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Acupuncture can be a boon in bringing back equilibrium in your body. A qualified acupuncturist renders a safe and proven healing therapy to his/her patients – a therapy that has deep roots in China. Acupuncture is a very powerful and remarkable form of treatment that can address pain directly. It involves the use of slender needles applied at strategic points known in the body know as acupuncture points (acupoints). The practitioner will choose specific acupoints that can help relieve pain wherever you may be experiencing it. Acupuncture is one of the best and safest ways to cure various chronic pains caused by a medical condition, repetitive motion, surgery, or injury. These responses may happen close to or at the site of the affected area (locally) or at a distance (remotely), primarily mediated by sensory neurons to several structures within the central nervous system. The insertion of an acupuncture needle can stimulate pathways that affect a number of physiological systems within the brain.

Research has revealed that acupuncture definitely works in increasing pregnancy rate in women who are getting vitro fertilization. Though, initially, this procedure may be a challenging experience for couples, the outcomes seem to indicate that it is helpful in the end. In a traditional acupuncture procedure, the patient needs to lie still for several minutes and endure the invasive insertion of needles. For autistic children, this procedure may be difficult to tolerate.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the heart and tongue are connected through energy channels (called meridians) that spread to all the organs of the body. Practitioners believe that acupoints on the tongue affect the body’s organs in certain ways and it is through this that the symptomatic relief of autism happens. Commonly prescribed Western medications to quell pain tend to become harmful to the body over time and may lead to addiction. They may also become impotent, resulting in the need to up the dosage. These drugs are only designed to mask physical aches and pain and are not meant to address the underlying cause of the problem. Moreover, they come with side effects like upset stomach and drowsiness. Acupuncture treatments are free of the harmful side effects of medications and can provide you with relief within a very short period. Weight loss acupuncture treatment in Bellmore is also a widely popular type of acupuncture treatment these days.

If you have been medically examined, and test results are not able to provide the cause of your headaches, acupuncture may be able to resolve the root cause of your condition. The fact is acupuncture is designed to address the symptoms as well as the underlying cause of those symptoms. This oftentimes leads to a permanent cure. Your acupuncturist may likewise help prevent future headache spells and any other symptoms related to headaches. One of the most difficult experiences a person can go through is drug withdrawal. Whether quitting foods, alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics, or cocaine, Chinese Herbal Medicine can help you get through a dark period filled with physical and emotional pain making it possible for you to see the light shining at the end of the tunnel.

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