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For hyperthyroidism and many diseases and conditions, acupuncture is definitely one of the oldest, most reliable and most effective treatments in the world. This alternative healing procedure is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been used with great effectiveness in China and other parts of Asia for thousands of years.

Based on surveys, an overwhelming number of people are seeking for natural and alternative treatments for hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease. Due to their unsatisfying outcomes, more and more people are turning away from prescription medications and pills to cure their disease. Doctors would even recommend total thyroidectomy or RAI for their patient’s thyroid conditions; the fact is those options should be only used when ALL other options have failed.

It is then not a surprise that the Pharmaceutical industry is second only to the military-industrial complex in terms of raking in the most profits here in the United States. Sadly, a lot of doctors are far more interested in profits rather than their patients’ health since it is known that they have been getting around 4% from every medication they prescribe. Yes, there are still really good physicians out there who really care about the welfare of their patients but you have to be really lucky now to find one these days.

Certain alternative and natural therapies truly work for hyperthyroid and Graves’ Disease patients and in certain instances have even produced better results than conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

However, it should be stressed in no uncertain terms that if you have been prescribed with medication by your doctor for your Graves’ disease, you should NEVER stop taking them under any circumstances. If you do, you may experience a very dangerous condition known as a thyroid storm.

For speedier outcomes, the alternative modalities that will be talked about in this article can be utilized along with your ongoing medications.

Acupuncture is one of these alternative modes of treatment for hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease.

Acupuncture Treatment for Hyperthyroidism in Cleveland

An increasingly popular form of treatment for hyperthyroid conditions acupuncture has been endorsed by the World Health Organization and other health organizations all over the world as a viable form of treatment for thyroid problems.

How does Acupuncture Work?

Having its origins in China as far back as 4,000 years ago, acupuncture is based on the principle that when the flow of chi or qi, (vital energy) in the body is obstructed health issues result. The traditional form of this treatment uses filiform needles inserted at strategic locations on the body in order to restore health and balance to the body.

To see if acupuncture was indeed useful for treating thyroid conditions, a study was conducted involving individuals suffering from hyperthyroidism who were treated with acupuncture. The study showed that the people who were given acupuncture that targeted the kidney area exhibited lowered symptoms.

It is quite sensible to use acupuncture for the treatment of hyperthyroidism since this conditions is often brought about by a malfunctioning immune system and the effects of hyperthyroid drugs are not as effective. What’s more they come with adverse side effects. Kidney and qi stimulation can help normalize the flow of energy, strengthen the blood, and boost the immune system.

Hyperthyroid symptoms are effectively treated with acupuncture even if the hyperthyroid itself is not addressed in the treatment. Acupuncture is known to increase energy, lower blood pressure, relieve stress; all factors that help the patient feel very relaxed. These benefits are extremely helpful for a person suffering from hyperthyroidism or even hypothyroidism.

Acupuncture can also aid in the lowering of blood pressure, and the treatment of hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations and menstrual conditions that may be experienced along with hyperthyroidism.

Acupuncture is now being used by eight million plus Americans to resolve a host of conditions. Since 1996, the US Food and Drug Administration have approved the use of acupuncture needles. These needles are quire thin and small. They are made of metal and when inserted do not generate pain.

If you want really good acupuncture treatment results for your hyperthyroid conditions, then you need to consult with a qualified, licensed, and skilled acupuncturist. You need to know if your state requires an acupuncture license for practicing acupuncturists. You should ask your acupuncturist what kind of medical training he/she had. It is recommended to not heed medical advice from a person who received inadequate training in the treatment of the condition you want resolved.

When you first visit your acupuncturist, the practitioner more often than not will ask you about your lifestyle, question you about your medical and family history and the reasons you are seeking treatment. During this consultation, you need to talk about what kind of treatment you need, how many treatments is required, the cost of the treatment, and how long the treatment will take.

Individuals suffering from hyperthyroidism can find some kind of benefit from acupuncture more so if they visit their acupuncturist right after their diagnosis or go for treatment to address the root cause of the problem and the symptoms. Acupuncturists will not give you a guarantee that your body will cease overproducing thyroid hormones. They at least can help lessen your stress, make you feel relaxed and calm, and be able treat your symptoms.

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