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Acupuncture in Jacksonville is a natural form of therapy that can detoxify your body in a major way. This modality is component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a form of Eastern medicine that has been practiced for over 3,000 years. The body’s functions are nourished and balance by the harmonizing Chi, a vital life that exists all throughout nature and the universe. This Chi balance is the underlying basis behind acupuncture.

Ancient Chinese physicians firmly believed that “a better healer is a person who cures a disease before it manifests symptoms, while an inferior physician treats a disease only after it has caused pain and discomfort.” These ancient doctors suggested that prevention ought to be a doctor’s first priority for health rather than the treatment of a disease. Acupuncture was first used as a form of preventive medicine.

Acupuncture has a natural diuretic effect on the body. It helps in the detoxification of the body by removing toxins through the urinary tract. This is why the use of this treatment for detoxifying the body is increasing by the day.

Appetites and cravings can be mitigated with acupuncture even as this treatment eliminates Chi blockages in the body. Once the person’s appetite is restored, they may not have as much desire for foods that are heavily processed and filled with toxins. Consuming foods that are toxic can give you an instant feeling of heaviness in the body, since the flow of Chi is once more interrupted and slowed down. When a person consumes proper food, their body will continue to feel energized. Their bodies will quickly learn what foods can provide it with the most nutrients. This is the reason acupuncture is used to cleanse the body in an effective and powerful way.

It’s also believe that acupuncture can be a helpful way to relieve pain and all kinds of painful conditions. However, the mention of needles in some people may be enough to send a tingle down their spines. Unfortunately, the staking of needles into the body is the only effective way to really stimulate the acupuncture points. The needle can be stuck in between muscle spaces, joint or tendon. But under the skilled hands of an experienced and reputable acupuncturist, the treatment can be a very satisfying and less painful experience.

Acupuncture can generate sensations that can range from a sensation of heaviness, numbness tingling or aching as a needle comes into contact with an acupoint. This is sensation in Chinese medicine is known as de qi, which is a good sign that the treatment is working. Some people may think that the needle causes pain. When a person experiences pain, this means that the body has full of toxins within it. These toxins may have entered the body by breathing put you that the air, consuming foods that contain harmful additives or by drinking polluted water. Even simple bad habits can lead to the buildup of toxins in the body.

Acupuncture is very much recommended as a way to detoxify the body. Acupuncture is the that the more toxins you have in the body, the stronger the effect of the treatment will be. Most patients don’t really feel pain and if there is pain, it is merely perceived than actually felt. In fact, discomfort is what’s actually felt, a discomfort that instantly dissipates after the needle is inserted in the body.

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