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Chinese medicine in Bellingham, especially when it’s done in a classically-based manner, works very well. In their long years of clinical observation, a great number of practitioners have witnessed miracles transpire. Some have witnessed individuals burdened by certain conditions, sometimes almost all their lives, be immediately changed after only a few treatment sessions. Perhaps, a lot of you have observed this as well. Classical Chinese medicine really helps patients get well – and that’s what medicine is supposed to do.

Not all clinical studies done on classical Chinese medicine are perfect. There have been studies that were thoroughly lambasted in a number of different ways by a great number of people. Chinese medicine works in an entirely different manner than Western medicine. In fact, it’s so different that double blind placebo controlled studies basically don’t work in showing what it is that Chinese medicine can do. Clinical research is another matter, and many of them have demonstrated the great effectiveness of Chinese medicine. Where those studies have been inconclusive or negative, it probably has something to do with the degree of Chinese medicine being performed in the study. This is the reason we’re hoping to perform trial studies through the Helfgott Research Institute.

When one consults with a Chinese doctor for the first time, they may be shocked at the intake process. The procedure is very much detailed, and Chinese doctors or practitioners address all of your problems under advisement – not merely the children who neatly fall into a basic diagnostic category. Doctors of Chinese medicine will not ignore your concerns as “psychosomatic” or “irrelevant”, they instead will assimilate each sign and symptom of disease into an entire diagnosis that will lead to a therapy to repair your ENTIRE bodily system’s balance.

Classical Chinese medicine doesn’t as the saying goes “rob Peter to pay Paul”. When a patient’s main your complaint is resolved, it is resolved in order to consolidate your entire being – spirit, mind, and body. Hence, for example, your current therapy for seasonal allergies will not give you an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, make it difficult for you to sleep, or generate dryness in your mucus membranes. This may lower your general discomfort and keep expenses at a minimum – you wouldn’t need to buy drugs to rectify the problems that the drugs caused!

Chinese medicine also doesn’t use any synthetic chemicals or pharmaceuticals for carrying out chemicals or treatment. One of the most significant problems we face today is pollutants that are dumped by the pharmaceutical industry into our waterways. That being said, there are very real environmental problems practitioners of Chinese medicine must deal with, including the issues inherent in importing Chinese herbal products in the West. While they are most certainly an item in itself – we want to underscore the fact that a lot of American companies are working to invent sustainably produced and pesticide-free herbal products.

We now are aware that, the rising costs of healthcare are leaving a lot of Americans uninsured, resulting in nearly intolerable pressure on the sustainably produced hospital system. It’s a big shame that the richest nation on earth leaves so many people without access to basic care. Natural medicine as a whole symbolizes an answer to this problem. Doctors of Chinese medicine offer so many treatments such as inexpensive herbal supplements and food therapy. In addition, you will discover that the typical office consultation for a Chinese medicine physician is quite reasonable what with the incredible depth of care a person receives. Insurance companies are starting to pay for the cost of these office visits which is a promising sign.

Classical Chinese Medicine definitely has some great reasons why it should be your medicine of choice – although we hope this article will provide you with some options as you think about your health care choices.