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Acupuncture Austin has shown to be a most effective treatment for many types of diseases.  Now, more people are aware of its potency to help rid of the habit of cigarette smoking.  Because of its great efficacy in helping people quit smoking, acupuncture is fast becoming a premier option for people to help them stop smoking permanently.  This is of course if the person really is willing to stop smoking.

The basis of acupuncture therapy lies in the Chinese belief of a vital force flowing in the body.  This energy flow is what gives life to the person, makes the person healthy and enables the person to grow. The Chinese call the energy chi and it flows through 12 energy channels called meridians which run more or less along blood vessels.  There are numerous acupuncture points located throughout the body and these points also run along the meridians.  Due to negative factors such as stress, the meridians get blocked and hinder the normal smooth flow of chi.  This condition leads to bad habits and smoking is one of them.  Acupuncture is there to provide a solution to unblock chi flow and to provide great support for smoking cessation.

When providing this treatment to the patient, the acupuncturist uses more or less five needles and inserts them on the ear cartilage on the outer ear.  Sometimes needles are also applied on the wrists and hands.  The needles are left on the body for about 20 to 45 minutes and they generate stimuli responsible for reducing the craving for cigarette smoking.  For permanent smoking cessation treatment, several sessions of acupuncture treatment is required.  Many sessions will deal on the physical and the emotional withdrawal symptoms of the patient as he/she slowly weans himself/herself from the hold of tobacco addiction.

Most patients will also be treated with herbal formulas while undergoing acupuncture to make the treatment more effective.  Herbal formulas such as oil of wintergreen, evodia extracts and clove oil among others are used to facilitate treatment.

When the treatment takes effect in your life, the cigarettes you found hard to resist now starts tasting unpleasant, tasting rather nasty instead of soothing.  Just this factor can turn you around completely to become an avid non-smoker.

The withdrawal symptoms which acupuncture can effectively neutralize are depression, anxiety and the increased craving.  However, acupuncture detoxifies the body and nicotine is purged from the body relieving the body of the craving.  Also, blood circulation is improved and the lungs are decongested of the cigarette smoke which greatly improves respiratory function.

Some respond to acupuncture therapy very well that in a matter of a few days, they are permanently off cigarette smoking.  The best thing about acupuncture it is a safe, natural and very effective treatment for many types of addiction including cigarette smoking.

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