Acupuncture in the treatment of bad breath or halitosis has got to be the most unique approach in treating this condition.  People living in the US see acupuncture as some kind of exotic treatment in addressing painful condition.  We never knew that acupuncture can actually cure halitosis.  Acupuncture basically is about inserting thin non hollow needles in certain areas of the body where blocked nerves are located to enable the smooth movement of energy called chi.  According to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM chi is the force that goes around our bodies to enable us to feel, work, move and think.

TCM has been used for many millennia in China and many parts of South Asia.  TCM concepts regarding health are entirely different from the viewpoint of Western medicine.  This type of therapy is entirely different than therapies used in the West. TCM practitioners believe that what makes the spirit, mind and body healthy all stem from the flow of chi in the body.  Another concept that TCM believes in essential for good health is the harmonic balance of yin and yang.  The relative balance of yin and yang in the body is what provides well being.  When yin or yang gets either too strong or weak in relation to each other, the entire body suffers and illness and disease can occur in the body.

TCM states that a hot abdomen is the cause of halitosis. This means too much yang (the heat or fire principle) is in the stomach and this can lead to frontal lobe headaches, mouth ulcers, gum swelling and disease and bad breath.  Too much stomach heat can be triggered by factors such as eating spoiled food, abdominal flu, poor diet and very high levels of stress among others.  Too much stomach heat may be due to factors like eating food that has turned bad, stomach flu, bad diet and extremely high stress among others.  Most people relieve these symptoms by taking antacids.  Of course this only addresses the problem and not really targets the excess heat in the stomach.  Acupuncture actually addresses not only the symptoms of halitosis but treats the root problem as well.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment having existed for more than 5,000 years now.  The Chinese a great and prolific race have perfected their practice of acupuncture for millennia and have been treating countless numbers of people throughout history with a number of health conditions.  Acupuncture therapy will restore balance between yin and yang which then will result in good health of the person.  The balance of yang energy in the stomach will restore the stomach to its right temperature which will cure the halitosis. Perform due diligence when looking for a qualified acupuncturist to treat you of your halitosis.