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Qi Gong’s or Chi Kung’s history can be traced back to ancient China 5,000 years ago. During that time, emperors were not contented on being called emperor.  They had a knack of giving themselves another lofty title that often included anything pertaining to the heavens. Some emperors gave themselves the title “Son of the Sky” (this was used to fool the common folks since “Sky” during those times in China was often associated with “God.”) This was done deliberately to make the people believe that the emperors were selected by Divine Providence to rule over them. Of course, since most of the people there at that time were uneducated, they listened and obeyed their ruler who over time wanted more privilege, wealth, position, and power so much so that their ultimate quest turned to the attainment of immortality.

Chinese history has shown that the Chinese emperors were hard to please. There were two groups of people who were assigned to research for a way to become immortal. The first group decided that medicine was the key to immortal life and so they ended up accidentally killing 11 emperors due to wrong prescription of a drug they called “Immortality Medicine.” The other group concluded that the best way to prolong life is actually hidden within our bodies the whole time, which can be activated through a series of techniques. Their job was to sell these techniques to the emperor which was sometimes successful and sometimes not. Today, people practicing these techniques tend to live longer lives although immortality is out of the question, which is okay for most people since hardly anyone I know really wants to live forever. This series of exercises is known as Qi Gong.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a term made up of two words. Qi or Chi is the life energy of your body and Gong is roughly synonymous with movement. In Japan, Chi is called “Ki.” In India, it is known as Prana. In Europe, it is called Aura, and in the Philippines, it is called “Mana.” People throughout the world sensed that there was something mysterious they couldn’t see smell or touch, but nevertheless, affected their lives in a very profound way.

In some Qi Gong books, everything pertaining to Qi Gong is oftentimes discussed from the viewpoint of a lay person and not a scientist. This is to make the book easily understandable and easy to read. The difficult, abstract, and fancy Chinese terminologies are oftentimes omitted. There’s a term that’s more significant to the Western World when describing Chi. This term is called “bio-electricity.” Being conductors of electricity, our bodies are conduits, which can carry and distribute the flow of electricity from our body to other external objects. Eels know how to generate electricity, and our bodies do as well. However, why we don’t feel it. This is because the electricity that we generate is too weak to be felt.

But in certain circumstances, we may be able to feel this bioelectricity. There are some books that can teach you how to properly practice Qi Gong so that you can feel this bio-electricity flowing through your body that builds up to become stronger and stronger, till it finally flows along the energy channels led and driven by your “Intent.”

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