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For millions of people around the world, even the simple act of brushing the teeth can be excruciatingly painful with carpal tunnel syndrome.  And for those with this condition, the thought of bearing it everyday can get somewhat depressing to think about.  A person with carpal tunnel syndrome has a median nerve that travels down the arm inflamed and irritated due to constant pressure.  The … Continue reading

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has an integral component in acupuncture Saratoga Springs , a healing procedure crafted over 2500 years ago in China and practiced widely even now there and in parts of Southeast Asia.  Western society sees acupuncture as mostly pain treatment ironically using needles in ultra thin form inserted at points in the body called acupoints.  Because of the integral metaphysical aspect of … Continue reading

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When a person has a headache, he/she normally would seek out medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.  However, there are natural therapies that treat headaches in a safe way with no side effects.

One of these natural safe therapies is acupuncture Orlando, an ancient Chinese therapy long used by headache sufferers and known for its effectiveness in addressing headache pain.  Folks suffering from chronic … Continue reading

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Acupuncture Bellingham is probably the most popular form of medical treatment in the world today and is widely accepted in Europe and the United States.  This achievement is noteworthy since acupuncture’s metaphysical and Chinese origins are not usually easily accepted by so-called Western science. Applying acupuncture for losing weight became relatively known in the US when in 2003 CNN televised acupuncture clinics in China using … Continue reading