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An amazing therapy to combine with acupuncture, the ancient medical treatment of moxibustion can be used for a broad range of ailments and illnesses. The Chinese character for acupuncture is actually Shen Jiu, which literally means needle-moxibustion. Without moxibustion, acupuncture treatment is like playing a piano with one hand. Unfortunately, most acupuncture clinics in the States no longer utilize moxibustion due to new regulations in buildings related to the issue of ventilation. Moxibustion with acupuncture is absolutely necessary whenever you need to exponentially boost your treatment.

Sometimes, a smokeless type of moxa is used by practitioners in their therapy. Moxa is made from Chinese mugwort or Artemisiae Argyi, a compressed type of herb. A moxa stick will be used on specific acupuncture points (the burning stick does not touch your skin). This technique is referred to as indirect Moxa as there are procedures in which the practitioner puts the moxa directly on the skin surface. Indirect moxibustion is considered the safest moxibustion technique.

In acupuncture moxibustion therapy, the smoldering moxa generates heat around the area where the needle has been inserted. The needle distributes the heat into the deeper tissues and the surrounding skin surface gets a boost in blood circulation as it brings about a localized, slow vasodilation reaction. The warmth the therapy generates is extremely relaxing and offers a comforting and soothing sensation that patients say is extremely relaxing. There are patients who feel the heat pleasantly radiating to other parts of their body’s freeing obstructed energies.

Moxibustion gives off a peculiar type of heat. The heat gives off infrared energy with short waves that can go through even deeper into the body. This stimulates the selected acupuncture points and disseminates messages to the brain of the patient brain to further gain entry to the several different self-healing processes of their bodies enabling an appropriate indirect moxibustion procedure to be experienced.

Moxibustion is so soothing that many patients can’t help but fall asleep on the acupuncture table.

We need to understand why some patients suffer a lot from a respiratory condition is because their practitioners simply do not use moxibustion to treat them.

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