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Having been tested for more than 3,000 years, acupuncture treatment is deemed to be the most trustworthy and efficient way of healing people. It assists in the relief of symptoms of illnesses, reduces pain, and helps in the promotion of health. This style of treatment may seem a bit weird to some people, but with time, they are usually able to appreciate the great healing and even curing ability of this natural ancient Chinese treatment. The main goal of an acupuncturist is to balance and increase chi in your body. In the human body, this “Chi” is the positive energy that flows within. The body becomes weak or falls into illness when chi is imbalanced.

An efficient and experienced acupuncturist uses his/her knowledge to control illness and health by stimulating specific points in the skin where pathways of energy are located. These specific points are known as “acupoints” and they are the parts of the body where needles are inserted. The needle used in acupuncture is as thin as a human hair. Acupuncture procedures nowadays use lasers, magnets, and herbs, instead of needles. These newer approaches are as equally potent as traditional needling acupuncture. They adjust the chi in your body and revitalize your body just as traditional acupuncture does.

Limits of Acupuncture Treatment

These days, a lot of people are now aware that oriental medicine and acupuncture are both powerful healing modalities. As everyone should know, these approaches are neither the sole solutions to all health related problems nor are they easy to follow. Whether they are Oriental or Western types of treatment, all forms of healing methods have their own unique weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, an appropriate Western type of treatment that’s combined with acupuncture treatment is often the best type of treatment a person can get. Acute conditions can be oftentimes properly handled by Western medicine while daily health problems to chronic illnesses can be better addressed with acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine.

Choosing the Right Acupuncturist

In several US states, a person is only allowed to practice acupuncture once he/ she has finished four years of training from any approved school of Oriental Medicine. Once the person passes the state licensed exam for acupuncturists, he/she then is given an L.Ac title, entitling him/her to practice acupuncture in that state. Never settle for an acupuncturist who does not have a state license as this can endanger your health.

Is Acupuncture in Bellmore A Safe Treatment?

This is a question that is frequently asked by any individual who is considering trying the treatment for the very first time. We can say that you are in safe hands when you are getting treatment from a qualified and licensed acupuncturist who is also efficient. A licensed and qualified acupuncturist is well-trained in treating maladies in the human body and skilled in applying needles into the correct points in a safe and proper way. This acupuncturist only uses needles that are either new and disposable or sterilized.

When a needle is inserted, it should not cause bleeding. The hair-thin needles that are used are inserted into specific acupuncture points safely and with great care. Doctors of Oriental medicine are genuinely concerned about their patients and they are very much aware of the possibility of infections the patient might get from the equipment and the clinic itself. Therefore, they take all the necessary precautions to provide the patient with a healthy and clean atmosphere making the treatment as safe as possible.

Acupuncture Treatment Side Effects

An acupuncturist who has substantial experience and is efficient treats a patient using only materials and equipment that are either for one-time use and disposable or have been pre-sterilized. Acupuncture has no significant side effects whatsoever and is very safe. It helps the patient feel energized and/or relaxed. It’s hard to associate an adverse side effect to this form of treatment.

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