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Today, humanity is able to do a spiritual type of acupuncture called Esoteric Acupuncture (EA) is because it has already attained a high level of consciousness. This is according to its founder, Mikio Sankey. He explained that Esoteric Acupuncture addresses the energy fields above the physical body and the physical body itself, which aids the efforts of individuals whose goal is to maintain health and attain higher consciousness.

People who are looking for a treatment that furnishes more than just figuring out physical illnesses more than likely will be more aware of the third dimension as long as EA treatments is combined with the consumption of natural foods. Unnatural foods and chemicals tend to adversely affect the access of the light bodies during EA therapy; therefore, for the overall treatment to work, eating non-irradiated, non-GMO, and organic foods is essential. Patients who are searching for a way of life and health plan that does not rely on drugs will find EA a perfect alternative treatment.

Both EA and traditional acupuncture can balance an individual’s etheric and physical bodies, which greatly boosts overall health. The acupuncture and the energy channels or meridians are housed in the etheric body and can be sensed after a physical equivalent, such as arm, has been removed. Due to the focus on diseased states and the academic style in which it is taught, traditional acupuncture is considered in the realm of the “left brain,” while due to the use of intuition a practitioner uses in knowing what treatment plan to use, the patient’s and practitioner’s simultaneous visualization, and the style of the insertion of the needles, EA is considered a “right brain” technique. In traditional acupuncture, assuming each acupoint is in the exact same spot on all people, a precise identification and location of an acupoint is required ; in, EA, however, acupoints that are not necessarily be in the same location are taken into consideration.

Sankey refers to as spin fields as amazing energy. These spin fields happen at the site of the needle insertion due to the intent of the practitioner and the order of needle placement. The needles are arranged in such a way that it generates specific geometric shapes that is superimposed on the patient’s energy field. Certain energies re then pulled into the patient, resulting in a shift of his/her consciousness/awareness. A calm mind is of course, required 9in order for the patient to fully be aware of what has occurred, but once having occurred, no matter how small, a shift will wait until it is eventually noticed.

Through the spin fields the patient can attain a consciousness totally different from the one the patient has had throughout his/her life, that is, if he/she has formally laid the ground work. If, not, EA may be able to help the patient move forward to a change in lifestyle essential for laying the ground work. Regardless, what can occur are steps toward higher consciousness and a better awareness of health.

The philosophy behind EA and the EA itself can be self- performed or performed by anyone only if the needles are used to stimulate the acupoints. A few recommended alternatives to needles include natural oils, crystals, and visualization. EA can be considered as a self-healing procedure when you develop the ability to treat yourself more so when you’re able to visualize how a practitioner performs it.

EA’s gift for higher consciousness and health is the alignment of the heart and head through the finer aspects of the self. Through awareness, we can begin to realize how we are all interconnected to everything and to one another. Persons are less likely to be drawn to harmful practices and foods when they’re in the finer fields of consciousness, as they’ll no longer be tethered to such things. EA can also be a way to tune in to and understand the shifts of energy happening on Earth right now. Esoteric Acupuncture can also bonus you with an accompaniment of higher consciousness and health, in general as well as a discovery of your real desire and true cause in life.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.