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Who does not hate needles being stuck in one’s skin?  The idea of inserting needles in the body to treat aliments seems a bit bizarre and rather scary.  That is why many people do not consider acupuncture NYC as a treatment for their sicknesses.

However, some pains are rather hard to resolve.  If your physician fails to resolve your lingering pain and medications do not work to your satisfaction, it is recommended that you see an acupuncturist.  Acupuncture has been treating countless numbers of people with various kinds of illnesses in China thousands of years.  It is a very good treatment for most types of pain and is a natural and safe mode of treatment.

On the first visit to an acupuncturist, the patient’s medical history will be reviewed and the acupuncturist will query the patient on what he/she is feeling.  Afterwards, a physical examination then is performed on the patient, which is somewhat different from a physician’s procedure. The acupuncturist will listen to the sounds of the patient’s body, observe the state of the tongue and smell urine samples or the breath of the patient to figure out the patient’s ailment.

Based on the physical examination and the patient’s medical history, a diagnosis is made and acupuncture needles are inserted in sites that connect to the affected organs of the body.  These sites, called acupuncture points or acupoints connect to energy pathways called meridians.  The needles may cause a slight sensation but not pain as they are inserted; as the effect of the needles start to work, a feeling of comfort and relaxation then envelops the patient.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, illnesses are observed as problems in the energy balance of the organs resulting in their poor functioning.  Due to stress or other factors, the meridians develop blockages that block the life force or vital energy called chi that travels throughout the body energizing and nourishing the body as it travels.  The application of needles into the acupuncture points serves to unblock the meridian to restore the natural and unhindered flow of energy allowing the body to heal itself and to remove pain.

Even though Western medical science is at a loss of how acupuncture works, with the countless numbers of people it has treated, it is undeniable that it works.  Large concentrations of adenosine have been detected in acupuncture sites by medical science researchers in the US and may be evidence of how acupuncture treats painful conditions.

The World Health Organization has listed more than 30 health conditions which acupuncture can effectively cure.  To name a few:  osteoarthritis, nausea, post-surgical pain, fibromyalgia and acute and chronic pain.

If western modes of treatment fail you in your quest for pain relief, acupuncture is a very good option worth considering.

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Acupuncture NYC is playing a growing importance in the field of sports.  The blending of Eastern and Western medicine has been quite effective in the treatment of sports injuries, treating even acute and chronic forms of injuries.  What’s more, with this treatment approach, the injury heals quickly and the body performs much better than before with the added energy acupuncture gives.

For the treatment of all types of strains and sprains, acupuncture is more effective than any treatment around.  Sprains are associated with the ligaments while strains affect the tendons or muscles.  For these types of injuries, accompanying pain are the limited range of motion of the affected joint, skin discoloration, muscle spasm and swelling.  Swelling not addressed promptly may lead to scarring and difficulty in restoring normal mobility and normal range of motion of the joint.

For the management of pain or chronic pain, acupuncture allows for the long-term and even permanent treatment of chronic pain as well as the control of pain.  A patient who has suffered a serious injury can also suffer from depression.  With acupuncture treatment, no one needs to feel sad because acupuncture can address both the injury problem and the depression itself.

Acupuncture can help restore the body to its optimal state of health and strengthen it further to prevent the recurrence of injury.  Most people know that using painkillers are not good for the body in the long run.  Anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are good short-term relievers of pain.  However, they weaken blood supply to the joints and muscles thereby setting up other soft-tissues for potential problems in the near future.  Soft tissues such as muscles become stiff, contract and weaken because of poor blood supply making them easily prone to injury.  These medications also in the long-term can cause renal and liver problems in the future.  With acupuncture treatment coupled with herbs, there is no need to worry about these problems.

Arthritis is a very inconvenient disorder affecting one’s activities of daily living.  From just picking up things to dressing up, arthritis guarantees a life filled with pain.  Acupuncture can successfully address these painful symptoms.

As mentioned, acupuncture can revitalize the body improving the body’s performance in activities such as sports or exercises.  With regular acupuncture, all bodily functions perform optimally.  The body’s energy is balanced and in harmony.  The emotional and mental state of the body is at peace and in a tranquil state preventing stress.  Blood circulation is good and the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints all function maximally.  The body and mind are all in a state of balance and harmony.

More often than not, people use acupuncture for their shoulder, neck, sciatica or back pain, which are aliments experienced more by ordinary people than by athletes.

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Acupuncture Orlando is an ancient Chinese medical tradition that entails the insertion and control of needles for the purposes of curing illness and relieving pain.  It was introduced in the United States in the 1970’s and is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine in the world today.  Acupuncture is effective in treating a host of disorders and ailments.  It is an effective treatment for chronic back pain, dental pain, migraines, labor pain, headaches, dizziness and nausea just to mention a few.

Acupuncturists use unorthodox diagnostic tools such as palpation, patient inquiry, olfaction, auscultation and inspection.  Palpation includes locating for sore points in the body and the examination of pulses of both hands.  Patient inquiry involves querying the patient on how he/she feels.  Olfaction and auscultation involves using smell and auditory function to analyze the urine, breath and respiration of the patient.  Inspection is observing the tongue and face of the patient for symptom analysis.

Needles used for acupuncture are smaller than the usual injection needles.  Acupuncture needles are made from stainless steel and are very thin needles with varying sizes and diameter.  Acupuncture has different techniques and notable among them are electro acupuncture and moxibustion.  Typical treatment plans may be from four to twelve sessions for a few months for just one complaint.  Many patients may need treatments lasting a few years for health maintenance.

A typical treatment may involve the use of a few (five) to several (up to twenty) needles inserted at certain depths, gently manipulated as they are punctured into the skin.  Moxibustion involves the burning of moxa plant over the needle and left to burn completely as the heat gives out a medicinal effect on the body.  Electro acupuncture, on the other hand sends a gentle electric pulse generated by a machine to the needles, which generates a relaxing and comfortable sensation to the patient.  The needles are allowed to stay in place for 15 to 40 minutes.  Typically, as the needles are inserted the patient may feel a slight discomfort; however this sensation is fleeting and as the needles’ effect kick in, the discomfort is allayed and replaced with a relaxing and comfortable feeling.

Treatment is not an instantaneous occurrence in acupuncture and depending on the severity of the condition, results may be seen for a few days or several weeks after initial treatment.  Usually, to enhance and facilitate the treatment process, other modalities are included.  The common supplementary therapies included are herbal medication, steroid injection and anti-inflammatory medication.  Acupuncture can neutralize the side effects caused by the drugs by helping the body flush out the inherent toxins of these drugs.  However, it is best to consult with one’s physician and acupuncturist before undergoing acupuncture if one is using medication for health maintenance for any concerns regarding contraindication.

Losing weight by means of acupuncture New York has been a proven way to shed unwanted mass.  The reason why acupuncture is such an effective weight loss program is because it elicits a relaxing and tranquil sensation that helps the body cope with stress and this prevents overeating tendencies.

Western medical science has devised so many approaches that allow the body to trim down in a natural way absent the need for risky operations or procedures.  However, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the oldest, most popular and most effective natural path to lose weight.  Acupuncture clinics all over the world have been offering this program for quite a long time now.  TCM is still widely used in East Asia and in China.  For more than 2500 years, TCM and acupuncture have been treating millions of people of various disorders and conditions.  It is only in the 1970’s that acupuncture became widely known in the United States.  However, its impact in the Western world has been substantial and since then, modern acupuncture techniques have been invented to make acupuncture more potent and efficient in its treatment of diseases and disorders.

Acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment.  This means that its aim is the overall treatment of the emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual health of the individual.  First and foremost, acupuncture is a very effective remedy for pain and distress.  Secondly, it is used to promote and maintain the individual’s overall well-being.  It is also known as a very potent answer for sleeplessness and infertility.

Acupuncture is about the insertion of needles to certain sites in the skin called acupuncture points or acupoints.  There are several acupoints that can stimulate the body to promote physiological functions whose end is the loss of weight.  These acupoints connect to energy pathways called meridians and the meridians in turn connect to specific major organs in the body.   The meridians are where the life force called chi travels all over the body.  When chi gets blocked or stagnates in the meridians, energy imbalance happens resulting in sickness and ailments.  The introduction of acupuncture needles unblocks the meridians and allows the redistribution of chi to all body parts.

Acupuncture also helps in improving blood flow.  Some of the systems that benefit from this are the excretory and digestive system.  Detoxification becomes more efficient as the toxins and harmful chemicals from certain bodily functions that come from unhealthy food are excreted.  The digestive system functions better absorbing body nutrients more efficiently, which means less food consumption.  Furthermore, the body’s metabolism is raised making burning calories much faster.  This means loss of calories and less food intake resulting in loss of weight.  An additional benefit for this type of acupuncture treatment is that one will feel a sense of tranquility and comfort after treatment.

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Acupuncture Philadelphia has been around for thousands of years and is a very important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  TCM believes that life is possible because of an electromagnetic energy called chi or vital energy animating, growing and strengthening the human body.  This chi, like blood flows through invisible energy networks known as meridians.  Twelve known meridians are associated with specific major body organs.  Hence, there is a stomach meridian associated with the stomach and a kidney meridian connected to the kidneys, etc.  Although, meridians are invisible, TCM somehow knows the path of each meridian.  For example, the stomach meridian’s path begins inferior to the eyeball and travels from the face, down the anterior of the body and leg and down to the second toe.  On the other end of each meridian are acupuncture points or acupoints where the needles go to treat the imbalance of an organ.  Acupoints on the meridian of the stomach is applied with needles if the patient has any pain and/or conditions in the digestive system.  Besides the twelve aforementioned meridians, eight more meridians exist that manage blocked or weak energy in the twelve meridians.  All of the meridians connect to the brain and central nervous system regulating the emotional and physiological processes of the body.

Meridians are dotted with hundreds of acupoints.  These points trigger physiological changes in the body during acupuncture treatment.  Some acupoints are connected to meridians that may interconnect to other organs of the body and these acupoints have stronger impact in the body than other acupoints.  Besides needles, some acupuncture techniques are oftentimes used to maximize the treatment.  One technique called moxibustion uses moxa herbs that are burned over an acupoint.  A modern novel approach is laser acupuncture using the electromagnetic energy of lasers to activate acupoints.  One technique that uses finger pressure is called acupressure and some people swear by the efficacy of this treatment.

For digestive track problems, the acupoint called Intestine Gate is a very useful point in treating digestive conditions.  Intestine Gate is connected to the small intestine meridian, which is located on the ulnar side of the arm.  It is situated about 7.5 cm superior to the wrist of an adult.  If one is applying pressure to the bone on this point, the pressure will have a direct effect on the anus.  Putting pressure at this point will guarantee an experience of bowel movement control or in other words, one can hold off their need to use the toilet.  If the acupoint becomes sore on one arm due to the pressure, one can use the point on the other arm instead.  This is quite handy especially when a person is traveling long distances and is in a hurry to go where he/she needs to go.

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Renowned for its benefits in removing pain be it acute, chronic or sundry, acupuncture for pediatric healthcare does not seem to ring a bell for many people.  At any rate, Bellevue acupuncture is a proven effective treatment for pediatric asthma.  First, we must ask the question what is acupuncture.  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment procedure that uses hair thin needles inserted at specific points called acupuncture points or acupoints to stimulate a desired physiological reaction of the body to treat a condition or pain.  These needles are inserted from less than half an inch to almost 80% of an inch deep and left in the skin for about 15 to 40 minutes.

Acupuncture works by stimulating both the sympathetic nervous and circulatory system to improve circulation and body functions.   Acupuncture also enables the smooth flow of electromagnetic energy and blood throughout the body. This electromagnetic energy is called Qi or chi in Chinese and it travels through invisible energy networks called meridians.  There are 14 meridians identified and they are connected to certain acupuncture points in the skin on one end and to the major body organs on the other.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is much interested in the symptoms associated with asthma since it partly formulates its diagnosis based on the physical symptoms of the asthma.  Asthma in Chinese means xiao chuan, which in English is called dyspnea and wheezing.

According to TCM, The pathogenesis and etiology of pediatric asthma comes from 3 causes.  The first cause is the infiltration of pathogens. Pathogens can carry heat, cold, and all sorts of allergens.  To treat external pathogens, the most obvious choice would be to remove those allergens out of one’s environment.  TCM states that there are two kinds of asthma – cold type and heat type asthma.  The cold type is manifested by coughing out clear saliva, rapid labored breathing and cough among a few mentioned.  The symptoms of heat type asthma are a sticky yellowish and full coughing among others.  The second cause of pediatric asthma is diet.  Large amounts seafood including shellfish, greasy foods and raw foods can make a child prone to asthma.  Once foods known to cause asthma are removed, the frequency of asthma attacks will decrease.  The third cause for asthma is energy deficiency brought about by prolonged weakness of the body or predisposition.  Chronic energy weakness leads to the inability to spew out phlegm, which thus accumulates in the respiratory system causing recurrence of asthma attacks.

Acupuncture points that can be used are many when it comes to pediatric asthma and herbal medicines are very useful for asthma treatment; combined with acupuncture they tend to facilitate treatment.  Different acupuncture techniques can be utilized based on the age and sensitivity of the child.

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Chronic back pain can be a debilitating disorder.  Besides, those frequent visitations to specialists, undergoing pricey rehabs and ingesting medications all done while in pain are unpleasant realities patients have to deal with regularly.  Well, a better and more superior alternative for the relief and treatment of back pain is available and it is none other than acupuncture Seattle.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of which acupuncture is a part of, utilizes the human body’s physiology and pathology.  TCM has an entirely different viewpoint of physiology and pathology and has a very different perspective of disease than western medicine’s viewpoint.

The organs of the body have their own unique functions although they all work in harmony.  When these functions are thrown into disarray, illnesses and disorders start to manifest.  When a change in the environment happens, TCM believes that related changes happen to the harmony in the body as well.  According to TCM, the organs of the body interact with one another in relation to the environment.  Upon consultation, the acupuncturist observes the patient’s symptoms and by means of these symptoms, the acupuncturist can come up with an accurate diagnosis.  TCM has a different way of diagnosing health disorders than western medicine.  For example, dampness causes prostate disorders and therefore to cure the prostate problem, take away the root problem, which in this case is dampness.  Usually the acupuncturist would look at the existence of the imbalances of these factors in the body:  yin-yang (excess or lack), exterior or interior cold or heat.

Herbs are often used in combination with acupuncture for a whole gamut of ailments.  There are over half a million herbs most of them in China.  Compared to synthetic drugs, these herbs do not have any side effects and are more potent in treating a sickness compared to medications.

Chronic back pain is usually caused by the body reaction to extreme emotions.  With its financial wherewithal, western medical science and the pharmaceutical industry has still no effective cure for back pain.  Back pain costs the United States around $40 billion in healthcare expenses and lost productivity and is a serious economic and health issue in the US.  Compared to drugs, acupuncture is a more economical form of treatment for back pain, not to mention it giving long-term to permanent relief from pain compared to what western medical science and the pharmaceutical industry offer.  Numerous studies have validated acupuncture as an effective treatment for upper or lower back pain.  For people who have used acupuncture for treatment of pain, they will always opt for acupuncture than any conventional or alternative treatments in the market today because of its natural approach, effectiveness, safety and the benefit of coming out placid, relaxed and feeling pleasant after a treatment.

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The body is one amazing organism with a myriad of physiological systems working in harmony with each other.  These systems have unique functions and are interconnected and interdependent on one another that any dysfunction on one system affects one or more systems.  Although all physiological systems are important in their own right, the circulatory system plays a vital and unique role in carrying aliments and oxygen in the cellular level.  Furthermore, this system takes away toxins and waste products from the body.  Hence, a problem in this system substantially affects all the body systems.

Acupuncture Maitland is a very effective treatment for dysfunctions in the circulatory system. Acupuncture believes that the body is interconnected by a network of energy pathways where runs chi or vital life throughout the body.  These energy pathways or channels are called meridians and they connect to certain sites in the skin called acupuncture points.  The meridians likewise, on the other end; connect to the major organs and body parts.    Any blockage or slowing down in the flow of chi causes illness and diseases.  These impediments or stagnation can be attributed to physical, environmental and emotional factors and to poor nutrition.  Acupuncture is the insertion of needles in the acupuncture points to control the movement of chi towards the parts of the body with little or no energy.  With the help of acupuncture, obstructions to chi flow are removed and blood circulation is likewise enhanced to the undernourished areas of the body.

Poor circulation gives rise to an assortment of ailments such as cold feet and hands to arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. Numerous studies were done to figure out how acupuncture works for circulatory problems.  The studies manifest that acupuncture improves the functional capacity and efficiency of the heart.  They show that a significant number of patients with angina had vast improvement of health after acupuncture.  Heart problems such as palpitations, irregular heartbeats and arrhythmia are rectified with acupuncture.  It is also a potent answer for the relief of arterial spasms, helps relieves symptoms of Reynaud’s disease and treatment of ulcers in sluggish venous blood flow.  Herbal medicines can also be used along side acupuncture for detoxification.

At the onset of treatment, a weak tingling feeling maybe felt as the needles are inserted through the skin.  This sensation is replaced by a pleasurable calm sensation when the effects of the treatment kick in.

Western innovations have set aside the use of needles for certain types of acupuncture.  Instead of needles to activate energy, techniques such as laser, heat, electric pulses and magnetic radiation are utilized with more or less the same output.  These techniques and needle acupuncture all are designed to treat disorders and one can benefit from acupuncture regardless of technique used without experiencing harmful side effects.