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Thankfully, for people suffering from depression, acupuncture treatment for depression can provide an effective and clear remedy to their needs.

However, for most of us going through the daily ups and downs of life, or moments of depression that may last a few days to several weeks long, we can’t be sure whether we are just in a “funk” or bad mood or are ‘officially’ depressed.

Knowing if we are truly depressed and not merely suffering from a momentary down period or mood swing can be easily ascertained once we have identified what the symptoms of true depression are.

Listed below are some of the serious but typical symptoms that reveal evidence of real depression, which can be effectively treated by acupuncture treatment.

– Constant thoughts of killing, suicide, or death
– Poor decision-making abilities, inability to stay focused, poor concentration
– Guilty feelings, lingering usually in the back of your mind
– Easily irritated, annoyed or angered by things or people that normally wouldn’t bother you
– Inability to sit still, nervous twitches
– Inability to stay asleep for long, inability to fall asleep, poignant dreams or nightmares, sleep disturbances
– Lack of energy to perform daily tasks, constant tiredness, fatigue
– Loss of interest in activities that used to be fun for you
– Eating less often or overeating, changes in weight
– Daily experiences of feeling ‘down,’ feelings of sadness.

All these symptoms have been known to appear in people all over the world. They all may suffer from moderate to extreme depression. More often not, acupuncture treatment for depression in Cleveland is also a treatment for anxiety since these two conditions usually come hand in hand. The fact is, most Western modes of treatment for depression often fail miserably.

A lot of us are all too aware of people feeling depressed, and start going to a therapist for one, two, then four, then ten years. After so many years of therapy and after spending a considerable amount of money, they still feel depressed. Seems like a waste of time and money.

Most of us also are aware that the other Western medical solution for depression that doctors seem all-to-fond of recommending to their patients is prescription drugs which is also is a miserable failure. The worse part of choosing prescription drugs is that almost all of them tend to even increase the suicidal tendencies of those who take them.

So, if therapy and prescription medications aren’t really that effective in treating depression, then, what is?

If you are reading this, you may be one who is considering acupuncture for treating depression and its symptoms
Yes, acupuncture can definitely treat depression. If you hate being depressed and feel so helpless in escaping it, you may be glad to know that acupuncture can treat and even cure your depression along with its unwanted symptoms, from losing focus on your goals, lack of sleeping, to lack of energy.

The imbalance of energy that leads to and caused by depression can be fully resolved with acupuncture treatment. The core underlying cause of this emotional condition which is an imbalance in one or more of the meridians or an energy disturbance in your body is also addressed.

Along with acupuncture, you can also avail yourself of other Chinese medicine modalities like reiki, massage and other energy-healing type of therapies. Acupuncture treatment for depression is a treatment you should seriously consider trying.

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