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Being an external therapy, Tuina as such, necessitates extensive training. It certainly should not and cannot be learned within just a weekend or two of teaching. This technique has been developed and refined for more than two millennia observation and empirical studies, and to diminish this learning is to forsake it.

You must go to a Doctor of Tuina or a Tuina Master and gain knowledge directly from them as a novice under their training system to ensure you learn Tuina properly. While it may take several years to learn it, like a martial art, Tuina therapy may require a decade to master.

One other option is to go to China and train as a student of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and specialize in Tuina therapy. This is not for everyone because learning it can take many years. One of the best ways in which this technique can be learned is by undergoing periods of intense training for several weeks. This method has been proved to produce really very good practitioners. However, this type of training entails strong dedication and really hard work and dedication from the students, although, in the end, their skill would be impeccable and will last a lifetime. Mainly, the contact hours establish confidence and maintain the high standard of the practitioner compared to those at distance training schedule or college. A highly skilled practitioner can be produced who has the confidence to develop his/her own style of Tuina by combining clinical experience with theoretical training.

Within your own treatment clinics and practice it is essential that you acknowledge Tuina therapy as a distinct branch of traditional Chinese medicine with its own unique advantages and benefits. Due to its growing awareness in Western countries, Tui na is becoming more and more a popular treatment among people in these countries.

Dr. Jeda Boughton is a licensed acupuncture physician and the medical director of BodaHealth in Vancouver, BC.