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Autism is a medical condition in which a child is suffering from impairments listed below:

1. Repetitive behavior
2. Limited interest
3. communication and social skills
4. Speech

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) these handicaps are the result of the body organs’ inability to perform their functions. This work will deal about the function of the kidney and how its dysfunctions can lead to autism.

Jing or Kidney essence is crucial for the proper development of the fetus. A deficiency or weakness of the kidney prenatal essence can result in an underdeveloped fetus, which leads to mental and physical retardation and a weakened constitution.

1. Kidney creates marrow to fill the brain enabling the brain to perform its functions of gathering information and increasing the individual’s determination and will, and helping the person to intelligently react to situations.
2. Meridians of the Kidney opens to the ears
3. Deficiency of kidney qi can lead to hearing disorders
4. Kidney qi is responsible for hair growth

As we get older, we have less hair since aging is related to the slow depletion of kidney essence.

5. Kidney also controls fluid metabolism

The bladder is controlled by the kidney. The bladder holds and releases fluids while the small and large intestines separate the clear fluids from the turbid.

6. The function of the lung is influenced by the kidney

The lung moves fluid and qi downward while the kidney moves them upward to make a complete and proper circulation. A damaged kidney regardless of the cause won’t be able to perform its functions well. It causes dampness to accumulate in the lower part of the body and lung qi to stagnate resulting in the stagnation of the middle burner.

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