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Foods that help lower blood pressure obviously are beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Chinese soups that contain carrot, spinach, wolfberry leaves, and celery are some of these beneficial diets.

Patients with hypertension are advised by their doctors to make modifications to their diet to regulate their high blood pressure before they begin prescribing long-term drugs.

The usual dietary modification doctors recommend include:

➢ Avoid tobacco and alcohol
➢ Consume foods rich in calcium and potassium and shun foods high in sodium
➢ Minimize the intake of salt

If you’re used to eating well-seasoned foods, you may be required rather tasteless and bland food. However, Chinese soups that are well-simmered Chinese soups are very flavorsome and just require a pinch of salt to boost its flavor.

When it comes to ingredients, soups can be quite versatile. Foods high in calcium and potassium and low in sodium should be selected. Soups that have plenty of vegetables can also promote healthy bowel movement that’s known to help normalize blood pressure.

Foods that reduce blood pressure can even benefit patients that are already on medical treatments.

It goes without saying that not all Chinese soups are appropriate for people suffering from hypertension. Eat vegetable and fish soups and stay away from soups with stocks made from bones and beef soups.

If you’re treating your high blood pressure by taking blood thinners, do not eat foods or soups that contain dang gui or angelica root.

The following is a list Chinese soups that can help lower your blood pressure

1. Red dates with Celery tea – Celery is widely known as an ideal food that can lower high blood pressure.


Water 2 liters
Red dates 50 grams
Celery 200 grams


Wash and clean the red dates and celery
Slice the celery into small cuts
Put all the ingredients in a soup pot and simmer for half an hour
Drink the tea many times a day

2. Soup with wolfberry leaves and fish – Goji or wolfberry leaves are nutritiously rich and are very good to the liver. If you’re liver is healthy, it is beneficial to your blood pressure.


Sesame seed oil, pepper, and salt
Three slices of ginger
Celery 120 grams
Wolfberry leaves 250 grams
White fish fillet 60 grams


Clean the wolfberry leaves and celery with water, take out the leaves from the stems
Take out the leaves and roots of the celery, slice into small cuts
Rinse fish fillet and cut into thin slices
Use ginger, sesame seed oil, and a pinch of salt to season the fish lightly
The wolfberry stems are tied into a bunch and places in a stock pot
Add two liters of water and boil
Reduce heat to medium heat and allow it to simmer for twenty minutes
Take out the wolfberry stems and include the wolfberry and celery leaves
Cook for around ten minutes, include the fish slices and cook the fish till it’s done
Lightly season the dish with pepper and salt prior to serving

3. Century egg and spinach congee – This congee is an ideal diet for people suffering from hypertension who have been advised to watch their diet. How much water you put in the congees will be based on the consistency you desire.


White rice 50 grams
1 century egg
Spinach 50 grams


Cut the century egg into very small slices
Wash the spinach with water and slice into bite-sized cuts
Wash the rice
Put the century egg, spinach, and rice, in a big pot
Add water boil
Before serving season the congee with a pinch of salt

4. Rice celery rice porridge – This porridge is ideal diet for people suffering from coronary heart disease or high blood pressure.


Water 10 cups
Pepper and salt
Celery 120 grams
White rice 250 grams


Wash and slice celery into cubes (bite-sized)
Wash rice and put in a pot along with the celery
Add water and boil well
Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook until the congee has a medium consistency
Add pepper and salt

5. Apple with celery tea – Take this recipe if you are easily excitable and suffer from symptoms such as flushed cheeks and headaches.


Water 2 liters
Two Apples
Celery 250 grams


Wash apples and celery
Slice the celery into smaller cuts
Put the celery in a pot of water and boil for a couple of minutes
Juice the partially boiled celery along with the apples
Drink the juice in a glass of water two times a day

Aside from celery and spinach, people with indigestion and high blood pressure can also benefit by eating carrot porridge.

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A lot of people with high blood pressure tend to rely on medications to manage their condition. There are literally hundreds of drugs on the market that doctors prescribe to lower high blood pressure (HBP) levels. All these products claim of being able to temporarily regulate blood pressure and prevent the risk of a heart attack or stroke. However, modern drugs are notorious for being inherently toxic that usually leads to side effects. This is the reason why more and more folks are discarding themselves of these conventional approaches and turning to more natural and safer modes of treatment.

These days, you can buy your own biofeedback or breathing machine, invest in relaxation audio tapes, and buy herbal remedies for treatment. The question, do they really work? Do these products perform exactly as advertised?That when you use them, you are guaranteed to enjoy good and better health and make the treatment of blood pressure beneficial and pleasant?

Although acupuncture has been used as a major form of treatment in China for thousands of years, western scientists and physicians have observed it closely these past few decades and have just now begun to understand a bit of how it works to upgrade health. They found that inserting filiform needles into specific points in the body (known as acupuncture points, or acupoints, for short)–leads to an increased flow of chemicals and hormones. When they enter the bloodstream, these chemicals act on the brain and the nerves. But more importantly, some of them seem to locally affect minor blood vessels in the surrounding tissues and skin causing those blood vessels to dilate and open up setting off a sensation of warmth and flushing that some people tend to experience during an acupuncture procedure.

How Is Blood Pressure Measured?

Blood pressure is measured by how much force the heart needs to pump to push the blood throughout the body. If your blood pressure is high, this means that the vessels are constricted and resistant to the flow; a low blood pressure, on the other hand, suggests that the vessels are wider and offer less flow resistance causing the heart to exert less effort to pump blood throughout the body. Therefore, if the capillaries, veins, and arteries widen a little because of acupuncture in Cleveland, then circulation can move freely causing the blood pressure to drop.

Acupoints targeted for treatment are oftentimes deliberated on by acupuncturists because they understand the importance of selecting the correct points in order to achieve optimal results. Some acupuncturists will select powerful acupoints on the ear to bring about a significant drop in BP level.

Being natural holistic doctors, acupuncturists will always use natural blood pressure remedies –albeit with one condition – that you, the patient, will faithfully adhere and persevere in the course of treatment set by your acupuncturist. Going to all your appointments means that you believe in the treatment and that’s what’s all needed for the treatment to be successful. If you have doubts about the treatment, you could end up with a higher blood pressure level than when you first came in for treatment.

To help monitor your progress, it is important that you have a blood pressure monitor at home. If you don’t know how to read your blood pressure in a BP, you can buy an electronic BP monitor that will automatically tell you your BP reading. This is how you keep yourself safe.

You can ask your doctor what your normal BP level should be. Start by only dong recordings of your BP for a whole week. Then, the next step is to minimize or avoid any intake of salt. Try eating foods with zero salt content like yogurt, fresh fruits, and fruit juices for a whole week. Then record your BP levels once more and see the difference, you just might be shocked at what harm salt can do to your health!

If you decide to lower your HBP with the use of herbal remedies, be sure to talk to a qualified acupuncturist or Chinese medicine practitioner who will guide you on what herbal concoction fits your specific needs. You could also decide to perform regular exercise or a use a breath training device instead. Whatever you chose, be sure that have your own monitor at home to help you carefully monitor your BP. Do not delay –purchase your home BP monitor and get started today.

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For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to help lower high blood pressure in humans. People develop high blood pressure when their blood begins to exert pressure against the blood vessel walls, especially the walls of the heart chambers, veins, and arteries. Over the course of time, this strong rush of blood begins to damage the walls of the blood vessels leading to arterial hardening, medically known as arteriosclerosis.

High blood pressure symptoms

Humans usually suffer from acute high blood pressure symptoms that can include restlessness, severe headaches, nervousness, flushed faces, and sudden dizziness. Other symptoms include emotional instability, short temper, depression, intestinal complaints, insomnia, nose bleeding, breathing difficulty, restlessness, severe headaches, nervousness, a flushed face, muscle weakness, poor eye vision and frequent urination.


Electro-acupuncture or acupuncture in Cleveland combined with electric stimulation is a modern version of traditional acupuncture that can decrease blood pressure elevations in people with high blood pressure. The first time acupuncture was tested for high blood pressure, the needles were inserted at acupoints inside the forearm just above the wrist. The test was unsuccessful. When the test conductors added electric stimulation to the needles, to allow electricity to flow to the needles into the body, the stimulation helped lower the blood pressure as long as low electricity frequencies were used.

A comprehensive study on acupuncture reveals that needles inserted into specific acupoints activates brain cells leading to the production and release of neurotransmitters that helped boost the heart’s activities. Needle insertion into points on the leg, forearm, or wrist stimulates the release of opioids in the brain lowering excitatory reactions of the cardiovascular systems that in turn helps to lower high blood pressure significantly. The stimulation also improved the healing of other cardiovascular conditions such as hypertensions and myocardial ischemia.

Lowering high blood pressure using other forms of acupuncture treatments

Complementary therapies for acupuncture such as herbal preparations use specific Chinese herbs to lower blood pressure. These herbs can include Shan Zha, Prunella, and Tian Ma. Some Chinese medicine practitioners inject the juices of these herbs for better and much quicker results.

One other natural and unique acupuncture procedure to lower high blood pressure includes the pressing of the skin in between the index finger and thumb on the back of your hand.

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High blood pressure or hypertension is usually termed as “the silent killer” because it shows no noticeable symptoms that can prove fatal to the person having this disease. High blood pressure can also result in kidney damage or loss of vision. The only way to ascertain if you have high blood pressure is if your doctor uses a sphygmomanometer to measure your blood pressure and see if your readings are higher than the normal blood pressure levels.


Dyspnea and Headaches


Dyspnea or breathing difficulty and headaches are often felt by people who have blood pressures reaching 180/120 mmHg and above although a lot of people who have normal blood pressure levels may have these problems as well. Practically every individual will or have experienced headaches due to various factors like infections, tension or anxiety to mention a few. To determine whether dyspnea and headaches is caused by high blood pressure or something else, the physician will monitor your blood pressure first before ruling out or diagnosing you with high blood pressure. Headaches suffered by someone with high blood pressure is a dangerous sign of impending damage to the blood vessels in the retina or the brain and may entail immediate implementation of blood pressure management to impede major or even fatal complications. Difficulty in breathing is often caused by excess weight or obesity. However, if your blood pressure suddenly falls involuntary or if it has risen beyond any control, then your dyspnea may likely be an indication of early heart failure.


High blood pressure can heighten the risk of massive arterial bleeding in the retina that can cause loss of sight or extensive arterial bleeding in the brain which cause stroke. The likelihood of experiencing this is further upped when people who have blood pressure reach 50 yrs old and above. These are valid reasons why doctors call for immediate treatment for their older patients with high blood pressure.


Subconjunctival Hemorrhages and Nose Bleeds


Subconjunctival hemorrhages and nose bleeding do often happen in individuals experiencing high blood pressure. These symptoms are quite common and not need be causes for alarm. The term subconjunctival hemorrhages may sound a bit fearful but are simply a tiny amount of bleeding seen in the white part of your eye. They may manifest during typical bodily functions like straining during stool passing, sneezing or coughing and is seen as a tiny red part on the white of the eye. They usually banish after a few weeks. Subconjunctival hemorrhages are innocuous symptoms that are totally unrelated to retinal hemorrhages. When you suffer from high blood pressure, the blood vessels in your nose can rupture during a bout of high blood pressure leading to a nosebleed.




The above symptom is both suffered by people with high blood pressure and anxiety. When it manifests in a person already diagnosed with high blood pressure, it unfortunately can only add to the worries of anxious people who have high blood pressure.


Oftentimes the symptoms of people diagnosed with high blood pressure are different from person to person. It is not advisable to diagnose yourself with high blood pressure and you need to consult with your doctor to better assess your overall health and to make sure you don’t suffer from any underlying cause that may be causing your symptoms.


If you think you have high blood pressure here are some other symptoms to watch out for:


  • Weak vision
  • Poor sexual appetite or desire
  • Emesis or vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Sleeplessness
  • Tinnitus
  • Pounding in the ears, neck or chest
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain in the chest


Any of these symptoms should prompt you to see a doctor as soon as possible since they may indicate that you are experiencing a hypertensive crisis that eventually can result in a stroke or heart attack.


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High blood pressure may strike anyone and even if you presently don’t have this condition, it can develop if you live an unhealthy lifestyle and eat the wrong types of food. Living an active lifestyle and eating healthy, less fatty foods with low salt content among others can keep you from developing high blood pressure (HBP).

  • Performing physical activities – Regular exercises or physical activities help lower HBP. When your HBP is lowered, you avoid risking other health problems as well.
  • Eating a healthy diet – Eat as little salt as possible when you eat. You likewise need to minimize or abstain from any consumption of alcohol. You can try an eating plan called Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH that helps prevent you from having HBP and make you healthier and more resilient to diseases and illnesses as well.
  • Reduce your weight to a normal weight ideal for your height – Being and staying at a healthy weight does help a lot in preventing HBP and other forms of diseases that can come up if you’re overweight or obese.
  • Stop smoking – Smoking weakens your blood vessels and makes them less flexible making you prone to HBP and atherosclerosis. It can also be responsible for the rise of upper respiratory and other diseases like cancer.
  • Manage your stress well – Stress can be a potential killer for anyone. Knowing how to manage and cope with stress will help reduce greatly your likelihood for HBP. Avail of herbs, deep breathing techniques and acupuncture to remove stress in your mind and body.

People who implement these advices will live a healthy and high quality life. The more healthy changes to your lifestyle you make, the less worries you will have developing HBP and other health-related issues.

For those who already have high blood pressure, you can battle this condition with medications, regular physical activity, following a healthy diet using little or no salt at all and living a stress-free life. If your doctor has formulated a treatment plan for you to control your HBP, be sure to follow it everyday.  Following your treatment plan can prevent the onset of other diseases like kidney disease, stroke or coronary heart disease and other kinds of problems related to your condition.

Children and Teens

Even children and teens can develop high blood pressure.  You can follow the steps included below to prevent HBP from rising in your child or teen.

  • Normal weight – Children may look cute when they’re chubby but actually their excess weight only does damage to their health in more ways than one. If your child is above his normal weight, you can ask his doctor the safe and proper ways to lose weight
  • Activity – Motivate or enable your child to be active for one to a couple of hours everyday.  If possible, do not let them watch TV or limit their TV watching for just a maximum of 2 hours. Talk to your child’s doctor on the best activities your child can indulge in on a regular basis
  • Healthy diet – When eating give your child food with very low sodium content and saturated fats.  Provide him with a diet plan that provides for a lot of vegetables and fruits. If your child is four years old or older, make him eat dairy products low in fat.

These are some of the best ways to keep your child healthy and prevent him from becoming obese and overweight thereby helping prevent him from developing high blood pressure.

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The dangerous thing about high blood pressure is that it has no discernable symptoms and that the condition can lead to fatal consequences eventually. High blood pressure happens when the blood vessels become rigid and become constricted creating more pressure on the heart to pump blood more vigorously throughout the body. The pumping pressure of the heart is measured in a couple of numbers: the systolic and diastolic. When high blood pressure or hypertension is not properly controlled, it can lead to serious complications like organ damage and blood vessel damage over time.

Kidney Disease

In the United States alone, around 25,000 people are reported to suffer from kidney damage every year. When blood vessels in the kidney are damaged because of hypertension, the kidney loses its ability to properly dispose of excess fluid and wastes from the body. Too much fluid in the body causes the blood pressure to even more rise up exacerbating the condition further. The common way to diagnose kidney damage is to perform urinalysis since the condition does not have any visible symptoms. Without proper diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease brought about by hypertension, then the disease may reach the point where the only treatment solutions are kidney transplant or dialysis.


Also called a cerebrovascular accident, a stroke happens when enough blood does not reach the brain to nourish brain tissues and areas due to the impaired vessels that carry blood to the brain. In the Unites States, stroke is the number one factor in causing disability among adults as stated by the National Stroke Association. The damaged blood vessels or blood clots make it impossible for the blood to reach some parts of the brain causing stroke and resulting in motor and sensory dysfunctions. These can include irreversible weakness or permanent paralysis in certain parts of the body as well as memory, vision and speech problems that are also irreversible. To prevent or mitigate the severity of these problems, early diagnosis and remedy or rehabilitation should be implemented.

Coronary Artery Disease

The function of the coronary arteries is to convey oxygen-filled blood coming from the lungs to the heart. The heart then pumps the oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. When hypertension occurs and is not controlled, a substance made up of calcium and fatty elements accumulates in the arterial wall and causes damages to the arteries. The substances impede blood flow and cause chest pain which is medically called angina. Less blood flow to the heart is also experienced malnourishing the heart and weakening it. The heart weakens and is unable to pump enough blood to the extremities and the lungs causing edema to develop there. Symptoms of edema swelling and shortness of breath is experienced as well as arrhythmia and irregular heart beats. One type of arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation can result in heart attack. An atrial fibrillation happens when blood clots or pools accumulate in the heart’s left atrium. These clots can become large enough that they completely shut off the flow of blood in specific regions of the heart leading to a heart attack.


High blood pressure can be responsible for the development or aggravation of diabetes. Diabetes, in turn heightens the risk of high blood pressure in a person.


Preeclampsia is a condition that can develop during pregnancy and can have effects like high blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy can have serious effects on the mother and the baby.

Metabolic Syndrome

This is a number of conditions that can include increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure and excess fat developing around the waist all leading to high likelihood of diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

Erectile Dysfunction

High blood pressure does often lead to erectile dysfunction in people 45 years old and above.

Side Effects of High Blood Pressure Medications

All hypertensive drug medications have side effects many of which are serious. So if you are taking blood pressure drugs, you may experience all or some of the side effects of these drugs.