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Obesity has bulged along with the age of the fast-food culture.  From Big Macs to $6 burgers and 1680-calorie chocolate shakes, the two words that define the culture of mega consumption today is upsize me (or super size me).  The rise of the United States’ “gross weight,” (and I do mean gross) made it essential and only natural, in direct proportionality to its heaving problem, the rise of weight loss centers.

Your weight gain is Jenny Craig’s financial gain and it may be too conspiratorial to ponder that maybe, just maybe, Jenny Craig and the fast-food corporate trolls are in cahoots in making America’s citizens eat as if there’s no tomorrow.  Of course, I am just kidding.

Back to the topic, most weight-loss centers do promote healthy living and lifestyle.  There are diet or fitness programs that are very good for the body.  How can one say “nein” to a six-pack ab guarantee in just 2 weeks or a physique that rivals Arnold’s (no, not the present day Arnold (are you kidding?) but the multi-titled Mr. Olympia champion of yore).

The problem with these programs is that the term “no pain, no gain” or better yet “no guts, no glory” applies.  What if there is a way to shed those love handles or beer bellies without the grunts and the groans or the hunger moans that come with these programs and guaranteed 100% safe?  There is and it is called weight loss acupuncture.

Weight loss acupuncture is so safe and so painless one need not fear strains or injuries while on it or suffer hunger by the second.  It has no side effects, unlike pharmacologically induced weight loss programs where heart palpitations and addiction among others happen.

Acupuncture  Montclair is the treatment of pain and ailments with the use of reedy-thin, feather light needles inserted in the skin at points traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) calls meridian points.  These needles allow the free flow of chi or life force along the meridian systems.  The meridian system according to TCM, is the invisible part of the body’s system that channels chi throughout the body.  It functions similarly to the circulatory system but instead of blood, chi flows through it.

Due to emotional or psychological stress or physical injuries; blockage or stagnation of chi happens at specific parts of the body, mainly around the body organs and if this happens, disease and/or ailments occur.  To remove these blockages, acupuncture is performed.

When treating for obesity, acupuncture enables the release of endorphins in the body.  Its release likewise frees the patient from his/her addiction to food.  The chi also stimulates the body to facilitate the burning of calories and the excretion of waste materials.  Acupuncture thus, not only assists the body to lose weight, it also cures the source of the person’s problem, which in this case is his/her addiction to food.

Acupuncture Montclair therapy is a traditional and ancient Chinese practice consists of many folk medical ways which are based on spirituality. There are more than 12 million Americans who are using acupuncture therapy for pain relief. Meridians are the vital energy or chi in the body that flows through channels.

Meridians mostly consist of branches which connect to bodily functions or organs. An imbalance to these chi levels is considered as illness. To restore the imbalance in your body, the ancient practices such as acupuncture therapy, herbal therapy, and qi gong exercise are the main considerations.

Acupuncture therapy involves insertion of very thin, stainless steel needles into various parts of your body. Low frequency electric currents are also applied to the needles to produce better stimulation. Acupuncture therapy is an effective means of stimulating acupoints with lasers, ultrasound, and electricity. Other procedures which can also be used in conjunction with acupuncture therapy are:

  • Auriculotherapy – Placement of needles in the ear
  • Acupressure – Use of manual pressure
  • Moxibustion – Burning of floss or herbs which are applied to the skin
  • Procaine
  • Injection of sterilized water
  • Vitamins
  • Morphine
  • Homeopathic solutions which are inserting through the needles

Acupuncture therapy is applied to the acupuncture points which are supposed to be located throughout your body. There were 365 points located which represented as the days of the year during the past 2000 years. Gradually this number is increased to around 2000.

Based on the symptoms of the disease, acupuncturists place needle near or on the area of the disease, but this is particularly. Traditional acupuncture therapy consists of a combination of points being used. Most of the acupuncturists suggest the traditional Chinese view of health and disease. An acupuncture therapy along with herbal remedies and other related ways are considered as valid approaches in curing your disease.

It is still not exactly known how acupuncture therapy can relieve your pain. Some theories suggest that pain impulses are blocked from reaching the spinal cord and the brain. While, another theory suggest that acupuncture stimulates the body to produce narcotic like substances which reduce the pain.