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Acupuncture is safe for children.  The needles, which immediately elicit a horrified reaction to a child, are reed-thin needles inserted not too deep in the skin to reach beyond the subdermal tissue.  Ancient Chinese doctors cure both children and adult alike from various sicknesses and diseases using acupuncture Orlando and herbal medicine for more than 3,000 years.  Any harmful effects caused by acupuncture on children would immediately be recorded and noted to prevent these effects from occurring again.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has battled diseases that children pick up as they grow.  Measles, chicken pox, small pox and other debilitating and sometimes deadly diseases like polio or rickets is usually tackled by herbal medicine with acupuncture sometimes used as an adjunct.

These diseases are viewed by TCM as environmental in nature and diseases as heat or cold elements when they invade the body, unbalancing the yin and yang forces in the body.  In TCM, yin-yang are the cold and hot principles respectively.  Their balance in the body spells good health but when one of these principles become inordinately greater or less than the other, the imbalance manifests in the form of sickness or disease.

The body contaminated with bacteria or virus has picked up a yang-oriented force, meaning the foreign agent in the body carries the heat principle that expands or spreads in the body causing the yin or cold force to counteract to avoid runaway yang energy from enveloping the body.  The body then produces the yin energy from the yin organs to help restore the balance but this extra yin production makes the yin organs, like the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen weak.

The body has also yang organs composed of the small and large intestines, the gall bladder and the skin.  To aid the weakening organs, herbs that are oriented to yin energy are given to the patient and acupuncture is done to take out the yang energy from the microbes and the yin energy produced by the yin organs.  Acupuncture also removes the obstacle to chi, or life force to allow the chi to replenish the body with much needed energy making the body stronger and at the same time strengthening its immune system.

Once the body is strong again, the foreign bodies can be expelled and the balance of yin and yang can be once again restored.

The environment also plays a role in yin-yang imbalance.  Hot or cold winds can alter the physiological balance of yin and yang in the body.  To avoid colds, do not expose yourself too long on cold, damp places and to avoid heat stroke, stay away from excessively hot places.  Young children are especially vulnerable to the weather and it is best always to dress them with clothing that offsets the higher or lower than normal temperature of the weather.

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