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Acupuncture is a very effective way to relieve sciatica in Bellingham and other causes of back pain. Since sciatica cannot be cured with acupuncture (chiropractic medicine may be a permanent treatment for it), it should be seen more as a way of treating pain caused by this condition.  Be that as it may, pain relief is a whole lot better than no relief at all. It is important to consider that there are individuals who are suffering from serious discomfort who are desperately seeking for an effective way to relieve their pain that may eventually give rise to a better climate for a cure by other means.

In Europe and the United States, acupuncture has now been widely accepted for decades. It is considered as an alternative form of medicine in the West. Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for several thousands of years. It is basically a modality that utilizes very thin sterile needles inserted into certain points in the body called acupoints. When inserted the acupuncturist manipulates the needle to bring about the desired stimulus.

Locating the acupoints (acupuncture points) is not that easy to do and even with acupuncturists, it may take a lot of experience to familiarize themselves with all the acupoints scattered all over the body. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) associates the acupoints to the energy polarities of yin and yang. When a needle is inserted it rebalances the yin and yang allowing the body to function well and improves blood flow in the affected part of the body helping to relieve pain in the process.  Also, the inserted needle stimulates the nervous system to produce and release the body’s own natural painkilling chemicals to help relieve pain and stress.

In the context of sciatica, as mentioned, acupuncture treatment does not bring about cure but for many sciatica patients, it does certainly help them a lot in relieving their back pain and bring about longer relief from pain and discomfort than prescription and nonprescription painkilling drugs. Acupuncture, furthermore, is a safer mode of pain relief than medications by the fact that it is non habit forming  and has no side effects whatsoever on the body.

The duration of one’s acupuncture treatment may depend on the severity of your sciatica pain. For mild sciatica cases, a few sessions may be adequate; but for really painful cases, weeks to even months of treatment may be required.  The easing of your sciatica will lead to better mobility and this can then encourage a cure naturally.

Hygiene and safety are very crucial elements essential for the proper practice of acupuncture therapy. You need to seek treatment from a qualified, well-experienced acupuncturist who always utilizes sterile, disposable single-use needles to prevent the rise of any infection.  You should expect to be treated using sterile needles in unopened packaging before the procedure commences.  The needles should be so thin that they do not elicit any sensation of pain as they are inserted into your skin.

So many studies have been done in the past that have validated the claim that acupuncture does indeed bring about relief from pain and discomfort including sciatica and back pain. So if you suffer from any type of ailment that causes pain and discomfort, acupuncture is a very good option if you want something better and natural than the ones offered by conventional medicine.  However, if a structural problem (such as a slipped disc, for example) in your body is the reason for your pain, acupuncture will not be effective enough to relieve your discomfort. Other modalities such as chiropractic medicine would be more advisable.  Acupuncture may be able to relieve the pain caused by a slipped disc but it cannot address the underlying cause of the pain which is that slipped disc.

Lastly, it is good to remember that when you decide to get acupuncture, go only to a qualified practitioner who preferably specializes in treating conditions you are suffering from.  You should never try to attempt performing acupuncture on yourself. Doing so may lead to serious consequences such as blood disorder and/or bleeding among others.  You also need to talk to your doctor first before deciding to go through with acupuncture.

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