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How do practitioners exploit the power of chi to bring about healing? Chi is the Chinese word that signifies energy. According to Chinese medicine, it is the vital energy that keeps and maintains the life of human beings. We would just be a mass of organic matter and a collection of bones without Chi.

Chi is accountable for the therapeutic processes that take place within the body. Chi healing guarantees that more quality Chi enters the part of the body that needs healing. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. A Chinese medicine practitioner has the skill to eliminate hindrances in the flow of chi. Usually, there are regions of blockages or trauma around the wound when an injury occurs. This slows down the flow of Chi and retards the distribution of much needed blood and energy throughout the body. By eliminating the blockages or trauma, the practitioner can restore the smooth flow of Chi and by that, help heal a wound a lot faster. Also, the practitioner may simply concentrate Chi on the area requiring healing.

The following are the basic steps that a practitioner needs to follow to implement chi healing:

1. Scour the energetic field of the patients to search for deficiencies or imbalances in Chi. Qualified practitioners will recognize the energetic patterns that may indicate certain conditions by diagnosing a patient based on their energetic field. There are a wide gamut of sensations as there are maladies and injuries. A newbie student may need the help of a skilled practitioner in order to be able to do this properly. The energetic field of a healthy person will be consistent and smooth. No disturbances in energy or temperature throughout the field will be detected. But if there is a large bulge in the energy field or if one part area of the field feels extremely cold or hot, then the energy field of the patient needs to be balanced.

2. Once the patient’s condition has been ascertained by the practitioner, the negative energy or blockage can be removed. After that, the negative chi can be replaced with Universal or positive Chi. Another approach is for the practitioner to simply concentrate the Universal Chi on the area.

3. Finally, the practitioner will seal the site of treatment. This will enable the resumption of natural Chi flow in the patient.

Certain illnesses can be cured without the direct intervention of Chi. A majority of Americans follow a lifestyle that causes their energy to fall out of balance. As an example, lots of Americans do not drink enough water. This will cause their energy field to feel a bit hot in certain places. Unless urgent medical help is given, a practitioner can explain to the patient the condition and tell him that he needs to drink more water. Emotional issues and stress can also disrupt the energy field of a person. There are a variety of Chi Kung and breathing exercises for these that a practitioner can suggest.

A skilled practitioner of chi healing can surely help a patient by working with the patient’s Chi. In some instances this can significantly bolster the health of the patient. It is also essential that the patient live a healthy lifestyle and take good care of himself. The practitioner can also detect the causes of imbalances in the energy field of the patient and help make the necessary modifications to rectify them.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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