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One of the most problematic health issues facing the Untied States nowadays is the number of people suffering from high cholesterol.  High cholesterol, contrary to widespread belief that it is due to cardiovascular problems, is actually the body’s inability to normally assimilate or synthesize lipoproteins or cholesterol in the body.  The cholesterol and triglycerides gets stored in the blood and this heightens the risk of heart disease.  Western medicine, because it is financially expedient, merely sets its goals in treating the symptoms of high cholesterol.  No money will flow if it cured the problem completely.  High cholesterol is usually caused by poor nutritional choices, inefficient body metabolism and an unhealthy lifestyle.  Besides merely acting as palliatives for the symptoms, Western medicine offers drugs that are replete with toxins and it is rather inadvisable to use them as a primary recourse for high cholesterol. Bellvue Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gives the same benefit plus much more for the patient without any worries of side effects in its use.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy nutritional choices can vastly minimize high cholesterol.  They give the body strength and a proper function to increase cholesterol breakdown at the same time minimizing food intake essentially rich in cholesterol.  Some foods that are low in cholesterol are cold-water fish, apples, bananas, carrots, garlic, coconut and olive oil, grape fruits and oats and bran.  Vitamin and mineral intake such as niacin, omega 3 and lecithin among others are highly recommended for proper cholesterol maintenance.  Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, stress, anxiety, anger and bad sleeping habits contribute to high cholesterol while greasy and fried foods, eggs and beer, to mention a few, also makes a person accumulate cholesterol rapidly.  Sugar intake such as soda or confections also contributes to high cholesterol.  A better alternative for sodas would be tea (herbal is preferable).  Drinking tea after meals increases the body’s metabolism helping burn calories faster and efficiently.  Light exercises are also advisable to burn more calories and help the body metabolize fat after eating fatty meals.

As mentioned before, herbal tea is good for cholesterol reduction.  TCM also encourages the use of Chinese herbal medicines to complement acupuncture therapy.  Acupuncture treats the disorders and the imbalances in the body.  It helps regulate the body’s metabolism so that a proper breakdown of cholesterol and triglycerides is achieved.  The cholesterol accumulation itself can be addressed by herbal medicine.  The herbs also are great in reducing the high blood pressure of the patient if he/she suffers from it.  Without a change in bad dietary habits and poor lifestyle, acupuncture can only go so far in helping an individual battle high cholesterol.  For one seeking a permanent solution to this problem, acupuncture plus a healthy lifestyle and eating of nutritious and low cholesterol foods is the answer.

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Heroin is a highly addictive substance. It is both the most often abused and the most potent of all of the opiates.

Heroin is made from the processing of morphine, which is a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seedpod of the Asian poppy plant.  Street heroin is usually mixed with other substances, sometimes even rat poison.  Heroin addicts rarely know the actual strength of the drug or the added substances resulting in an increased risk for accidental overdose and/or death.  Chronic users manifest collapsed veins, infection of the heart lining and valves, abscesses, cellulitis, and liver disease.  They are prone to pneumonia, which results from poor respiratory health and are very prone to HIV and hepatitis.  Heroin works by attaching to receptors on neurons in the nervous system and tissues of the immune system. The opioid receptors work by altering the feelings of the user.  There is a surge of euphoria that may last several hours.  After the euphoria, a phase of an alternately wakeful and drowsy state takes over the person.  The mind is subjected to altered states of consciousness due to the depression of the central nervous system. Heroin is a very harmful substance due to the body’s mental dependence on it developing after repeated use.

Bellvue Acupuncture is a very popular modality for heroin abuse since it has proven to work as a treatment for addictions from nicotine to cocaine.  Acupuncture is used more often for its pain relieving properties through sensory stimulation.  Furthermore, acupuncture has been known to successfully treat depression, which arises after the potency of heroin has dissipated.  Acupuncture causes the body to heal and relax, which is good for heroin users who are on withdrawal.  Detoxification therapy through acupuncture involves the insertion of acupuncture needles to the ear, also called auricular acupuncture. The various points in the ear have networks connected to different bodily functions and organs.  Auricular acupuncture allows the individual to feel relaxed, to decrease his/her anxiety and restlessness, to sweat less and to avoid abdominal cramps among others.  It also helps the body rid the toxic substances more rapidly.  Acupuncture allows the patient to acquire a positive mood, help relieve stress, and control cravings.  It also heals the mind especially with the calming and euphoric effect coming from this treatment.  In some states, heroin addicts are now forced to try acupuncture first before getting methadone treatment.  Heroin addicts have lowered energy and are very physically weak which gives them more reason to use heroin to feel much better. Acupuncture always restores the body’s energy balance, which helps a lot in reducing cravings for heroin.  Overall, acupuncture has helped heroin users mitigate their withdrawal symptoms, helped them control their urges and cravings and have given them peace of mind and good feeling of well-being physiologically, which methadone treatment can never give.

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Acupuncture for treating addiction is a very good alternative in lieu of methadone, which is used for mitigating withdrawal side effects.  Methadone itself is highly addictive and its use is just to alleviate the pain of withdrawal.  It does not address really the root of the addiction.

There is really no western pharmaceutical cure for pharmaceutical addiction.  Cocaine, heroin and LSD are all pharmaceutical drugs but somehow, western pharmaceutical corporations do not provide a cure for problems they themselves have created.  All they produce are drugs that relieve symptoms or are palliatives designed not to totally cure the sickness or disease.

Bellvue Acupuncture has been curing addiction for thousands of years.  During the opium wars, the British introduced opium to mainstream Chinese society to destroy Chinese resolve against British colonialism.  This was one of the prime reasons why the Chinese fought the British; to stop the British poisoning of the Chinese population with opium.  Chinese medicine in general and acupuncture and herbal medicine in particular, were entirely responsible for the rehabilitation of the Chinese people against the scourge of opium addiction.

Acupuncture for addiction treatment is 100% safe for the patient.  There are no side effects in acupuncture therapy, unlike methadone treatment, which is not really a treatment, where no addicting substance is introduced in the body. There have been hundreds of studies that testify to the success of acupuncture in treating drug addiction.

Acupuncture works in treating addiction by revitalizing energy level of an organ with low chi level.  The chi is blocked from flowing in this particular organ and the low energy level in the affected organ affects the rest of the organs in the body.

Another aspect of Chinese medicine is the yin and yang principle.  The relative balance of yin-yang in the body is essential for well-being.  Addicts usually have a yin deficiency.

Yin is the water principle in the body, which corresponds to quietness and peacefulness, and when there is yin deficiency, the yang aspect overrides the physiological and psychological aspect of the person.  The yang principle corresponds to the fire aspect of the body and an inordinate amount of yang leads physiologically to restlessness and hyperactivity and psychologically to depression and meaninglessness.

Treatment is done by inserting needlepoints in parts of the body especially the ear.  Numerous meridian systems pass through the ear and some of these pass through the liver, kidneys and lungs, organs directly affected by the yin-yang imbalance because of addiction.

The treatment stimulates the release of endorphins to flood the body so that the patient may control his/her addiction.  The release of endorphins substantially decreases the desire of the patient for the drug.  If the addiction has been going on for some time, a session lasting up to 6 to 8 months might be required to completely recover from the addiction.