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Wang, Wen, Wen, Qie. In TCM, this means looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse. These are the four methods a TCM doctor uses to determine a patient’s illness. Seems too simple to be true!

Dr. Wan Guowei is vice president of Beijing hospital of TCM. We ask him why TCM doctors use the four methods of diagnosis to determine illnesses. Dr. Guowei says, “observing … Continue reading

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Qi Gong’s or Chi Kung’s history can be traced back to ancient China 5,000 years ago. During that time, emperors were not contented on being called emperor.  They had a knack of giving themselves another lofty title that often included anything pertaining to the heavens. Some emperors gave themselves the title “Son of the Sky” (this was used to fool the common folks since “Sky” … Continue reading

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A therapeutic form of exercises emanating from the Taoist philosophy of theFive Elements, Five Element qigong is a unique form of healing especially designed for professional holistic therapists, Chinese Medicine practitioners (like acupuncturists Cleveland), healers, somatic-based psychotherapists, and bodyworkers who directly work with patients. The movements can be learned by both the patient and practitioner and is used as part of a treatment plan, … Continue reading

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Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll explain why almost all practitioners of Qigong are wasting their time…

Keep in mind that Qigong is the method of intentionally controlling your life force or Chi. Life force is the essence that keeps us alive and gives us the power us to do everything we do. Qigong is the same as Yoga and Tai Chi, but … Continue reading

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The language of music is a very powerful tool that on so many levels has the power to heal and destroy. After a tiring and long day, do you ever get exhausted or depressed? Perhaps, you become highly stressed or anxious while stuck in traffic as you go to work or go home after work. Due to music’s instant impact on the emotions, it has … Continue reading

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Records are broken almost each year, and competition has been tougher than ever in today’s sports. In order to become faster, stronger and swifter, athletes have to train harder. As a result, their bodies take a lot of punishment and it takes a considerable time for them to recover. After competitions and practices, these athletes oftentimes need a faster time to recover. Most of them … Continue reading

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In all kinds of diseases, Bellingham traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has always provided people with different and unique approaches to healing. These techniques are painless, safe, and natural, and don’t require the use of drugs. According to TCM, the human body is deemed to maintain a fine balance with its surroundings via the exchange of energy. Positive energy eliminates negative energy and always flows through … Continue reading

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If you are earnestly seeking a way to avoid or relieve stress in your life, then you need to consider the space that you’re living in and see whether it reduces or adds to the amount of stress in your life.

What is Feng Shui?

Simply put, Feng shui is about modifying the manner energy circulates around your living space and home. It is an … Continue reading

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A woman’s pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, each three months long (about 14 weeks each per trimester). It’s observed during each trimester that certain common symptoms occur among pregnant clients that can be relieved or resolved with CST or Craniosacral Therapy.

Let’s discuss the first, second, and third months of pregnancy or the first trimester of pregnancy.

After conception, the initial few weeks are … Continue reading