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Acupuncture has always had its doubters, this was true in the early 1970s when it first became popular in the United States and it is true even today. Over time, scientists through thorough observation have found real proof that ancient traditional Chinese medicine practitioners were onto something,.

Nowadays, we several documents proving a direct connection between physical processes that could alleviate sepsis and the use of acupuncture. Sepsis is a condition that usually occurs in intensive care units in hospitals. It is caused by inflammation and infection. Every year it affects around 250,000 Americans and can lead to death.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School immunologist Luis Ulloa said that that one of the most common causes of death in hospitals is sepsis. He headed a study whose results were published in the Nature Medicine journal. Ulloa added that the infection actually does not directly cause death, in a lot of instances. Instead, death occurs due to the inflammatory disorder that develops post infection. Because of this, he embarked on a study to see how this inflammatory disorder can be controlled.

Ulloa and his team endeavored to determine whether a type of acupuncture that conveys a mild electric signal through the vagus nerve and other nerves can reduce organ injury and inflammation in mice suffering from sepsis since he already knew that stimulation of the vagus nerve sets off processes within the body that help alleviate the inflammation. He explained that boosting the electric signals mirrors the effect of the needling process. He also stated that electrification is an FDA-approved procedure for the treatment of pain in humans.

Molecules known as cytokines that aid in decreasing inflammation were activated as predicted, and 50% of the mice survived for a week at least when electro-acupuncture procedure was administered to these mice suffering from sepsis. Those that were not treated with real acupuncture did not survive the disease.

To figure out exactly why the treatments were a success, Ulloa and his team decided to probe further. What they found, however, on the surface, was quite disappointing. They discovered that when the adrenal glands were removed (these are glands that manufacture the hormones in the body), the electro-acupuncture treatment failed. Because most of sepsis cases involve drastically lessened adrenal function, on its face, this finding presented a huge obstacle to acupuncture’s use as a treatment for sepsis in humans. Hypothetically, electro-acupuncture can still be useful for a few patients with well-functioning adrenal glands. For the rest, however, it will not work.

To determine the definite anatomical changes that happen when electro-acupuncture was administered with adrenal glands that were functional, the researchers decided to dig even deeper. Those changes included elevating amount of dopamine levels in the body. Dopamine is a hormone that is very important within the immune system.

They saw that increasing dopamine alone was not enough to quell the inflammation. So, they decided to substitute it with fenoldopam, a medicine that imitates some of dopamine’s positive effects. Ulloa and his team were able to reduce sepsis-related deaths by 40%, even without acupuncture.

For Ulloa, this was a double achievement.

First, he saw that the research proved beyond any doubt that acupuncture works for the treatment of sepsis. The outcomes reveal potential positives, not just for sepsis, but for Crohn’s disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, as well.

Second, he has provided an innovative roadmap toward developing potential drugs for people by also establishing that a drug can cut down sepsis deaths in mice. This is quite important since the FDA still has no approved drug that can help treat sepsis.

Galina Semyonova is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist in New York City. She has studied extensively in the fields of biofeedback therapy, SCENAR therapy, Chinese herbal treatments and Chinese and Western nutrition.

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There is a deep divide among medical practitioners who perform Western medicine and those who practice TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Unlike adherents of TCM, Western medicine researchers wouldn’t go into studies that deal with esoteric traditions and astrology. Among TCM practitioners, integrating the Chinese astrology study of ZWDS (Zi Wei Dou Shu) and like Bazi (4 Pillars) is essential in maintaining a person’s good health.

Western Medicine follows the scientific method. This is a more accepted tradition by an overwhelming number of people and is the de facto paradigm used towards wellness and health. I have encountered more than enough cases to make me fully convinced that TCM is a far superior treatment than Western Medicine when it comes to achieving good health and is say this with utmost respect for the great accomplishments Western Medicine has made these years. I am fully certain that TCM is a much better way for maintaining people’s health naturally while Western medicine has a better role to play in treating health conditions. Western medicine is the better choice of treatment when folks suffer from severe illness.

How can I defend my statements? When a patient, for example, has fever, the doctor may sometimes ask the patient to stay in cold air-conditioned rooms or dip in cold water to offset the rising temperature. For a patient suffering from a headache, the doctor will most of the time prescribe pain killers that are unable to address the real reason for the headaches. This is the problem with Western medicine. It resolves symptoms but has no interest in getting to the root of the problem. Proponents of Western medicine may have a blanket answer stating that the sickness is “cured” anyway so why still make a fuss? My response to them is that yes, the symptoms might be cured but the underlying reason for the illness is merely repressed. In the long term, this will lead to the weakness of the constitution of the patient.

On the other hand, underlying health deficiencies are primary targets of TCM treatments. This type of medicine sees the body as consisting of organs that are all interconnected with each other with each organ having its own yin & yang that establishes the manner energy flows within each organ of the body. So, instead of merely treating the symptoms, TCM directly acknowledges the root of the person’s condition. This implies that unlike Western medicine, which often produces quick but superficial results, one should not expect that within a short period of time a TCM healer can completely cure a health problem. This is especially true for a patient who is now in a critically advanced state of sickness. For this person, Western Medicine is a much better short term treatment; however, for a long term cure, they need to avail themselves of TCM as a fallback longstanding solution.

When Can ZWDS and Bazi Be Used?

ZWDS and Bazi are important for a sweeping health problem diagnosis and medical prescription. The adage “prevention is better than cure” is so very true and if followed, basically guarantees good health for a person’s entire life. ZWDS and Bazi can help identify the medical problem and health deficiency of an individual even way before the illness and the symptoms appear. The two can help pinpoint the environment that the person lives in or the Fengshui aspects of the house that will prevent such illnesses from setting in. The key to prescription of a comprehensive cure depends on an understanding of ZWDS and Bazi. The is because of the possibility that the patient may not be able to articulate the medical issue well enough and one can only achieve an effective cure when the TCM physician can make sense of the patient’s yin & yang predisposition and the flow of energy within the patient’s organs.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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The infectious disease, genital herpes, is brought about by a herpes simplex virus infection in virginal area. About a fifth of 30-year old women in the United States are infected by the herpes simplex virus.

Transmission of the Genital Herpes Is By Sexual Contact (Skin to Skin)

Genital herpes may not be a life threatening condition; nevertheless, the infection causes excruciating pain. If not untreated, the virus can infect other body parts such as the skin, fingers, and eyes, and in a few cases, even the internal organs and the brain. Sufferers can experience recurrence around two to four times a year. In the US, there are about 20% of adults suffering from genital herpes.

Medications for treating this disease include Famciclovir (Famvir), Valacyclovir (Valtrex), and Acyclovir (Zovirax). They can be applied on the lesion or taken internally although they may not always work as desired for people with chronic cases of genital herpes infections.

Genital Herpes Infection Treatment Using Chinese Medicine

Sufferers of genital herpes infection might be delighted to know that Chinese medicine can effectively kill the herpes virus, which reduces the pain and eliminates the skin lesion and rash. Moreover, this type of medicine also focuses in the strengthening of the constitution and boosting immunity to stop the disease from recurring. Individuals who have gotten well with Chinese medicine are most appreciative of the treatment because it works efficiently and very quickly for them.

Genital herpes, in Chinese medicine, is deemed to be generated by dampness and heat that reside in the gall bladder and liver meridians and organs. Therefore, treatment of the disease begins by removing the dampness and heat from the gall bladder and liver. The herbal formula, Long dan hsie gan tang is the most common herbal formula used to cleanse damp heat from the body- This formula has antiviral properties. It removes dampness and heat from the bladder and liver while at the same time kills the virus.

For frequent or chronic herpes outbreaks, practitioners use a formula known as Sheng Tsi Fu Sheng Wan to reinforce kidney Qi weakened by seasonal changes, menstruation changes, fatigue, stress, weakness, or constitutional weakness. The formula Bu Shong Yi Tsi Wanis is used to bolster spleen qi. These two herbal remedies are ideal treatments to help boost immunity preventing herpes outbreak recurrence.

One especially powerful herbal anti-virus Chinese herbalists use is Sarcandrae. This herb not only kills the herpes virus, but it’s also is potent enough to kill the human papilloma virus (HPV). This miraculous herb is a much preferred alternative to Gardasil, a very controversial HPV vaccine known to cause very serious side effects in women, including death.

It can take two to three days before the symptoms of rashes and pain decrease after taking Sarcandrae; these symptoms entirely clear up after a week or two. The Sarcandrae herb is also effective for frequent outbreaks of genital herpes infection as well as for chronic and acute herpes. These are conditions that Western antiviral medicines cannot successfully resolve.

As expected, scientific medical research claims there is no scientific evidence to prove sarcandrae works for herpes. This is disproven by clinical observations made by several Chinese medicine physicians who claim that sarcandrae is not only an effective treatment for herpes but is potentially the most efficient, powerful, and promising treatment for both HPV and herpes virus infections. What’s more, this herb does not have any harmful side effects.

For people with compromised immune systems as a result of toxin overload in the body, the therapy may last for six to eight months. They need to continue the treatment till their general well being improves even if they no longer experience pain and skin rash.

Some Healthy Tips for Patients with Genital Herpes

1. Stay away from greasy foods, sugar, and spicy and hot foods. Consume more leafy green vegetables.

2. Stop stressing yourself out too much. Take vitamin B complex to help manage stress well. By physically active. Other options for stress reduction include massage, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga. Get adequate quality sleep.

3. Some practitioners will recommend to their patients a constant check of their emotional factor and avoid having any negative affection or responding to it. This is because a herpes outbreak can be caused by emotional upset or unexpressed.

Your chronic herpes need not force you to take dangerous drugs such as Valtrex or Zovirax and be frustrated of they do not work. You have a choice whether to avail of those products or natural, side effect-free and more effective treatment for your condition. Your practitioner will definitely provide you with the best treatment possible to heal you of your condition.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

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Autism is a medical condition in which a child is suffering from impairments listed below:

1. Repetitive behavior
2. Limited interest
3. communication and social skills
4. Speech

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) these handicaps are the result of the body organs’ inability to perform their functions. This work will deal about the function of the kidney and how its dysfunctions can lead to autism.

Jing or Kidney essence is crucial for the proper development of the fetus. A deficiency or weakness of the kidney prenatal essence can result in an underdeveloped fetus, which leads to mental and physical retardation and a weakened constitution.

1. Kidney creates marrow to fill the brain enabling the brain to perform its functions of gathering information and increasing the individual’s determination and will, and helping the person to intelligently react to situations.
2. Meridians of the Kidney opens to the ears
3. Deficiency of kidney qi can lead to hearing disorders
4. Kidney qi is responsible for hair growth

As we get older, we have less hair since aging is related to the slow depletion of kidney essence.

5. Kidney also controls fluid metabolism

The bladder is controlled by the kidney. The bladder holds and releases fluids while the small and large intestines separate the clear fluids from the turbid.

6. The function of the lung is influenced by the kidney

The lung moves fluid and qi downward while the kidney moves them upward to make a complete and proper circulation. A damaged kidney regardless of the cause won’t be able to perform its functions well. It causes dampness to accumulate in the lower part of the body and lung qi to stagnate resulting in the stagnation of the middle burner.

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In almost all man and woman relationships, a healthy sex life is important. But when one or both of them have a problem with their sexual health, it can lead to embarrassment, defensiveness, and even an end to the relationship. Sexual health problems can have a variety of causes and also a variety of medical treatments that often involve the use of harmful medications. But if the cause is somehow difficult to diagnose and you want to cure the problem safely and effectively, why not consider electronic acupuncture.

How Does Electronic Acupuncture Work in Vancouver?

To know what electronic acupuncture is and how it makes use of use electromagnetic wave treatment, you need to first have a basic understanding of what traditional acupuncture is. Chinese practitioners thousands of years ago perfected this healing art that involves the use of thin fine needles stuck into specific acupoints on the body, in order to treat certain health conditions.

There are literally thousands of acupoints scattered throughout the human body. Each acupoint has an underlying energy channel known as meridians where the body’s life energy called chi flows. A free-flowing chi means that you are in good health. But if you suffer from cramping, headaches or certain sexual problems, this can affect the flow of chi. If this happens, you need acupuncture treatment to help remove any blockages in the meridians and thus restore the free flow of chi.

In electronic acupuncture the same theory applies but instead of using needles on the various acupoints on your hands, electromagnetic signals via an electromagnetic device are used to restore the normal movement of chi. The magnetic wave treatment of electronic acupuncture uses variable wavelengths that send electromagnetic wave impulses directly to a specific acupoint. The procedure works by unblocking the meridians in your body that may be suffering from a blockage of energy resulting in health conditions such as sexual health problems.

Using Electromagnetic Waves to Improve Your Sex life

To accurately identify the acupoints in your hand that can help treat a specific sexual problem, you first need to have a basic knowledge of its cause. You may be experiencing sexual problems for a number of reasons. Low libido in women who are in the late stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hormonal irregularities just after birth as well as menopause and infertility can all play a role in female sexual health problems. In men, issues such as prostate problems, low libido due to stress and impotency can make them unable to function in bed.

If you have an idea of what’s causing your sexual health issues, you can turn to the acupoint map of your hand and stimulate the problem areas in order to restore the free flow of chi. With electronic acupuncture, in just a few minutes you can achieve some kind of happy energy in the bedroom without the use of needles. Unlike Western conventional medicine, you don’t have to worry about potential side effects.

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Alice was a patient of mine in her mid 30’s,an athletic woman but with a history of frequent miscarriages. She was able to get pregnant four times; sadly though, each of these pregnancies ended up in a miscarriage around the first trimester.

Alice was determined to do whatever it takes to have a child. Her medical history showed that she suffered from low energy, mild depression, and an eating disorder. However, she assured me, that she was now eating well although this did not result in her gaining weight. Alice was diagnosed by a Chinese medicine professional in Walla Walla of suffering from sinking Spleen Qi.

Your internal organs, in Western medicine, are considered solid materials that have certain physiologic functions. They reside in a specific spot in your body. In Chinese medicine, however, these organs are viewed as symbolic systems of functioning, and are associated with the different energetic, emotional, and physical processes in your body.

In Chinese medicine, your Spleen has a specific function which is to transform the food you eat into nutrients, blood, and energy. The spleen also has secondary functions like holding things in and up. When the Spleen fails to perform these secondary holding functions properly, it can lead to sinking or prolapsed organs, chronic diarrhea, easy bruising, and frequent miscarriages. These symptoms are usually accompanied by a sense of heaviness or bearing downward, mental depression, and fatigue.

An acupuncturist can utilize various tools that can help address sinking Spleen Qi. He/she would first need to perform acupuncture to move energy upward and strengthen the Spleen. Next, the practitioner may recommend different kinds of herbs that can help move mobilize things upward. The frequently used herbal formula known as Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang is known to boost the body’s ability to hold things up by strengthening the Spleen. Lastly, dietary therapy is recommended to help strengthen your digestion and your Spleen. Your acupuncturist may be able to recommend foods that are excellent for your Spleen as well as foods that you should avoid.

In the case of Alice, her digestion and Spleen have been compromised due to her eating disorder. I recommended that she eat foods that her stomach could easily digest as well as acupuncture in order for her to gain some weight. I also prescribed an herbal formula that can boost her Spleen’s holding power. In just a quick time, Alice became pregnant again and since my treatment of her involved the strengthening of her Spleen qi, she was able to deliver a bouncing baby girl.

Before she gave birth, she obviously was able to make it through her first trimester of her pregnancy without suffering a miscarriage. After the first trimester I started to reduce the number of her treatments.