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Medical acupuncture Linwood, as opposed to traditional Chinese acupuncture, employs acupuncture needling in the treatment of specific health conditions following diagnosis by conventional methods. A health care professional trained in acupuncture may be best suited to offer you this treatment. Stimulation of various nerves modifies the way the nervous system processes painful stimuli. Needling acupuncture points triggers the release of natural painkillers endorphin and serotonin along pain pathways, thereby altering the perception of pain.

Muscle strains or spasm, unresponsive chronic low back pain, and fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by widespread chronic pain, often respond well to this mode of treatment. It is least effective in back pain arising from conditions such as spinal stenosis, severe osteoporosis resulting in vertebral collapse, and prolapsed intervertebral discs.

Each patient is individually assessed and the treatment is tailored accordingly. The acupuncture therapist will allow you to lie on a comfortable surface and examine your spine for areas of tenderness and identify trigger points, the latter representing tender points in muscles or soft tissues. Acupuncture treatment sessions are usually weekly to begin with and are conducted in an outpatient setting.

Fine needles are inserted to an optimal depth into tender or trigger points or classical acupuncture sites, and then either gently moved or stimulated by low voltage electric current or heat. The number of needles used is variable. Each sitting may last from a few minutes to half an hour and 5 to 8 sessions are typically required. A brief, sharp sensation may be felt during needle insertion, with a deep ache or feeling of warmth being perceived during treatment.

Acupuncture therapy may be used as a complement or as an alternative to more conventional forms of treatment, and is gradually becoming more widely available. Acupuncture is considered safe when properly performed by a certified and competent practitioner and is associated with few side effects. Bleeding or bruising may result, especially in people with bleeding disorders or in those using blood thinners needles should be used only once, needles should be kept in sterile packaging, and used in a controlled and sterile environment to remove the risk of hepatitis, HIV and other infections.

Costs vary depending on the practitioner and on how many sessions are required. Now that back acupuncture is becoming increasingly available in the US, the need for private treatment is decreasing. Costs for private treatment are normally around $100-$300 per treatment session.

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