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Chinese medicine in Overland Park has certain food ingredients and teas that women can take to prevent night sweating and hot flashes. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine advice women experiencing night sweating and hot flashes should stay away from having spicy and hot foods.

They should avoid eating avoid spices like mustard, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, and fennel and foods such as lychees and mutton. Instead they are instructed to eat foods that are cooling and nourishing that can help control yang and tonify yin.

Nourishing and cooling foods include tomato, loquat fruit, radish, lotus seed, Chinese cabbage, water chestnut, orange, soybean sprout, peachpear, honey, lotus root, white fungi, and lily bulb. In addition, they should also eat cuttlefish, eel, duck, conch, oyster, sea cucumber, and animal liver.

There are certain Chinese medicinal teas that are also proven to be beneficial for night sweats. These teas are a concoction made up of shriveled wheat, mulberry leaf, red dates, and smoked plum. The teas are boiled in water for about an hour and then drunk.

One other type of tea made up of red dates and dried immature peach can also be prescribed for night sweats. This tea is boiled in water, cooled, and then drunk. Other medicinal teas include those made with red dates, hairyvein agrimonia herb, processed rehmannia rhizome and smoked plums mixed with honey for a sweet taste.

Some soups can be helpful in the treatment of night sweats in women. One of these soups is made using mulberry leaves (dried or baked) that are pulverized into fine powder and then mixed in a bowl of rice soup.

Another beneficial soup for night sweats is made up of white fungi, lily bulbs, rock sugar, and rice. Other highly nutritious soups that can help treat night sweats include catfish and black soybean soup and chicken soup combined with rehmannia radix and malt sugar. Women who eat meat may want to try rabbit meat soup added with coastal glehnia roots and fragrant Solomonseal rhizome.

Besides all these, one other important aspect to treat or prevent night sweats and hot flashes is to having a good work life balance. This is the reason some Chinese medical practitioners advise women to exercise regularly and to manage their stress. They are also advised to frequently change clothes and stay in rooms that are well-ventilated as well as to drink lots of water every day and take a bath regularly to keep their bodies well hydrated.

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