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You need to equally care for yourself as you are caring for your new born baby since a healthy mother also means a healthy child. Acupuncture treatment for postpartum recovery can help resolve some of issues that women encounter after giving birth:

Persistent Lochia
Pain and healing of incisions from C-section
Mastitis, breastfeeding issues, milk production

Getting acupuncture therapy after birth is … Continue reading

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It is very important to care for your health during the weeks following birth. Once your child is born, your body undergoes quick changes as it shifts its role in externally caring for the newborn as opposed to its prior role of internally nourishing and caring for the unborn child. Chinese herbal therapy and acupuncture are ideal therapies to promote healthy lactation, lower stress, and … Continue reading

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PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a fertility issue that plagues millions of women around the world. It is characterized by high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, obesity, acne, elevated levels of androgen hormones, and lack of or irregular menstruation. PCOS can be diagnosed as early as the teen years of a female, although women between the ages 20 to 30 are usually diagnosed with this condition.… Continue reading

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In spite of the needling procedure that many people are wary of, acupuncture treatment of arthritis is fast becoming a very popular treatment alternative for arthritis. Arthritis is a rheumatoid disease marked by the familiar arthritis symptoms of joint pain and stiffness. For the 15 or more million Americans as well as the millions upon millions of people throughout the world who have successfully tried … Continue reading

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Low blood pressure or hypotension is not as common as its antithesis, high blood pressure, but it still affects a lot of people around the world especially if they are more than 45 years of age.

What is Hypotension?

Like high blood pressure or hypertension, hypotension can be determined using a sphygmomanometer. A normal blood pressure will read 90 to 140 mmHg in systolic pressure … Continue reading

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More and more people are now availing of acupuncture therapy for the treatment of their condition. Even for IBS sufferers, acupuncture is one of the most popular complementary and alternative therapies to help allay their symptoms.

What is Acupuncture?

The ancient healing art of acupuncture is actually a component of an ancient medical codex known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which also comprises Tui Na … Continue reading

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In the United States alone, there are already 15 million individuals suffering from eczema. This skin condition is marked by skin covered with red, scaly and dry patches that are usually accompanied by intense pruritus (itching). So many medical treatments are available for eczema designed to alleviate itchiness and inflammation although the most commonly used ones are corticosteroids. These drugs however, can have certain significant … Continue reading