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Acupuncture has always had its doubters, this was true in the early 1970s when it first became popular in the United States and it is true even today. Over time, scientists through thorough observation have found real proof that ancient traditional Chinese medicine practitioners were onto something,.

Nowadays, we several documents proving a direct connection between physical processes that could alleviate sepsis and the use … Continue reading

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There is a deep divide among medical practitioners who perform Western medicine and those who practice TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Unlike adherents of TCM, Western medicine researchers wouldn’t go into studies that deal with esoteric traditions and astrology. Among TCM practitioners, integrating the Chinese astrology study of ZWDS (Zi Wei Dou Shu) and like Bazi (4 Pillars) is essential in maintaining a person’s good health.… Continue reading

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The infectious disease, genital herpes, is brought about by a herpes simplex virus infection in virginal area. About a fifth of 30-year old women in the United States are infected by the herpes simplex virus.

Transmission of the Genital Herpes Is By Sexual Contact (Skin to Skin)

Genital herpes may not be a life threatening condition; nevertheless, the infection causes excruciating pain. If not untreated, … Continue reading

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Autism is a medical condition in which a child is suffering from impairments listed below:

1. Repetitive behavior
2. Limited interest
3. communication and social skills
4. Speech

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) these handicaps are the result of the body organs’ inability to perform their functions. This work will deal about the function of the kidney and how its dysfunctions can lead to … Continue reading

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In almost all man and woman relationships, a healthy sex life is important. But when one or both of them have a problem with their sexual health, it can lead to embarrassment, defensiveness, and even an end to the relationship. Sexual health problems can have a variety of causes and also a variety of medical treatments that often involve the use of harmful medications. But … Continue reading

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Alice was a patient of mine in her mid 30’s,an athletic woman but with a history of frequent miscarriages. She was able to get pregnant four times; sadly though, each of these pregnancies ended up in a miscarriage around the first trimester.

Alice was determined to do whatever it takes to have a child. Her medical history showed that she suffered from low energy, mild … Continue reading