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In the Chinese healing technique of moxibustion, an herb known as mugwort or moxa is burned over the skin to produce a soothing, pleasant warm sensation throughout the body. It is an ideal therapy for autoimmune diseases, infertility, menstrual disorders, the common cold, pain, and fatigue. According Chinese Medicine, if given regularly, moxibustion therapy targeting certain points on the body is believed to lengthen lifespan … Continue reading

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In a cupping procedure, the part of the body to be cupped needs to be identified first. For relief of pain, the cups are usually placed around the nearby acupoints or on the problematic area. In treating illnesses, the cups are applied on the back as it is the part of the body where the acupuncture points directly associated with body organs are located.

Next, … Continue reading

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Some people think that infertility treatment is basically a product of modern day science that’s conducted through the use of modern sophisticated reproductive techniques. However, a lot of couples are now turning to Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Cleveland to help them conceive. It is interesting to see several specialists of high tech reproductive methods are now looking to the world of Chinese … Continue reading

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A very simple form of acupuncture procedure that can be self-administered in the comforts of your own home has proven to be effective for pain and certain muscle-related symptoms. Acupuncture points have uses as a beauty treatment for thousands of years in Asia besides their use as a treatment for disease. Versatile acupuncture is really safe for self-treatment. This type of treatment can be used … Continue reading

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Even as far back as 5,000 years ago, acupressure therapy was already being practiced in India. Unfortunately, over time, the use of this technique diminished in India but, as some historical accounts state, was preserved in Sri Lanka in the form of acupuncture were it was learned and used by nomadic Aryans or Buddhist monks who brought it to China and Japan. Currently, the general … Continue reading

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The ancient therapeutic art of Chinese Tui-Na is centered on the use of the therapist’s hands to diagnose through palpation and address illnesses and diseases through a number of manual procedures. The therapist will customize a plan of treatment based on the specific condition of the patient to cure a specific illness. Tui na is conducted without the use of drugs or devices and solely … Continue reading

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A true Chinese original, acupuncture has been used for ages to treat people of various kinds of ailments and illnesses. This healing modality uses thin needles inserted into different parts of the human body called acupuncture points and they are where the treatment is focused. Apart from needles, an acupuncture procedure can also involve the use of laser, heat, or pressure at the acupuncture points. … Continue reading

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If you are into holistic therapies not only for yourself but for your beloved pet as well, then providing them with massages in addition to highly nutritious cat food, dog food, and nutritional supplements can greatly improve their overall health and well being. Besides being a great way to detect issues on your pet that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, it is also an excellent … Continue reading