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Initially Tai Chi began as a form of Chinese martial art totally different from the one practiced today. After hundreds of years, it gradually evolved to what we know and love as the graceful and smooth movements practiced by today’s Tai Chi masters. In fact, many of these masters are Europeans and not Chinese, although they have a deep devotion and love for this wonderful … Continue reading

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You are usually advised to refrain from any active exercises if you are diagnosed with Graves’ disease or hyperthyroidism. This is because exercising can give you breathing problems, makes you more “hyperactive,” and increases your palpitations. Rather, give these following alternative therapies a try to better your hyperthyroidism symptoms:


A lot of individuals see meditation as another skill to study at an evening class, … Continue reading

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It’s quite apparent that a chili pepper is a ‘Hot’ food, but did you know that in Chinese nutritional therapy, trout and lamb are considered hot foods too? Or that mango and seaweed are Cold foods?

In Chinese nutritional therapy, which is a branch of Chinese medicine, all foods can be classified based on their energetic temperature (i.e., Hot, Warm, Neutral, Cool, and Cold). It … Continue reading

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A proper birth means the baby is born with first the head coming out. Breech baby is a condition in which the baby is positioned in the womb of the mother feet or bottom down instead of head down. About three to four percent of babies are in breech near the final phase of their mother’s pregnancy at about 37 weeks. Lot of breech babies … Continue reading

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A traditional everyday Chinese holistic exercise workout is made up of techniques and exercises to develop the spirit, mind, and body. Why do we need holistic exercises? Well, if you don’t have control over your emotions and mind even if you own a flexible and well-toned body, which of course is desirable and healthy, you simply haven’t achieved total harmonious health. You’ve only accomplished a … Continue reading

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After your acupuncturist has inserted needles into carefully chosen points in your body, he proceeds to put blobs of moxa on the top end of the inserted needles and then lights each one up. The ensuing warmth then penetrates deep into your body, rejuvenating your energy levels and relaxing your muscles.

As the needles cool down, it was as if the concerns and stresses that … Continue reading

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In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in West Orange, the liver is responsible for the flow of energy or qi in the body. It is also the organ that affects decision making and strategy, controls the emotions of frustration, irritability, and anger, controls the relaxation and contraction of muscles, and stores blood (which it discharges to other part of the body, when needed). Practitioners and … Continue reading

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Research has demonstrated that more and more people in the West are falling to man-made illnesses each year brought about by unhealthy diets, negative mindsets, and bad habits. It may appear that the Chinese have been able to gather a greater respect and better understanding of the human body that allows them to live not only healthier but longer lives as well. The following is … Continue reading

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Chinese medicine in Overland Park has certain food ingredients and teas that women can take to prevent night sweating and hot flashes. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine advice women experiencing night sweating and hot flashes should stay away from having spicy and hot foods.

They should avoid eating avoid spices like mustard, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, and fennel and foods such as lychees and mutton. Instead … Continue reading