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If you are into holistic therapies not only for yourself but for your beloved pet as well, then providing them with massages in addition to highly nutritious cat food, dog food, and nutritional supplements can greatly improve their overall health and well being. Besides being a great way to detect issues on your pet that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, it is also an excellent way to bond with your beloved animal.

Acupressure therapy or massage is perhaps the best treatment to try if you want to relax your cat or dog’s muscles and improve their inner wellness in a safe, painless, and effective way. Both therapies stimulate naturally the body’s own natural healing chemicals: neurotransmitters. The following is a few basic tips on how to help your animal relax.

Look for a peaceful and quiet place and select the appropriate time. Begin by using your hand to gently stroke the hair of your pet from head to the end of the tail. Repeat many times this in a gentle way that allows your pet to relax. You will sense the relaxation yourself firsthand.

Scattered throughout the body are hundreds of so-called acupoints. These points are located between the bone and the muscle. You can go online and search for a site that can tell you where these points are exactly found. If you give your pet basic massage, concentrate on the part that seems to be ailing him or her. Massage that area for some minutes.

Perform a constant circular pressure using one fingertip to the specific acupoint. Rub the point in a clockwise direction to activate it and provide it with extra energy.

Massage in a counterclockwise direction if you want to relieve your pet’s sore muscle or if you wish to relax your pet.

Besides your pet, it is important that you also learn to relax. Breathe deeply and slowly, as you exhale, expand your gut out and as you inhale pull your stomach in.

As the energy of your pet meets yours, you will observe and also sense the alignment between the two of you. Your breathing can become closer to your pet’s rhythm and you can move so you may be able to come into contact with specific acupoints more often. This essentially is a sample of human-animal bonding.

Near the end of your massage therapy, your animal should be well-relaxed so much so that you can softly rub its muzzle, around the eyes, and the ears. When you’re finished, slowly rise to signal your pet that the session is over.

That is an extremely simple overview of some of the holistic therapies you may want to try.

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