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Chinese medicine practitioners in Jacksonville are trained to know the right herbs and herbal remedies to use in order to treat a specific health problem. They may also use other modalities like nutritional/diet therapy, massage therapy, acupressure/acupuncture, and Qi gong. There was hardly ever a need for surgery for illnesses in the Chinese medical system, unless an emergency arose. Hundreds of years ago, the Chinese … Continue reading

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In your day to day life, you must have come across skin damages, some sore muscles, bruises, and certain. These are ailments that bring about swelling and pain once their effect reaches the deeper tissues. Pain can be sometimes felt in body parts far away from the site of injury. This is due to the trigger points that set off pain signals in the other … Continue reading

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The gentle and soft internal martial art of Tai Chi can and ought to be performed in a flowing way for all practitioners regardless of age. Nowadays, in East Asia and especially in China, more and more people over 50 years of age are taking up Tai Chi while the younger generations are not that interested in taking up this ancient healing art.

Tai Chi … Continue reading

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There are not so many articles online that discuss the benefits of Tai Chi for diabetes. Besides enhancing microcirculation, practitioners of this ancient Chinese exercise say that it is a very potent way to manage stress and has helped them burn a considerable amount of calories allowing them to lose weight rapidly. Tai Chi can actually aid the body in attaining homeostatic chemical levels. One … Continue reading