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Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll explain why almost all practitioners of Qigong are wasting their time…

Keep in mind that Qigong is the method of intentionally controlling your life force or Chi. Life force is the essence that keeps us alive and gives us the power us to do everything we do. Qigong is the same as Yoga and Tai Chi, but quicker and easier to learn and less demanding.

Qigong does not need athleticism and has shown to provide several health benefits.

People performing this age-old art have five basic goals they want to achieve:

  1. Increase Vitality an Improve Health
  2. Spiritual Cultivation
  3. Develop Internal Force
  4. Longevity
  5. Mind Expansion

However, as I said a short while ago, almost all practitioners of Qigong are wasting their time because they are unaware of the three core skills of Qigong, and so, omit performing them.

For you to achieve those five basic goals, you need to practice and keep on practicing these three core skills.

What are the three core skills that almost everyone is unaware of?

  1. Standing meditation – this method basically allows you to strengthen your practice.
  • Energy Flow – the Chinese call this skill ‘willow swaying, flowing breeze.’

It is qigong’s most closely guarded secrets and this is quite unfortunate since this skill is a very powerful way to enhance your vitality and health. You’re depriving yourself of at least three fourths of the benefits of qigong if the energy flow skill is missing in your qigong routine.

  • Entering a quiet state of mind – this is similar to a higher state of consciousness. This skill will help you stay focused and relaxed. If you’re unable to relax and/or perform qigong, pause and try to relax. While many people who start practicing qigong are able to relax, this relaxation is merely the beginning of qigong. You need to relax your entire being, this means relaxing spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to enter a quiet state of mind.

If you’re not performing these three core skills, you’re only doing low level exercises and not getting the really significant advantages of qigong. Whether you’re doing dynamic qigong, super hardcore qigong, martial arts qi gong, or medicinal qigong, these three core skills should be included to attain the greatest and optimal benefits of qigong. Without them, you’re almost wasting your time doing this exercise.

Learning the three qigong core skills is best achieved through a teacher who knows and performs them. These skills of qigong are extremely important since it is an art. It carries more weight than the amount of qigong exercises you have learned. Just 15 minutes of daily practice of these three core skills gives you more benefits than most qigong practitioners get in an hour.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.