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Sometimes called “meditation in motion,” Tai chi is a form of self defense that was originally developed in China. This elegant type of exercise has existed for over two millennia and its global popularity only seems to grow year by year. People perform tai chi either as a complement to other health care methods or as a basic exercise program or both. Health benefits include increased flexibility (particularly for seniors), improved balance, and the alleviation of stress.

You may discover vital energy or chi to be a useful element of your program. If you’re attempting to bolster your overall wellbeing and health, Tai chi can help you attain this. It is considered a safe practice for people of all levels of fitness and ages. Research has shown that tai chi can reduce the risk of falls and improve balance for seniors. Tai chi is appealing to lots of older adults because it puts minimal stress on your muscles and joints and its movements are low impact. Because of these, the person may find it useful if he suffers from a disease such as arthritis or if he’s recuperating from an injury.

When practiced regularly and understood properly, tai chi seems to be a very good form of exercise. It’s noncompetitive and self-paced and one doesn’t require special clothing or equipment or a large physical space. People can practice tai chi anyplace anytime. Since tai chi is gentle and slow, it practically has no adverse side effects. It may be possible that anyone would strain himself when first learning, but with the right instruction, this shouldn’t hinder you from practicing tai chi.

To reduce the risk of injury and attain optimal benefits, learn the proper way to perform the movements and postures. Paying attention to your breathing and body position are essential; therefore, the best way to best to study is directly under a teacher instead of videos and books. Your instructor can personally guide you and rectify many issues in your technique before they turn into a habit As you attend a series of classes and practice, you’ll learn how to do tai chi without needing to strain your joints and muscles

Once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll feel more you’re comfortable with the fundamental movements of tai chi, and you’re now ready to do this practice by yourself. You may find practicing tai chi at the same and in the same place every day. You’ll probably experience certain health benefits almost immediately, but perhaps, they won’t be very dramatic. Health benefits build up every time, so, be patient.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.