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A scientifically validated remedy for several different health issues, including those related to sexual health, acupuncture is a 5,000-year-old treatment that has been used with or without Chinese herbal medicine to enhance sexual functioning and health concerns for tens of hundreds of years. The overall sexual health of either a woman or a man can be significantly boosted by the use of very fine needles stuck in specific points on the body. This includes the boosting of libido (sexual drive) and sexual performance. Apart from that, acupuncture also solves underlying conditions that may lead to sexual and non-sexual health conditions such as: weight fluctuation, hormonal imbalances, psychological challenges, menopause, drug interactions, and many more.

Besides being a potent tool for treating the whole individual including his/her emotional, physical, and mental aspects, acupuncture in Linwood has minimal side effects, has low risks, and give results that are usually seen within a relatively short amount of time; however, depending on how severe imbalances are within the body, treatment times may vary .


A therapy akin to acupuncture, acupressure makes use of a less invasive approach. It uses the same diagnostic tools and acupuncture points as acupuncture but achieves stimulation through massage, not needles. Acupressure is normally performed with the elbows, knuckles, fingers and even vibrators. These all help activate the circulation of blood in a vigorous manner. This treatment can be of use to patients for continuous stimulation in-between acupuncture sessions.

Utilizing Vibrators on Acupoints

People can boost the amount of stimulation they receive during acupressure by using a massager or small bullet style vibrator. One benefit in using a small vibrator is that it gives you more pinpoint accuracy in activating a certain acupuncture point that needs to be treated.

By rectifying any interruption to the flow of vital energy, (which the Chinese call Qi or Chi) in the body, acupuncture provides balance within the body. Organs usually targeted for treatment, when addressing a reduction in libido as well as sexual performance, are the heart and the kidney, along with any other possible factors that may help cause any internal imbalances.

Along with discussing symptoms, your acupuncturist utilizes diagnostic tools to find out any imbalances. Tongue and pulse examinations are standard for an acupuncturist in diagnosing the condition of the patient. Acupuncture transcends the conventional pulse checks that Western medicine uses as it (acupuncture) examines 27 pulse conditions through nine positions. Vital information is provided by these pulse conditions that relate to the overall health of the patient and how well the vital organs of the body are functioning. A tongue examination that check’s its crack, coating, shape, moisture, and color, among others, can determine the overall health and organ functioning of the person.

Chinese medicine commonly uses acupuncture and acupressure; nevertheless, it has also other modes of treatment. These include electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping that along with Chinese herbal remedies can be used be to balance the body. For sexual health concerns, treatment focuses in boosting blood flow to the sexual organs, balancing hormone levels, and lowering stress. This treatment is geared in enhancing sexual functioning by aiding men to increase their performance through longevity, more powerful ejaculation, and prolonged erections. For women, the treatment is aimed at enhancing their sex drive, better lubrication, and increasing their ability to have satisfying orgasms.

Beyond Sex Drive Improvement

Besides strengthening sex drive, listed below are a number of sexual issues that can be addressed with acupuncture:

– STD infections
– Male and female menopause
– Vaginismus
– ED or erectile dysfunction
– Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
– Infertility
– Female sexual dysfunction
– Prostate problems
– Female sexual arousal disorder
– Low sperm mobility
– Premature ejaculation
– Sexual aversion disorder

The two wonderful alternative treatments of acupuncture and acupressure can be considered when addressing sexual health problems. They not only resolve the symptoms but also address the underlying cause of the problem.

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