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A migraine attack can be so severe that it can incapacitate the sufferer and make him live a poor quality of life. Fortunately there are ways to help the sufferer cope with this painful condition.   Medicines, alternative therapies and relaxation techniques can lessen the occurrence of your migraines and make them more manageable.

Preventive Medications

Medicines are the primary modes of treatment for migraines headaches. To prevent or lessen the frequency of these headaches, preventive drugs such as Beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers and tricyclic antidepressants are prescribed by doctors.

Beta blockers include:

  • Propanalol – Inderal
  • Metoprolol – Toprol

Calcium channel blockers constrict the blood vessels. These medications can include:

  • Dilatizem – Cardizem
  • Verapamil


  • Nortriptyline
  • Amitriptyline

In order for these medications to be safe and effective, follow the medication treatment plan your doctor has created for you.

Relieve emotional stress – Learn how to relax by following relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing. These will help lessen or prevent the   recurrence of your migraines. Adequate rest and sleeping is vital in removing or lessening physical stress.

Get regular exercise – Performing exercises for at least 20 minutes thrice a week can cut down on stress and make your immune system stronger. .

Follow a regular routine – This means getting enough sleep at night and eating snacks and meals in the same hours everyday.

Stop smoking – Headaches sometimes are caused by smoking. For people who have already headaches primary and secondary smoking can worsen their headache pain and make their cluster headaches worse. Refer to your doctor on how to stop smoking and where to get support for smoking cessation.

Identify the triggers of your migraine – Keeping a journal or diary that tracks the factors that triggers your headaches can help you avoid these migraine triggers in the future.

Support groups and organizations that deal with migraine headaches are there to help you out with your migraine problem. You can contact these organizations and support whenever you need help or need relevant information about your migraine. These organizations and groups include:

  • National Headache Foundation
  • American Headache Society
  • MAGNUM or the National Migraine Association