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Qigong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medication and is used as a form of therapeutic and preventive health care. Qi is known as the life force of the body that helps maintain and strengthen life. Qigong physically trains a person to exercise and control his energy for his own good and if he becomes an expert qigong practitioner, he can even manipulate his qi to treat others.

Qigong is based on Taoist philosophy and has two forms called “hard” and “soft” qigong. One example of hard qigong is the very popular Shaolin kungfu. Tai chi is an example of “Soft” qigong, which also known as inner qigong.

Medical qigong is another aspect of qigong that involves meditation combined with exercises. The objective of qi exercises is to bring the practitioner to a state of meditation. Anxiety and despair are driven away during meditation. Great confidence combined with healthy thinking is affirmed. Focus is readily attained. This exercise will lead to the person gaining control of his body which then results in good feelings about his or her life. In turn, the flow of qi and blood will increase in his body.

Exercise is vital for patients and any age group who desire to attain good health and a peaceful mind. Qigong is very effective in the treatment of physical and mental stress. It allows people to gain increased amounts of stamina and energy, and helps slow down the aging process. However, it won’t work in medical emergencies and in the treatment of acute illness. It is however, effective in treating or preventing chronic disease, disabilities, and conditions.

The first World Conference for Qigong Medical Research was held Beijing, China in 1988. This was later followed by a series of conferences held in New York City, Berkeley, and Tokyo. This was the time when medical researchers, physiologists, and psychologists began to study qigong as an alternative form of treatment for health problems. To promote qigong exercise to other people, several qigong organizations have been established outside of China.

Qigong bolsters the mechanisms that help improve bowel movement, relieve stress, and the delivery of oxygen to the cells. Chinese physicians have utilized qigong in their clinics and hospitals to address the suffering of individuals from a range of ailments. These include arthritis, allergies, bowel problems, asthma, diabetes, constipation, gout, gastritis, heart disease, headaches and high blood pressure. The list is quite extensive and include among others liver disease, chronic kidney disease, myopia, lower back pain, neurasthenia, obesity, retinopathy, paralysis caused by external injury, sciatic neuralgia, rheumatism, stress, sleeplessness, peripheral vascular disease and ulcers.

Qigong is now used to treat cancer symptoms and eliminate or alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It works well in the treatment of cerebral palsy, aphasia, Parkinson disease multiple sclerosis, and post-stroke syndrome as well in the treatment of all sorts of chronic disorders of the respiratory, digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems and of chronic pain.

This ancient healing art can practically help combat any type of illness. It helps strengthen patients’ inner energy thereby increasing their chance to survive from many illnesses, which Western physicians may deem untreatable.

But as with any other therapy, qigong needs to be trained and learned under the supervision of a licensed Chinese medical physician. Beginners require help from a qigong practitioner or doctor who are willing to offer proper guidance and advice. Qigong requires persistence and discipline to attain desired results.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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An extremely draining condition that can cause people to live a torturous life, tinnitus is a problem that involves perceived ringing sounds in the ear of person. This condition is especially common in the work environment of Western societies – repetitive mechanical noises in factories, personal music machines, background machines, loud concerts and other typical cultural leisure pursuits, tend to bring about hearing problems.

Some cases of tinnitus are so severe that patients can become suicidal. Their doctors offered them little hope of recovery since, more often than not, they have no real treatment to offer. Fortunately, though, some of these people have experienced relief and even complete cure of their tinnitus by practicing regular Cranio-sacral therapy as well as relaxation exercises.

For tinnitus sufferers, alternative medicine can offer you hope, even if your doctors don’t think so!

Physicians believe that when a person identified with tinnitus has no choice but to live with the noise, they obviously have not seen what other therapies can do against this condition. There are a lot of cases in which people have been successfully treated and healed for tinnitus using the enduring and gentle effects of Cranio-sacral therapy. Based on our experience, CranioSacral therapy is an ideal modality that can help resolve the underlying root of tinnitus.

When doctors or practitioners have helped patients who are suicidal go back to living a normal life again without any of the symptoms caused by tinnitus, they know that there are doing something worthwhile. The sad thing is that there are not enough doctors who are willing and prepared to know and learn the art of Craniosacral therapy which can help resolve a condition that they have almost no power to cure.

What is Tinnitus?

A person with tinnitus suffers from a condition affecting the ears causing him to hear a ringing sound inside his ears or head when there is no actual sound to be heard.

For several tinnitus sufferers, there is no physical cause or problem that can be affiliated with the problem, although in some instances, tinnitus has been known to bring about the use of oral painkillers such as aspirin, foreign objects in the ear, or ear infections. Depending on the magnitude of the condition, tinnitus can lead to an extreme poor quality of life in many of its sufferers, a reduction of daily activity, disruption of quiet working times, and a reduction in their ability to sleep at night.

Tinnitus can also be directly caused by someone exposing himself to extremely loud noise such as a loud music concert or work machinery.

A clinical study done in 1953 observed 80 people without tinnitus who were taken and placed separately in a quiet room. After the end of the experiment, almost all of them, (over 90 percent) reported some symptoms of tinnitus. Researchers concluded that this ear condition can be due to the body intensifying its sense to the surrounding noise as well as instances where the signs and symptoms arise due to inordinately loud noise.

Treatment of Tinnitus through Cranial Sacral Therapy

By means of CranioSacral Therapy, both the causes and symptom of tinnitus can be cured or treated. Tinnitus is occasionally directly caused by an issue with the ear bone; in other occasions, it can be caused by pressure when the ear bone meets with the mandible (jaw bone). It may also be possible that the other bones that connect to the ear bone may lead to problems in the ear if constraints develop between the two bones.

In all these instances, CranioSacral therapy can be an ideal mode of treatment to eliminate or lessen the noise heard by the patient. The mild procedures will displace the built-up tensions surrounding the ear bone and enable the ear to function well.

There are also cases in which tinnitus is the result of the effects of an emotional, mental, or physical traumatic experience, such as a sudden incident in your life, a dangerous accident, fall, or auto crash. In cases when an individual’s ‘fight or flight’ reaction to life threatening situations becomes triggered and the nervous system is brought to a maximum state of alert – this may involve the ears becoming extremely sensitive to sound in order to safeguard the person from a dangerous situation or from attackers. For a lot of people, when the perceived danger disappears, so too will the reaction of the nervous system and the maximum sensitivity. But, some people may not be able to calm themselves down and so they remain on high alert even though the perceived danger has gone. In some of these people, ringing in the ears and tinnitus develop since their ears remain extremely sensitive to the sounds they are hearing.

During a session of CranioSacral treatment, the nervous system and body are told to relax and go back to a normal degree of sensitivity, which, in turn, heals and decreases the tinnitus symptoms felt by the client.

In a country like Palestine that is besieged by vicious enemies on a daily basis, there are a wide variety of reasons people suffer from this condition. A great number of Palestinians are exposed to midnight sirens and other loud noises coming from Israeli soldiers and machine gun fire and even missiles coming from Israeli planes that strafe Palestinian home and buildings for no reason at all, is a primary cause of tinnitus. In addition, life in Palestine has caused an overwhelming number of Palestinians to live short and traumatic lives during the many massacres done by Israelis to the Palestinians. Living in an open air prison that has taken rocket or mortar on a daily basis – more so in instances where missiles have destroyed homes and residences while people are still in them, which is a heinous war crime – results in an even higher risk of people developing tinnitus. This, plus the extraneous and sundry reasons that cause tinnitus to arise in people make life in Palestine extremely stressful and tense. Due to the everyday fear that their life or the life of their loved ones may be abruptly cut by an Israeli bullet and the world will never hear about it because of the control of the mass media by Zionists can all be potentially causes of tinnitus developing in many of these heroic and brave people.

What to expect from CranioSacral treatment for Tinnitus

When they come in for treatment, tinnitus sufferers will be interviewed and examined by the practitioner/therapist. The treatment often yields results after four to six sessions in the disorder of many Palestinians who have come for treatment. These positive outcomes include attainment of quiet for entire days or at least, a few hours a day; a sensation of a less invasive sound; a decrease in the ringing or loudness of the sound; and a change in the sound heard in the ears. The symptoms and causes of the tinnitus can be completely cured through regular and constant treatment.

Within four to six sessions, there is a meaningful betterment of the condition in a lot of tinnitus cases. This may involve the reduction of the pressure or invasiveness of the ringing, so much so that the noise or sound is far less severe inside the head or ear; a decrease in the intensity of the sounds heard without an alteration in the kind of ringing heard by the patient; and a decrease of the hissing or ringing perceived in the head or ear.

For complete normal hearing to come back, the number of treatments may typically require between 10 and 15 sessions, although in certain instances, therapy may for between six months to a year may be required based on the magnitude of the problem, how the patient responds to CranioSacral therapy, the age of the patient, and how long the symptoms have lasted.

Some patients believe that weekly therapies are too much; to address this issue, therapists can be separated at longer intervals, despite the fact this may also imply that the condition may take longer to be healed.

Also, some of my patients have decided that once they attain a state where the disruption of the ringing and sound has been lowered to levels that they can tolerate, they halt the therapy even while they still have to deal with ringing sound inside their head or ears.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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Do you swim? Do you sing? Maybe, you do swim or sing or you do both. But what does this have to do with Tai Chi?

Well, let’s examine them one at a time…


If you know how to swim, you surely know how to float and you need to breathe deeply whenever you submerge yourself under water and you breathe with your stomach.

Being able to float and breathing through your stomach are some of the first things that your swimming instructor would have taught you.

Sure there are people who know how to swim who don’t breathe into their stomach. They still can swim though, but probably with a bit more effort.


For a lot of people, singing is purely for entertainment and fun. But if your parents or you hire a teacher so that you can sing like a nightingale, you’ll be taught the proper way of projecting your voice and to breathe properly using your diaphragm or stomach.

This is the way you can increase the strength, power, and versatility into your singing. The muscles in your stomach are stronger than the muscles in your throat. Hence, by breathing through your stomach, you’ll have better vocal control and be able to ‘throw out’ or ‘project’ your voice.

Connecting these two to Qigong & Tai Chi

There’s one thing in common that Qigong, martial art, yoga, and meditation have with Tai Chi: All these practices focus on your breathing, and once again – they instruct you to breathe with your stomach.

Breathing with your stomach is called abdominal breathing.

Actually, one can perform Tai Chi or any passive exercise without worrying about how they breathe. But what they’re doing is depriving themselves of the maximum benefits that they can gain from practicing these exercises.

Qigong and Tai Chi are basically the same. Qi translates to energy or air in English … and air here pertains to your breathing. Therefore, the key to all these practices is abdominal breathing or simply the proper way to breathe.

So the common denominator to swimming, singing, and Tai Chi is abdominal breathing in order to derive the greatest benefits and effects.

But what does abdominal breathing has to do with me if I don’t swim, sing or practice Tai Chi?

Well, if you want to be healthy, stay healthy, increase your health, and live a healthy life, breathing through your stomach can help you inhale more oxygen into your blood increasing the amount of energy and oxygen to your cells which in turn makes your body stronger and healthier.

In Qigong and tai chi, the most important aspect of these practices is your breathing, abdominal breathing to be exact.

In other words, if you practice Qigong or Tai Chi, you’ll merely get the least benefits without breathing properly.

As mentioned a short while ago, breathing through your stomach can help you inhale more oxygen into your blood increasing the amount of energy and oxygen to your cells. And you’ll achieve this even without performing Qigong or Tai Chi although you’ll get a wider range of health benefits if you practice these two relaxing exercises.

It’s not too late to adjust your breathing pattern. You can do it anytime and still reap the benefits of proper breathing.

Abdominal breathing will help you stay as healthy as possible although we would recommend also doing Qigong or Tai Chi for even greater benefits.

It will be easy to concentrate, focus, and be alert at all times by simply performing abdominal breathing.

Heather Shultz is a licensed acupuncturist in Marlton, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

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Cloud Hands is a traditional tai chi form which moves from right to left as the arms circle and the feet step. Named after the Yang family who created it, the popular version is derived from the Yang Form Tai Chi. In this form, next to the left foot, the right foot steps as the person turns his arms around and passes across his body an imaginary ball from his left side to the right side through the shifting of his bodyweight. His left foot then laterally steps out while his arms are turned around the ball and his body swings to the left once more.

Although the Yang form merely completes three sets of Cloud Hands movements all at once, instructors often utilize this posture over and over to teach students its applications to martial art, or to assist them into a state of Tai Chi. Warding off energy (“Peng” structure) is to be kept all through the movements, and can be easily lost the instant a student starts to move.

A stiff or aching low back is a sign that you’ve lost peng and structure. This occurs when there is movement in your pelvis and hips and when you step sideways, shift weight, and turn your torso. The best way to address this problem is to re-tuck the pelvis gently with every movement. These tiny corrections are like the corrections an airplane or a rocket makes to stay on course.

Relaxing the ribcage completely is one other thing a student should do. This combining of – tension lessening off the chest (hanxiong) and elimination of unneeded tension (song) will bring the ribs, shoulders, and chest into a balance-fortifying but relaxed structure. Any excess tension in your feet and into the ground will be released through your back.

Relaxing your ribcage and re-tucking your pelvis is simple and should be done in a natural manner. All the benefits will be lost if a student slouches the thorax or over-tucks his pelvis. But if he mindfully releases excess tension and aligns with gravity, Cloud Hands can grant him a durable and solid physique and relieve any pain.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

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Taijiquan aka Tai chi chuan is a type of defense art technique that has been used by the Chinese for decades to offer relief for a number of ailments and is based on thousands of years of Chinese culture. In a very simple performance of the practice, Tai chi chuan attempts to harmonize the mind and body. An expert practitioner of tai chi chuan has the power to channel his chi energy or inner “chi” through various parts of his body just by his will. It enables the practitioner to increase his physical stamina, strengthen his immune system, and boost his energy levels.

Like yoga, Tai chi chuan or simply tai chi, has gained huge popularity throughout the world and is now deemed to be an ideal alternative to conventional medical treatment for certain types of health issues and diseases. Some individuals believe that tai chi is similar to yoga because both strive to enhance a person‘s inner development as well as his or her health, which in turn, results in great benefits in the life of the practitioner. While tai chi grew out of Taoist philosophy (not religion) and the discipline of Chinese martial arts, yoga evolved out of the ancient Hindu religion of India.

Physical yoga is quite static and may necessitate extremely stretched poses; tai chi, on the other hand, is performed while moving and standing. The postures in Tai chi can be easily condensed or stretched to contain a wide variety of physical movements. Both practices have been tested by time and if properly practiced, both can help attain desired benefits. Tai chi has two special qualities that tip the balance in its favor in terms of being easily able to accommodate it to all body types and no special equipment or location is needed to practice it. Nonetheless, both practices offer natural options for physical and mental well-being.

Listed below are some tai chi benefits that make it so special:

1. It provides huge benefits for people suffering from musculoskeletal and nervous disorders
2. You don’t have to follow a religious view or a strict diet in order to perform it.
3. No special equipment is required.
4. Mobility issues can be meaningfully solved. It now is recommended by medical physicians for joint disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis.
5. Lipid profile can be reduced substantially and atherosclerosis can be averted.
6. Anyone regardless of and age can do it.

Tai chi forms are done while standing, hence it can be performed on practically any surface in practically any location.

Standard training can be learned with earnest to individuals who have a desire to learn it for self-defense or in order to get a vigorous athletic workout. Only a few instructors have the skill to teach it this way, so you may need to take private lessons, may need to travel far, or need to do some searching if this is your objective.

Tai chi can help your learn skills that will make your mood and mind stay positive and strong so that you can face challenges in life easily.

Traditional tai chi may entail the use of one’s intellect and may therefore not be suitable for those who do not have a mature mind or for children. It’s an ideal exercise for highly introspective and introverted individuals and is certainly liked by those who are very creative or those who like to think. This is also ideal for people who are not fond of physical training programs or for people who are more interested in the development of both their body and mind.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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For thousands of years, through the application of unique type of stones onto specific body parts, the Chinese were able to heal illnesses successfully. These stones were called Bian Stones (Bianshi) and were used specifically for therapeutic purposes similar to acupuncture needles.

According to Dr. Xie, a physician at Beijing’s Chaoyang Hospital Department of Acupuncture, the Bianshi is a tool commonly used to treat neck and back pain of office workers. He said that Bian Stone therapy was originally a type of acupuncture treatment that used the “Bian Stone” instead of needles to address illnesses. The stones used were made of precious materials found in China’s Shan Dong coastal area.

How Can a Stone Help Relieve pain?

The Bian Stone has been discovered to create ultrasound pulsation and infra-red effect, which is very useful in healing diseases and thus has been used in TCM Hospitals or Bellingham Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals for treatment of skin disorders, chronic and acute lower back pain, cervical spondylosis, and soft tissue injuries. With regard to traditional Chinese medicine, health conditions can be due to an imbalance within the body. The healing technique of Bianshi can be helpful in expelling heat; curing rheumatism; relaxing the mind; opening the energy channels; and in regulating Yin and Yang, blood, and Chi.

Bian Stone treatment typically begins with a TCM warming up massage to open up the energy channels or meridians of the body. Then, a number of Bian Stone therapies with pre-heated bian stone is performed. This method can be used alongside various traditional Chinese Medicine modalities, such as Cupping or Acupuncture to attain the healing on the disease of a cervical vertebra. Initially, Bian stone therapy is administered once a day. After pain is alleviated, healing is administered two to three times a week or at least once or twice a week. This therapy can help treat neck and back pain and improve a person’s quality of life.

Dr. Xie stated that that neck and back pain are external manifestations of imbalances within the body. From the standpoint of TCM, Bian stone therapy is designed to address the underlying cause which leads to total body balance both externally and internally. It can help a person attain overall body health, besides the treatment of neck and back pain.

In addition to the treatment of neck and back pain, Bian Stone therapy can also be used to induce a deep feeling of relaxation, rectify digestive disorders, enhance the flow of lymph and blood, detoxify the body, and relieve muscle stiffness and aches. In short, this therapy is a non-invasive and totally safe process that can efficiently boost circulation and thus, speed up rehabilitation and healing.

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In moxibustion therapy, acupuncturists will proceed to put blobs of moxa onto the tip of acupuncture needles stuck into selected acupuncture points in the body of the patient. The moxa is then light up. While this may cause some anxiety in patients, the ensuing warmth pervades deep into the body of the patient, replenishing his energy levels and relaxing his muscles.

As the needles cool down, it will feel like the concerns and stresses that had been bottled up inside that person have melted away.

If one continues receiving the therapy on a regular basis, he or she may eventually experience a very different type of heat that seems to get agonizingly hot.

That is a sign that your energy levels are reaching their optimum. You may recall the first time you you’ve received moxibustion – you were probably feeling damp and cold inside and it may have taken more than one lump of moxa on one needle for you to experience any warmth at all.

An integral branch of Walla Walla Traditional Chinese Medicine, moxibustion is a therapy that uses moxa derived from the mugwort plant. The mugwort is ripened and then mashed to a fluff by practitioners who compress and form into cones or balls of moxa.

The cones or balls are then directly placed on an acupuncture point or placed on the head of an acupuncture needle and burnt to generate penetrating and nourishing warmth, the same heat given to us by the sun.

Moxa may also be shaped into cigar like sticks that when lit, are used to heat up wide areas of the patient’s body. Basically, moxibustion is a deep relaxing heat therapy of Chinese Medicine. Direct moxibustion is one form of moxibustion that augments the efficacy of acupuncture especially when it’s administered on specific acupoints in conjunction with acupuncture. In Chinese Medicine, this is known as boosting the body or tonification. The extra heat manufactured provides patients with something “extra”. Hence, it is certainly beneficial for people who are suffering from depleted energy or are feeling run down.

The heat from the moxa produces a stimulating effect that also helps boost circulation. In Chinese medicine, this is known as movement of stuck energy or blood, or dispersal. This means moxibustion can be quite effective in addressing many of the various conditions attributed to women. Mugwort is also deemed an emmenagogue. This means this herb can stimulate the flow of blood to the uterus and pelvic region – hence, it definitely works for menstrual and gynecological problems.

Moxa generates a dry comforting heat much like the sun, which helps expel cold and dampness in the body, supports aging joints to fight against problems such as arthritis and rheumatism, and relieves pains and general aches.

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Much of what we learn about classical Chinese medical philosophy came from Taoist philosophies of natural balance. Taoist philosophy is about the knowledge that the human body is a complicated micro-cosmos of interlinking systems that work in harmony for the overall well-being of the body.

According to the philosophy of Traditional Chinese medicine in Tarzana, the body is also outfitted with its own devices to combat disease and heal itself. So, any form of therapy administered is to aid in the typical self-healing process of the body, not to disrupt it.

One branch that’s mainly concerned with curing physical trauma is Tit tar. Tit tar was believed to have originated in Canton China in 200 B.C., by Master Wah Toh. It is very closely related to the Chinese defense discipline of kung fu. Some believe that tit tar came about due to the need to safely, immediately, and effectively treat injuries caused by the execution or practice of high-contact martial art.

The defensive art of tit tar further evolved from the Chinese battlefield of yore. Because of the modern high technology long-range weapons used these days, soldiers don’t have the time to heal well and thus experienced greater physical injury. Enterprising military doctors equipped with the knowledge of the use of herbs and tit tar were able to tend effectively and immediately tend to the injured, bringing them back to combat duty within a matter of days. These tit tar doctors were thus very necessary to the ancient armies of China.

One of the most illustrious masters of tit tar masters is the legendary patriot, healer, revolutionary, martial artist, and philosopher, Wong Fei Hung who went on to be immortalized in more than a hundred Hong Kong films. A master of the martial arts style of Hung Kuen, Wong Fei Hung is most closely affiliated with Po Chi Lam, his clinic, where he taught and practiced acupuncture, tit tar, and other kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. He was known for his compassion as a doctor that compelled him to treat often and just about anybody. His treatment was free if the patient was too poor to pay.

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Today, with huge advancements in technology, there has been a giant
leap in the way breast cancer is managed and prevented. Traditional Chinese
medicine is now considered a safer option for relieving the recurrence, side
effects, or pain related to cancer treatments such as radiation therapy or surgery.

Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM in Walla Walla rely on holistic healing
modalities like energy exercises, herbal medicine and acupuncture to improve
the health of the breast of cancer patients post treatment. Emotional problems such
as anger or stress may result in functional disorders of the spleen and liver causing
the recurrence or exacerbation of lumps in the breast, post treatment.

Energy exercises such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong can help lessen tension
and stress in the body. They have proven to work in improving the lifestyle of
the patient and in controlling cancer cells.

Herbal medicine is another TCM therapy that’s applicable for cancer patients. This treatment has four ways to help cancer patients. It has herbs that contain anticancer ingredients, herbs for reducing cancer cells, herbs for preventing alterations, and herbs that are used to detoxify the body.

Acupuncture is among the highly recommended treatments that can
provide the patient stress release and an increase in energy after therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the best therapies around that can improve the health of a woman’s breast and help her recover quickly after treatment. It also helps prevent the recurrence of cancer symptoms post treatment and reduces the possibility of breast cancer in women. In addition, living a lifestyle such as doing certain exercises and quitting smoking can also strengthen the health of the breast.

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Characterized by hyperglycemia, Diabetes Mellitus is a syndrome caused by faulty or ineffective secretion of insulin by the body. Diabetes can lead to several complications such as nephropathy, retinopathy, peripheral arterial and atherosclerotic coronary disease as well as autonomic and peripheral neuropathies. Diabetes can be divided into two types: (Insulin Dependent) and Non insulin dependent (NIDDM).

Diabetes is known as Xiao Ke in Tarzana Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM which believes that three important organs are responsible for this disease. They are the kidney, abdomen, and lungs. TCM has classified the three patterns or types of diabetes based on the symptomatic manifestations of the patient through diagnostic tongue and pulse examinations.

From a TCM standpoint, what exactly causes diabetes?

According to TCM, people who live a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle and frequently consume greasy and/or sweet foods are at risk of developing diabetes. This lifestyle and dietary habit easily exhausts and obstructs the energy of the body. Stagnation occurs once the energy of the body becomes obstructed eventually leading to a buildup of toxic heat. The toxic heat will eventually use up all the fluids of the vital organ causing organ disharmony and dysfunction. The kidney, spleen, and lung organs haven’t been in harmony for a long time before diabetes sets in the body.

In preventing or treating diabetes, the first step in TCM is to begin practicing a form of Chinese nutritional therapy called Yao Shan and exercise on a regular basis. Recent studies show that during muscle exercise, our muscles distribute blood glucose to the cells to reduce the level of blood sugar without using insulin. This is why exercise is so vital in helping regulate blood sugar and in preventing diabetes. The improved blood flow helps and prevents the acceleration of neuropathy and other degenerating conditions.

In Chinese nutritional therapy, there are several ways to prevent or treat/cure diabetes.

If you’re confirmed of suffering from diabetes:

1. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables.

2. Eat lots of multi-whole grains such as barley, corn, black or brown, and buckwheat and try to stay away from processed carbohydrates.

3. As a rule, patients with diabetes ought to avoid spicy hot food that damage more yin body fluid. They also need to stay away from greasy and sweet foods and refrain from drinking alcohol. They should more bland food instead. According to TCM, smoking can damage even more lung yin fluid which can exacerbate the symptoms of diabetes.

4. Regular drinking of green tea can also help stave off diabetes. Make sure though that you don’t drink highly concentrated or too strong green tea, the consequence of which is the impairment of calcium absorption by your body. Some foods can help lower blood sugar. These are onion, bitter melon, kelp, shitake mushroom, bean sprout, white and black mushroom, bamboo, seaweed, and seafood.

5. Reduce consumption of fresh sweet fruits as they carry a high amount of sugar.

While TCM divides diabetes into three types based on their clinical symptoms, the human body in turn has three primary organ patterns based on the affected imbalanced organ; therefore, nutritional therapy should be directed toward the organ involved.

I. Pattern of Abdominal Heat Type of Diabetes

Scientifically, in this form of diabetes, the main symptom of the person is a savage appetite and extreme constant hunger. He may suffer from weight loss, experience constant thirst and frequently feel constipated and urinating. He may also suffer from blurred vision, dizziness and tinnitus. The objective of Chinese nutritional therapy is to expel heat in the abdominal organ.

Tofu Soup, Tomato and Fish:

250 g Tofu (slice into pieces)
250g Tomatoes (slice into pieces)
250g Fish meat (cover with wet starch and slice into pieces)
One stalk green onions and slice into tiny pieces

How to Cook: First use water to boil the tofu. Then a couple of minutes after, place all the tomatoes into the boiling soup. Then afterwards, throw in to the soup the fish coated with starch into soup until the fish is cooked. Finally, throw in the spices and green onions for flavor.

Eat the soup along with your meal.

II. Deficient Kidney and Liver yin pattern

This form of diabetes presents itself with the primary complaint of excess and frequent urination coupled with lingering illness. The urine may appear milky in color, look turbid, or smell sweet. Majority of patients may suffer from bilateral knee weakness (weakness in the two knees) and lower back soreness. Some patients may show other symptoms and signs like dry lips, itchy and dry skin, tinnitus, and dizziness.

Water chestnut carrot, soup:

250g Water chest nut, slice to half
250g Carrot, cut into square
500g Lean pork sliced into small cubes

How to Cook: place all the ingredients in a cerement pot along with water. Cook for hours at low temperature after first bringing to boil. Include the desired species before serving.

Eat as soup once a day. Take it warm.

III. Damaged body fluid with Lung Heat pattern

The major complaint of this pattern of disharmony is extreme thirst and after drinking a lot of water, the patient will still have a dry mouth and throat with pain or sensitivity in the throat. Signs and symptoms are dry stool and yellow urine. The tongue will appear red and have a light yellow fur due to excess heat in the organ.

Rice Mung Bean Soup

50g Rice
20g Mung bean
One dried or fresh Lotus leaf

How to Cook: to make rice soup, cook the mung bean and rice in water, and add then add the lotus leaf as a cover and lid. Cover the soup while cooking. Eat with your meal

Soy Bean Milk Soup:

20g spring rice
150ml Soy bean milk

How to Cook: First cook all the rice in water until it becomes soft. Afterwards include the soy bean milk into the water. Do not add sugar. Add another two minutes of cooking until the dish appears starchy.

Eat the soup with meal or for breakfast.

Mussel Soup with Bitter Melon:

100g Fresh mussel
250g Bitter melon (Remove seeds and slice into pieces)

To eliminate the muddy taste, dip fresh mussels in fresh water for a couple of days
How to Cook: To make soup, cook all ingredients in water. Then before serving, few drops sesame seed oil and a pinch of salt.

Eat with meal.