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The common causes of pain are back strain and muscle tension. Broken down cartilage and worn joints can also be a factor. Although neck pain can be dispersed, it usually centers on one area in your neck. This type of pain can manifest in the form of spasms or stiffness. To relieve neck pain, nowadays, people have been turning to natural healing techniques such as acupressure in Cleveland and reflexology. Acupressure helps identify the pressure points in your body that can be stimulated and massaged to alleviate health problems.

Despite the fact that anecdotal evidences abound showing it to be effective in treating neck pain,the practice of reflexology is still being evaluated for its clinical effectiveness. To find out more about the pressure points that can help alleviate your neck pain, continue reading.

The science behind neck pain and pressure points!

As a treatment for neck pain, acupuncture has been studied for many decades now. Acupuncture is not universally accepted as a treatment for neck pain treatment despite the fact is evidence that it works for try this condition. With regards to acupressure, there is very little scientific study to prove that it works. Some researchers wonder if the acupuncture needles help activate chemicals in your body bring about the relief of pain. Then,if that is the case, activating pressure points through massage rather than needles would not generate the same relief from pain.

With this in mind, it is not really a good idea to rule out the benefits of acupressure as a holistic way to treat neck pain. Activating pressure points may soothe aching muscles and alleviate neck pain. Based on a number of medical and scientific reviews, the answer is that we just don’t know.

If you’re interested in relieving neck pain using acupressure therapy, these are the steps you need to follow:

Breathein deeply and relax – to administer acupressure therapy, be mindful to select a quiet and comfortable setting.

After identifying the pressure points to take your neck pain, use a deep and firm pressure to massage the affected pressure points. On each point, you need to rotate your fingers in an up-and-down or circular motion for three to five minutes, focusing on one at a time. Stop right away if during the treatment, you feel a sharp rise in pain anywhere on your body.

if you feel the massage is effective, repeat the treatment throughout the day. There’s no limit to how many times per day you can practice acupressure.

Keep in mind that in reflexology, the entire body is interconnected. This means that it’s typical to activate one part of your body to align or stimulate another body part.

The Jian Jing acupuncture point is located in the muscles of your shoulder, approximately halfway between your arms begin and neck. This acupoint has been successfully utilized in acupuncture studies of muscle tension and headache. The Jian Jing point may successfully also relieve the pain of a stiff or sore neck.