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The best way to prevent back pain is to keep your body strong and to apply proper body mechanics especially when lifting heavy objects.  A good posture is also essential in preventing backaches.

How do you keep your back sturdy and healthy? Below are some of the ways you can achieve these.

Acquire and keep a normal weight – Putting on extra weight puts more strain on the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially on the vertebrae. Lose weight and the risk of getting back pain is substantially reduced.

Strengthen muscle tone and make your muscles more flexible – By toning and stretching your back and abdominal muscles, these muscles will provide enough and good support for your back. Regularly working out and toning your lower body muscles can improve their flexibility and properly align your upper legs and hips to your pelvic bones improving the function and quality of your back. You can inquire the proper exercise programs for the health of your back from your physical therapist or physician. Regular low-impact aerobic activities, particularly those that don’t strain or shock your back are great ways to improve the endurance and toughness of your back muscles making them stronger and enhance the back’s range of motion. Swimming and walking are also great activities for strengthening your back.

Apply proper body mechanics – Forming a habit using good body mechanics keeps your back protected from injury. Proper body mechanics also include developing a good posture. If you need to stand for a long time, you can relieve stress in your back by alternately perching your feet on a low footstool diverting the center of gravity of your body to your legs and feet instead of the back.

A good sitting posture and an ergonomically designed seat are also important factors in preventing back pain. Seat on a chair that has a swivel base and has good arm rests as well as adequate lower back support. To properly support the curvature of your spine, you can place a rolled towel or a small to medium sized pillow to the lower curve of your spine. Sit with your hips and knees on a level position to each other. Keep on shifting your seating position to relieve strain off certain body areas for at least every 30 minutes. When lifting an object, distribute the weight of an object to your legs. The back needs to be straight; lower your body with your legs rather than your back. Lift the object straight up and keep it close to the body to maximize your body strength. Never lift and twist at the same time.  If you think that lifting the object can be risky, ask someone to assist you.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing – Wearing high heels or tight clothing can cause muscle pain and can lead to injury in the musculoskeletal system. Blood flow is restricted and can cause body pain when you wear tight fitting clothes.  People have different clothing, furniture, pillow or shoes they feel comfortable with so it’s a matter of finding the right clothing, bed or furniture you are comfortable using that will help you prevent back pain from occurring.

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