies can do against this condition. There are a lot of cases in which people have been successfully treated and healed for tinnitus using the enduring and gentle effects of Cranio-sacral therapy. Based on our experience, CranioSacral therapy is an ideal modality that can help resolve the underlying root of tinnitus.

When doctors or practitioners have helped patients who are suicidal go back to living a normal life again without any of the symptoms caused by tinnitus, they know that there are doing something worthwhile. The sad thing is that there are not enough doctors who are willing and prepared to know and learn the art of Craniosacral therapy which can help resolve a condition that they have almost no power to cure.

What is Tinnitus?

A person with tinnitus suffers from a condition affecting the ears causing him to hear a ringing sound inside his ears or head when there is no actual sound to be heard.

For several tinnitus sufferers, there is no physical cause or problem that can be affiliated with the problem, although in some instances, tinnitus has been known to bring about the use of oral painkillers such as aspirin, foreign objects in the ear, or ear infections. Depending on the magnitude of the condition, tinnitus can lead to an extreme poor quality of life in many of its sufferers, a reduction of daily activity, disruption of quiet working times, and a reduction in their ability to sleep at night.

Tinnitus can also be directly caused by someone exposing himself to extremely loud noise such as a loud music concert or work machinery.

A clinical study done in 1953 observed 80 people without tinnitus who were taken and placed separately in a quiet room. After the end of the experiment, almost all of them, (over 90 percent) reported some symptoms of tinnitus. Researchers concluded that this ear condition can be due to the body intensifying its sense to the surrounding noise as well as instances where the signs and symptoms arise due to inordinately loud noise.

Treatment of Tinnitus through Cranial Sacral Therapy

By means of CranioSacral Therapy, both the causes and symptom of tinnitus can be cured or treated. Tinnitus is occasionally directly caused by an issue with the ear bone; in other occasions, it can be caused by pressure when the ear bone meets with the mandible (jaw bone). It may also be possible that the other bones that connect to the ear bone may lead to problems in the ear if constraints develop between the two bones.

In all these instances, CranioSacral therapy can be an ideal mode of treatment to eliminate or lessen the noise heard by the patient. The mild procedures will displace the built-up tensions surrounding the ear bone and enable the ear to function well.

There are also cases in which tinnitus is the result of the effects of an emotional, mental, or physical traumatic experience, such as a sudden incident in your life, a dangerous accident, fall, or auto crash. In cases when an individual’s ‘fight or flight’ reaction to life threatening situations becomes triggered and the nervous system is brought to a maximum state of alert – this may involve the ears becoming extremely sensitive to sound in order to safeguard the person from a dangerous situation or from attackers. For a lot of people, when the perceived danger disappears, so too will the reaction of the nervous system and the maximum sensitivity. But, some people may not be able to calm themselves down and so they remain on high alert even though the perceived danger has gone. In some of these people, ringing in the ears and tinnitus develop since their ears remain extremely sensitive to the sounds they are hearing.

During a session of CranioSacral treatment, the nervous system and body are told to relax and go back to a normal degree of sensitivity, which, in turn, heals and decreases the tinnitus symptoms felt by the client.

In a country like Palestine that is besieged by vicious enemies on a daily basis, there are a wide variety of reasons people suffer from this condition. A great number of Palestinians are exposed to midnight sirens and other loud noises coming from Israeli soldiers and machine gun fire and even missiles coming from Israeli planes that strafe Palestinian home and buildings for no reason at all, is a primary cause of tinnitus. In addition, life in Palestine has caused an overwhelming number of Palestinians to live short and traumatic lives during the many massacres done by Israelis to the Palestinians. Living in an open air prison that has taken rocket or mortar on a daily basis – more so in instances where missiles have destroyed homes and residences while people are still in them, which is a heinous war crime – results in an even higher risk of people developing tinnitus. This, plus the extraneous and sundry reasons that cause tinnitus to arise in people make life in Palestine extremely stressful and tense. Due to the everyday fear that their life or the life of their loved ones may be abruptly cut by an Israeli bullet and the world will never hear about it because of the control of the mass media by Zionists can all be potentially causes of tinnitus developing in many of these heroic and brave people.

What to expect from CranioSacral treatment for Tinnitus

When they come in for treatment, tinnitus sufferers will be interviewed and examined by the practitioner/therapist. The treatment often yields results after four to six sessions in the disorder of many Palestinians who have come for treatment. These positive outcomes include attainment of quiet for entire days or at least, a few hours a day; a sensation of a less invasive sound; a decrease in the ringing or loudness of the sound; and a change in the sound heard in the ears. The symptoms and causes of the tinnitus can be completely cured through regular and constant treatment.

Within four to six sessions, there is a meaningful betterment of the condition in a lot of tinnitus cases. This may involve the reduction of the pressure or invasiveness of the ringing, so much so that the noise or sound is far less severe inside the head or ear; a decrease in the intensity of the sounds heard without an alteration in the kind of ringing heard by the patient; and a decrease of the hissing or ringing perceived in the head or ear.

For complete normal hearing to come back, the number of treatments may typically require between 10 and 15 sessions, although in certain instances, therapy may for between six months to a year may be required based on the magnitude of the problem, how the patient responds to CranioSacral therapy, the age of the patient, and how long the symptoms have lasted.

Some patients believe that weekly therapies are too much; to address this issue, therapists can be separated at longer intervals, despite the fact this may also imply that the condition may take longer to be healed.

Also, some of my patients have decided that once they attain a state where the disruption of the ringing and sound has been lowered to levels that they can tolerate, they halt the therapy even while they still have to deal with ringing sound inside their head or ears.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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Do you swim? Do you sing? Maybe, you do swim or sing or you do both. But what does this have to do with Tai Chi?

Well, let’s examine them one at a time…


If you know how to swim, you surely know how to float and you need to breathe deeply whenever you submerge yourself under water and you breathe with your stomach.

Being able to float and breathing through your stomach are some of the first things that your swimming instructor would have taught you.

Sure there are people who know how to swim who don’t breathe into their stomach. They still can swim though, but probably with a bit more effort.


For a lot of people, singing is purely for entertainment and fun. But if your parents or you hire a teacher so that you can sing like a nightingale, you’ll be taught the proper way of projecting your voice and to breathe properly using your diaphragm or stomach.

This is the way you can increase the strength, power, and versatility into your singing. The muscles in your stomach are stronger than the muscles in your throat. Hence, by breathing through your stomach, you’ll have better vocal control and be able to ‘throw out’ or ‘project’ your voice.

Connecting these two to Qigong & Tai Chi

There’s one thing in common that Qigong, martial art, yoga, and meditation have with Tai Chi: All these practices focus on your breathing, and once again – they instruct you to breathe with your stomach.

Breathing with your stomach is called abdominal breathing.

Actually, one can perform Tai Chi or any passive exercise without worrying about how they breathe. But what they’re doing is depriving themselves of the maximum benefits that they can gain from practicing these exercises.

Qigong and Tai Chi are basically the same. Qi translates to energy or air in English … and air here pertains to your breathing. Therefore, the key to all these practices is abdominal breathing or simply the proper way to breathe.

So the common denominator to swimming, singing, and Tai Chi is abdominal breathing in order to derive the greatest benefits and effects.

But what does abdominal breathing has to do with me if I don’t swim, sing or practice Tai Chi?

Well, if you want to be healthy, stay healthy, increase your health, and live a healthy life, breathing through your stomach can help you inhale more oxygen into your blood increasing the amount of energy and oxygen to your cells which in turn makes your body stronger and healthier.

In Qigong and tai chi, the most important aspect of these practices is your breathing, abdominal breathing to be exact.

In other words, if you practice Qigong or Tai Chi, you’ll merely get the least benefits without breathing properly.

As mentioned a short while ago, breathing through your stomach can help you inhale more oxygen into your blood increasing the amount of energy and oxygen to your cells. And you’ll achieve this even without performing Qigong or Tai Chi although you’ll get a wider range of health benefits if you practice these two relaxing exercises.

It’s not too late to adjust your breathing pattern. You can do it anytime and still reap the benefits of proper breathing.

Abdominal breathing will help you stay as healthy as possible although we would recommend also doing Qigong or Tai Chi for even greater benefits.

It will be easy to concentrate, focus, and be alert at all times by simply performing abdominal breathing.

Heather Shultz is a licensed acupuncturist in Marlton, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

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Cloud Hands is a traditional tai chi form which moves from right to left as the arms circle and the feet step. Named after the Yang family who created it, the popular version is derived from the Yang Form Tai Chi. In this form, next to the left foot, the right foot steps as the person turns his arms around and passes across his body an imaginary ball from his left side to the right side through the shifting of his bodyweight. His left foot then laterally steps out while his arms are turned around the ball and his body swings to the left once more.

Although the Yang form merely completes three sets of Cloud Hands movements all at once, instructors often utilize this posture over and over to teach students its applications to martial art, or to assist them into a state of Tai Chi. Warding off energy (“Peng” structure) is to be kept all through the movements, and can be easily lost the instant a student starts to move.

A stiff or aching low back is a sign that you’ve lost peng and structure. This occurs when there is movement in your pelvis and hips and when you step sideways, shift weight, and turn your torso. The best way to address this problem is to re-tuck the pelvis gently with every movement. These tiny corrections are like the corrections an airplane or a rocket makes to stay on course.

Relaxing the ribcage completely is one other thing a student should do. This combining of – tension lessening off the chest (hanxiong) and elimination of unneeded tension (song) will bring the ribs, shoulders, and chest into a balance-fortifying but relaxed structure. Any excess tension in your feet and into the ground will be released through your back.

Relaxing your ribcage and re-tucking your pelvis is simple and should be done in a natural manner. All the benefits will be lost if a student slouches the thorax or over-tucks his pelvis. But if he mindfully releases excess tension and aligns with gravity, Cloud Hands can grant him a durable and solid physique and relieve any pain.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

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I am going to teach you how to heal sciatica using acupressure therapy. If you’ve ever experienced sciatica, you know that this can be extremely a painful and debilitating syndrome that tends to come and go. It’s important to understand the pattern of disharmony that is actually aggravating your sciatica. I encourage you to seek out your local acupuncture physician in Marlton so that you can get a proper diagnosis as well as acupressure points that you can stimulate yourself that will help alleviate the pain in the future.

In this article, we’re going to highlight one local point that is often employed with acupressure acupuncture. This point is called gallbladder 30 or Gb 30, and if you search around with your thumb or your pointer finger for the hollow of the sacroiliac joint, also called the SI joint sometimes, you will most likely find it by pressing down when your patient lets you know that you have found it.

This point is typically very tender in those patients experiencing sciatic pain. That Gb 30 point is located in a small hollow where the sciatic nerve actually runs through and there are two muscles that sometimes can press down on this nerve causing it to be inflamed. So in order to alleviate the pain of sciatica with this point, you need to use firm pressure with your thumb.

When using the thumb for acupressure, you don’t want to just press from the thumb, you also want to use the leverage of your hand and press all the way down as this point is quite deep. When it’s needled, sometimes we use three to five inch needles to actually hit the point. You need to press on the point for about 30 seconds or so and then let go and then repeat several times until the pain is reduced.

You can also use your elbow if you don’t have enough strength in your thumb or you can’t get to the point as deep as it is.

Remember to check out your local acupuncture physician so that you can get the skilled help you need in alleviating your sciatica. This is acupressure treatment for sciatic pain.

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You are usually advised to refrain from any active exercises if you are diagnosed with Graves’ disease or hyperthyroidism. This is because exercising can give you breathing problems, makes you more “hyperactive,” and increases your palpitations. Rather, give these following alternative therapies a try to better your hyperthyroidism symptoms:


A lot of individuals see meditation as another skill to study at an evening class, like pottery and aerobics. However, they often realize after a few sessions meditation is so much more. It can be a new way of seeing everything and a new way of living. You can see your past, present, and future as well as home, work, and relationships in a different and positive light. Meditation also promotes spiritual enlightenment, inner peace, better mental clarity, and deep relaxation in your life. Those are just some of the benefits you can gain if you decide to make meditation a part of your healing process vis-à-vis Graves’ disease or Hyperthyroidism.


Yoga regulates the activities of your adrenal, pineal, pituitary, and thyroid glands through stimulation. It tonifies and reinforces the nervous system and stretches and limbers the neck. The thyroid gland is the organ that’s primarily responsible for your youthful appearance and proper weight (it governs metabolism). Yoga works by stimulating your thyroid gland so that it functions at maximum efficiency. It also stimulates your pituitary gland helping improve its function.


This is an ancient Chinese style of cultivating internal energy but unlike yoga puts less importance on postures and stretching movements, and more on how to move and feel energy inside the body. While qigong is not known to be an intense aerobic workout, it nonetheless provides benefits that include a profound sense of relaxation, greater flexibility, and a strengthening of the body.

Tai Chi

This active type of meditation is a fitness protocol designed to increase the circulation of energy inside the body. Tai Chi enhances coordination and balance, increases flexibility and range of motion, and improves muscle tone and strength via slow flowing movements. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that while these exercises are low intensity and low impact, they nevertheless have the ability to eliminate any blockages to energy flow, and restore the smooth flow of vital energy.

Integrating various alternative practices not only will help accelerate your healing process, it also will eventually cure your Hyperthyroidism without your resorting to surgery or RAI treatment.

Thrive Wellness Center is an acupuncture clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL with licensed acupuncturists, physicians and therapists.

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TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) encompasses acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbal remedies, and other lesser-known treatments to address a wide range of health conditions, including gout. Chinese medicine is a globally respected multi-millennial treatment that in the West, serves as an alternative therapy to Western mainstream medicine. According to Simon Becker, TCM practitioner and acupuncturist, a Chinese clinical study led by Tiao Rong and Zhang Ming compared the effectiveness of Chinese herbs and Western gout therapies. Becker said that the study showed almost similar results (94% and 94.2%) for the two groups treated with Chinese medicine compared to the Western medicine treated control group who besides scoring lower than the two groups, the members also suffered from several side effects, whereas the treatment groups did not. Becker added that when used under the supervision of a qualified natural health care practitioner, Chinese herbs do not have any adverse side effects.

Blood-letting cupping

The use of cupping or blood letting is rarely practiced in the West. However, in 2010, the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine reports that it is used as a way to treat gout in China. A study involving 34 patients suffering from acute gout used Chinese herbs along with blood-letting cupping to treat the gout. Results showed that among the 34 patients, 21 experienced an improvement of symptoms using this technique. Cupping should only be done by a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner. Never perform this treatment on yourself.

Burdock root

Burdock root alleviates swelling and inflammation in the tissues. It can be used as a natural diuretic to remove edema and can help reduce swelling around joints, as well. You can drink burdock root as a tea or use it as a poultice for topical applications. You can also eat the root raw on salads or served like parsnips or carrots. Urban Herbs has reported that when used topically, burdock root can cause harmful reactions. In some instances it has been know to cause contact dermatitis or rashes.


Dandelion possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-diuretic properties and can be used to reduce gout pain. For a topical application in gout, you can make it into an herbal poultice or drink as tea. Dandelion addresses the cause of gouty arthritis which is uric acid by stimulating the excretion of this acid.

Meadow saffron

Meadow saffron produces colchicoside and colchicines, alkaloids that possess diuretic and analgesic properties. This means that this herb can alleviate water retention (edema), inflammation, and gout pain around affected joints. Some conventional pharmaceutical medications for gout also contain colchicine. Due to the high toxicity level of colchicine, patients taking any form of this herb should be under the careful supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

Ermiao wan

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2004 published a study showing the positive the effects of Ermiao wan, a Chinese herb, on edema and swelling. This herb has been used for hundreds of years in China to treat patients with hyperuricemia and gout and those with high levels of uric acid. You can purchase this herb from Chinese medicine practitioners and herbalists. It should only be used under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

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Several clinical studies have found that acupuncture can markedly alleviate the pain and cramping as well as the length of the pre-menstrual cramping painful malady called dysmenorrhea.

Resulting from either an underlying condition of the pelvic region (“secondary dysmenorrhea) or from an unknown pathology (primary dysmenorrhea), dysmenorrhea is a relatively common condition that affects tens of millions of women all over the world each year. Around a quarter of dysmenorrhea cases regardless of type are impervious to the effects of a class of analgesics known as NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Long practiced in China for the treatment of premenstrual pain, acupuncture has just recently been scientifically studied in controlled trials to test its potency in treating this gynecological condition. One study of note that can be read in the 2010 edition of the Evidence-based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine journal targeted moderate to severe dysmenorrhea sufferers who had the condition for a minimum of one year and which NSAID treatment proved useless in ameliorating the pain. The study showed that all the women refused oral contraceptives, which is one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for dysmenorrhea.

The researchers discovered that 86.7% of the 15 women in the study had a significant improvement in pain and lessened their NSAID intake after acupuncture treatment in Pembroke Pines. The study indicates that acupuncture seems to the most effective treatment in the alleviation of pain in women suffering from primary dysmenorrhea.

In 2011, one Chinese study printed in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine and conducted at the Shandong Academy of Chinese Medicine participated in by 80 patients suffering from for more than three menstrual cycles was done. The women were treated with either no acupuncture treatment, “preconditioning acupuncture”(an acupuncture treatment before the start of their periods) or “immediate acupuncture” (an acupuncture treatment during their dysmenorrhea symptoms). The researchers discovered that patients treated with immediate acupuncture or no acupuncture experienced a lesser improvement in the duration and magnitude of their dysmenorrhea symptoms than patients treated with preconditioning acupuncture.

Holistic healthcare

As opposed to hormonal contraceptives and other forms of Western dysmenorrhea treatment that more often than not have harmful side effects and are merely focused on specific symptoms, acupuncture is a branch of a holistic healthcare tradition known as TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, as with all forms Chinese medical treatment, considers the body as an organism made up of interwoven systems that need to be in balance to achieve good health.

The traditional form of acupuncture involves the use of thin and long needles inserted into meridians or energy channels suggested by the specific health issue. This treatment is often used alongside other treatment methods including Qigong and other energy therapies, herbal supplements and lifestyle and dietary changes.

These past few years has seen the popularity of acupuncture rise like a meteor in the United States, in part because of an increasing volume of scientific evidence that back up its effectiveness. Some studies have proven acupuncture to be particularly effective in the relief of pain – so much so that many private insurance plans now cover it. Even the US military has now recommended acupuncture as a frontline battlefield treatment for their troops.

Acupuncture has been recognized by the NIH or National Institutes of Health for more than a decade to be a scientifically supported form of therapy and has endorsed it for several conditions such as pain and dysmenorrhea. Acupuncture is free of side effects, non-invasive, and totally safe to use.

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Hyperthyroidism is a condition that affects the endocrine system that is distinguished by a thyroid gland that produces excess amounts of hormones. Situated in the neck, the thyroid gland has an enormous impact on the well-being and health of a person. This gland secretes the thyroid hormone, which is the hormone that serves to regulate human maturation, growth and the metabolic rate of the body. The manner in which the thyroid gland functions is determined by a number of factors including the proper conversion of T4 (thyroxine) to T3 (triiodothyronine), the amount of iodine supplied in the body, and the proper functioning of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. An imbalance in one or more of these factors, will cause the affected person to start experiencing either hypothyroidism (the result of a thyroid hormone that produces inadequate amounts of the thyroid hormone) or hyperthyroidism.

A quite common health problem, hyperthyroidism usually develops in young adults with ages ranging 20 – 40; women are 4 times more likely to develop this condition than men.

Western Medicine Perspective on Hyperthyroidism


Hyperthyroidism can be caused by several factors. Diffuse toxic goiter or Grave’s disease is the most common underlying reason for it because in Grave’s disease, the entire gland becomes inflamed and swollen. Grave’s disease is an autoimmune condition. Instead of attacking foreign infiltrators, the immune system of the person turns against his/her body. The antibodies produced by the immune system attach to parts of the thyroid gland that causes the gland to manufacture excess amounts of hormones leading to hyperthyroidism.

Thyroiditis, which is the inflammation of the thyroid gland, is another albeit less common cause of hyperthyroidism.


To evaluate the plasma of T3, T4, TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) laboratory blood tests need to be conducted to rule out or confirm hyperthyroidism. The amount of TSH should be generally low while the level of T3 and T4 needs to be high for a positive diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. One other test to distinguish the different reasons for hyperthyroidism includes an iodine thyroid scan.

Signs and Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

One of the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism include the slow development of vague signs and symptoms of sympathetic system excess, such as perspiration, low grade fever (with temperature less than 100 degree Fahrenheit), elevated blood pressure, palpitations, and/or tachycardia. Other symptoms include frequent bowel movements, increased appetite but with loss of weight, sleeping difficulties, aversion to heat, fine tremors of the fingers, irritability, possible arrhythmia, nervousness, and fatigue. There may be patients who may also experience symptoms of impotence, weak menstruation, or amenorrhea from this condition.

The eyes can also be affected by hyperthyroidism. Some patients are known to suffer from eye hypersensitivity to light (photophobia), eye irritation, increased tearing, bulging eyes, and/or bilateral or unilateral swollen eyes.


Medications and surgery are the two most common forms of Western medical treatment for hyperthyroidism. Drug therapy is meant to slow down the manufacture and secretion of the thyroid hormone. Tapazole (methimazole), PTU (propylthiouracil) and other thionamide-type medications are usually prescribed to hold back the synthesis of thyroid hormone. But since they have no ability to impact the secretion or storage of thyroid hormone, there is a significant delay in the commencement of their action. In addition, the use of Tapazole and PTU is related to the rise of several side effects in the body. These include loss of taste, swelling of the lymph node, hepatitis, edema, arthralgia, rash, and agranulocytosis. These adverse reactions as well as the intolerance of the patient to the drugs are major reasons why the drugs are not usually prescribed.

Since the medications used to treat hyperthyroidism produce inadequate results and harmful effects, physicians and patients seek out even more invasive procedures like surgery or radioactive iodine therapy to treat their condition. These modalities use radical procedures that are designed to remove or physically destroy the thyroid gland, to stop it from producing excess amounts of thyroid hormone. These procedures do come with risks even though they may be initially extremely helpful. Radioactive iodine therapy destroys a massive amount of thyroid tissue. If not performed appropriately, surgery may result in damage or hemorrhage to the local tissues and the laryngeal nerve. Moreover, the administration of radioactive iodine treatment often leads to long-term complications like hypothyroidism or hypoparathyroidism. And even if surgical or radioactive iodine treatment are done accurately, the patient who exhibits normal thyroid levels will need to maintain that by taking thyroid supplements for the rest of his/her life.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


Hyperthyroidism, according to TCM, is a condition caused by a combination of phlegm stagnation, Liver fire rebellion, qi and yin deficiencies. The last cause (qi and yin deficiencies) is the underlying cause, while the signs and symptoms are the phlegm stagnation and uprising of Liver fire. When comparing TCM etiology to Western medicine’s, we see that the stagnation of phlegm can explain the enlargement of the thyroid gland, yin and qi deficiencies can equate to the fatigue and weakness of the body caused by the prolonged over stimulation of the thyroid gland, and the constant excitation caused by too much thyroid hormone in the body can correlate to the uprising of Liver fire. Hyperthyroidism’s symptoms are excess while its underlying cause is deficiency. Therefore, treatment may entail simultaneously addressing both the symptoms and the cause.

Differential Diagnosis

To come up with an appropriate type of treatment, differentiating between deficiency and excess in patients with hyperthyroid is crucial. The Kidney, Heart, and Liver are the three organs usually affected by hyperthyroidism. Apart from removing heat, the TCM practitioner also needs to nourish the yin of the patient as the yin can be damaged by bitter herbs if they are used for an extended period of time. They may treat the symptoms but may not resolve the underlying cause of the condition. In TCM, hyperthyroidism has symptoms that are quite the same as that of the wasting and thirsting syndrome (Hsiao ke). Therefore, diagnosing the condition correctly is important in order to prescribe the appropriate herbal formula(s). The patterns of disharmony that underlie the cause of hyperthyroidism include:

– Underlying Deficiencies in Yin and Qi and Liver Fire with Phlegm
-Heart, Kidney, and Liver Yin Deficiencies
-Phlegm and Qi Stagnation
-Deficiencies in Yin and Qi
-Liver Fire

Underlying Deficiencies in Yin and Qi and Liver Fire with Phlegm

Signs and Symptoms

Elevated blood pressure, increased appetite and hunger, perspiration, aversion to heat, ill temper, irritability, fidgeting, loss of weight, fatigue, tachycardia or palpitations, bilateral or unilateral bulging or swollen eyes, swollen thyroid glands, tremors of the fingers and tongue, and low grade fever.

Herbal Formula

Empirical Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

-Root of Astralagus (Wang Qi)
-Licorice (Gan Cao)
-Siler root (Fang Feng)
-Polygala root (Yuan Zhi)
-Thunberg Fritillary Bulb (Zhe Bei Mu)
-Oyster shell (Mu Li)
-Cyathula root (Chuan Niu Hsi)
-Carapax Trionycis (Bie Jia)
-Prunella spike (Hsia Ku Cao)
-Gardenia fruit (Shi Hsi)
-Anemarrhena rhizome (Shi Mu)
-Scrophularia Root (Hsuan Shen)

Heart, Kidney, and Liver Yin Deficiencies

Signs and Symptoms

Rapid and thread pulse, red tongue with little or no coating, dry throat and mouth, emaciation, tremors, light sleep or insomnia, and irritability.

Herbal Formula

Shi Bai di Wang Wan ( Rehmannia, phellodendron, and anemarrhena pills) and Tian Wang Bu Hsin Dan (Emperor of Heaven’s Special Pill to Tonify the Heart)

-Prepared Rehmannia Root (Shi Bai di Wang Wan), 28g
-Phellodendron Bark (Huang Bai), 7g
-Radix Anemarrhenae (Zhi Mu), 7g
-Cornus fruit (Shan Zhu Yu), 14g
-Poria (Fu Ling), 10g
-Alisma Rhizome (Hse Hsie), 10g
-Tree peony bark (Mu Dan Pi), 10g
-Chinese yam (Shan Yao), 14g

Tian Wang Bu Hsin Dan (Emperor of Heaven’s Special Pill to Tonify the Heart)

-Ophiopogon Tuber (Mai Men Dong), 8g
-Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui), 8g
-Spiny Zizyphus Seeds (Suan Hsiao Ren), 8g
-Red Sage Root (Dan Shen), 4g
-Asparagus Tuber (Tian Men Dong), 8g
-Platycodon root (Jie Geng), 4g
-Platycladus Seed (Bai Hsi Ren), 8g
-Ningpo Figwort Root (Hsuan Shen), 4g
-Chinese Magnolia-vine Fruit (Wu Wei Hsi), 8g
-Polygala root (Yuan Zhi), 4g
-Poria (Fu Ling), 4g
-Ginseng root (Ren Shen), 4g
-Rehmannia Root (Sheng Di Wang), 31g

Phlegm and Qi Stagnation

Signs and Symptoms

Slippery-wiry or wiry pulse, red tongue with greasy thin coating, enlargement of the thyroid gland, plum-seed syndrome, oppressive sensation in the chest, and Irritability
Herbal Remedies

Magnolia Bark and Pinellia Decoction (Ban Hsia Hou Po Tang) and Bupleurum Powder to Spread the Liver (Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang) – to soothe the liver, normalize the flow of qi, and clear phlegm.

Magnolia Bark and Pinellia Decoction (Ban Hsia Hou Po Tang)

-Purple Perilla Leaf (Hsi Su Ye), 10g
-Bark of Magnolia (Hou Po), 16g
-Poria (Fu Ling), 21g
-Fresh Ginger Rhizome (Sheng Jiang), 26g
-Pinellia Rhizome (Ban Xia), 28g

Bupleurum Powder to Spread the Liver (Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang)

Baked Licorice Root (Shi Gan Cao), 5g
White Peony Root (Shi Tsiao), 14g
Purple Nutsedge Root (Hsiang Fu), 14g
Chinese Lovage Root (Chuan Hsiong), 14g
Orange Peel (Chen Pi), 19g
Asian Buplever Root (Chai Hu), 19g

Yin and Qi Deficiencies

Signs and Symptoms

Thready, deep and rapid pulse, thin coat, red tongue, hand tremor, lessened fluid intake, dry mouth, disturbed sleep, excessive sweating, palpitation, dry eyes, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Herbal Remedies

Linking Decoction (Yi Guan Jian) – to clam the Heart, soften the Liver, and tonify yin and qi.

Toosendan Fruit (Chuan Lian Hsi), 8g
Lycium Fruit (Gou Qi Hsi), 15g
Body of Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui Shen), 15g
Ophiopogon Tuber (Mai Men Dong), 15g
Four Leaf Lady-Bell Root (Sha Shen), 15g
Rehmannia Root (Sheng Di Huan), 30g

Liver Fire

Signs and Symptoms
Rapid and wiry pulse, red tongue with thin yellow coating, palpitations, increased appetite, irritability, and fidgeting.

Herbal Remedies

Gardenia Decoction to Clear Liver (Shi Hsi Tsing Gan Tang) – to purge fire and clear the Liver

-Licorice Root (Gan Cao)
-Great Burdock Fruit (Niu Bang Hsi)
-Chinese Lovage Root (Chuan Hsiong)
-Poria (Fu Ling)
-White peony root (Bai Shao)
-Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui)
-Asian Buplever Root (Chai Hu)
-Moutan Root Bark (Mu Dan Pi)
-Gardenia fruit (Shi Hsi)

Significant improvements within a month of herbal therapy can be seen in hyperthyroid patients (other than thyrotoxicosis). Usually, it takes three to six months of treatment to see a complete resolution of the symptoms. Herbal therapy, though, may not work for ocular protrusion. Modifications to traditional formulas may be prescribed depending on the symptoms manifested by the patient


Herbal formulas used by TCM practitioners offer reliable and consistent benefits in the treatment of hyperthyroidism. The effects of herbal therapy, once the condition of the patient is stabilized and despite the slower effects of the herbs, compare to conventional treatments. The empirical formula for hyperthyroidism can be prescribed to deflate the thyroid swelling and lessen the symptoms of sympathetic excess. This means that herbal remedies can be considered ideal treatment alternatives for patients who do not want to be treated with Western medicine or who are not able to tolerate it.

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