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As you care for your new baby, treat yourself with joyful care as a healthy you makes for a healthy baby, as well.

Acupuncture treatments for postpartum recovery are able to relieve a lot of the challenges that women encounter after giving birth. These include:

-Persistent lochia
-Pain and healing of incisions brought abour by C-section surgery
-Milk production and breastfeeding problems

In the same way a woman receive certain health benefits during pregnancy, acupuncture treatments after delivery of a child can provide benefits that help a woman function and recover optimally during her postpartum term. Continuation of treatment after birth is important and Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture not only help you to feel better after the birth of your child, it is also offers you maintenance and preventative healthcare and a more profound appreciation of the of the progress of your healing process.

The Labor and delivery childbirth processes entail a great expenditure of resources and energy on the part of the woman. Rest and recuperation of the new mother is as essential as the care for her new baby. A woman needs to have at least a 6 weeks for her to fully recover from her delivery of a child. During that time, she may suffer from several symptoms caused by the imbalance of her natural healing energy known as Qi (pronounced chee). These symptoms the include fatigue, depression, mood swings, heaviness and numbness in her extremities, and body aches.

Recovering from C-section with Acupuncture Treatments

A woman’s recovery can be vastly accelerated with acupuncture treatment regardless if she delivered by C-section or vaginally. One can consider a C-section procedure to be a form of major surgery and so recovery from this procedure may take a lot of tender care and time. With acupuncture, the wound tissues can repair faster and much better. The woman will be also able to recover her strength much quicker as her internal organs, especially her, stomach core muscles, reproductive organs, bladder, and muscles are stimulated to heal faster. The woman can move much more effectively and efficiently making her take care of herself and her baby in a much better way.

Postpartum Depression Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture has been proven to provide substantial benefits for the treatment of postpartum depression that usually come with other postpartum conditions clinical studies have shown. The enzymes and hormones of the woman is normalized, endorphins are released, the body is relaxed, and the chemistry of the brain is balanced with acupuncture. In treating postpartum depression, the patient’s mood swings are stabilized along with the boost of immune system strength, uptake in nutrients, and an increase in energy. All these are attained to help the new mother care for her child in the best possible way.

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