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Acupuncture Bellingham is part of the 3000 year old ancient healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM.  TCM uses paradigms as chi (life force or vital energy), yin (water principle, passive, nurture, cool), blood, Yang (warm, kinetic, aggressive, fire principle) and the concept of the major body organs distinct from the understanding of Western science to diagnose and treat various kinds of conditions.  The Five elements system is also a component of traditional Chinese medicine founded on five qualities or energies (water, metal, earth, fire and wood) of nature and the human body.  The Five elements associate to organs, smells, tastes, seasons among others.  When these energies are in hormony and balance, the body experiences good health.

TCM treats all kinds of addiction.  There are two types of addiction according to TCM.

Chemical addictions – Chemical addictions are addiction to substances such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.  Perspective wise, TCM classifies addictive substances as hot (yang) in nature, inciting blood and chi to activity, dispersing them.  Prolonged intake of these substances can wreak havoc on the body, mind and yin, resulting in yin deficiency syndrome of empty heat.  This condition engenders cravings, aggression, anxieties and restlessness.  Prolonged use will lead to imbalance of liver yin, chronic kidney disease and yang and chi deficiency syndromes.  The five-element system associates substances to an element.  Example, wood – alcohol , fire – nicotine, fire – amphetamines, fire – ecstasy, metal – cocaine, wood – cannabis, water – heroin, earth – sugar, wood – caffeine.  This association enables the acupuncturist to know the treatment approach and the underlying problem of the addiction.

Behavioral addictions – Compulsive lying, gambling, living on the edge, obsessive workouts and sex are all manifestations of this addiction. The five-element system is used to explain in TCM perspective the root causes of the addiction and thus knowing what treatment approach to take.

Whatever addiction the person is hooked one, acupuncture can be an effective tool to treat the underlying causes of the problem, energy deficiencies in the body and to offer an effective solution. Initial consultations usually will ascertain what symptoms are manifested by the patient and will formulate a diagnosis based on them.  Acupuncture is aimed at neutralizing the cravings, facilitating detoxification for chemical addictions and enabling the body to restore its balance and harmony. Acupuncture treatment usually is in the ears or in the body or both.  As the treatment progresses the organs become better nourished and energy is redistributed in balance and harmony.  With addictions that are chemical in nature, the empty heat is taken away and body yin is replenished diminishing the cravings.  Acupuncture is a very good therapy for all types of addictions and  based on the severity of the condition, treatment may last for 6-10 weeks.

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